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  1. Its both for me. I dislike having only the back windows tinted, I think it looks weird. But it also does help in the summer keeping the temps down. Specially having an all black truck.
  2. Got mine done at 20% and its a perfect match.
  3. Turn signals on side mirrors that come standard on a damn $60k Z71.... Higher quality interior... a transmission that can shift properly... usb ports that work all the time.. a 5.3 that doesnt feel like a v6. I love my truck but I did expect more from it..
  4. I agree with you on this, 20% fronts is a pain to backup at night using the mirrors. Luckily i mostly rely on my back up cam to reverse and if I REALLY need to ill roll the windows down a bit to see the mirrors. I would much rather have matched windows and the occasional hard time backing up than different % window tint.
  5. That's so excessive! It you had prior's for violence it's understandable but whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Especially for a damn traffic violation. Im so happy we have good cops here in Ontario (for the most part).
  6. 20% front windows and eyebrow. For anyone tinting your truck, the eyebrow helps huge when driving into the sun! Plus it looks awesome!
  7. Double cab reg box... crew cab short box is a glorified minivan.
  8. +1 for the EL-50448. Used mine twice already flawlessly.
  9. I finally got it tinted. Matched the front windows to the factory rear tint which was 20% and got the eyebrow low enough so it was flush with the little black verticle strip behind the rear view mirror (i saw pictures of eyebrows that matched the asi line and the mirror black strip looked funny sitting below the brow). It ended up being about 4inches lower than the asi line which is illegal here but a month in and many cops seeing it, I have yet to be pulled over *knock on wood*. I would have tinted the whole windshield but i know that would have caused lots of problems as were not even supposed to tint front windows or windshields in Ontario. However the cops around where I live are for the most part really cool and understanding as long as you're not being an idiot.
  10. Ive got the weathertechs. Install is extremely easy. I had a set of oem but couldnt bring myself to drill holes in my brand new truck. I dislike the look of mudflaps, but i dislike stone chips and salty slush more.
  11. ThompsonZ71's 2016 Z71

    Thank you kind sir!
  12. Even with a hose going under the engine you would still need to open the valve somehow from underneath, or have a second person up top. Both units will be a pain to empty. Im 5'11" and still need a stool and to lean into my bay to empty the damn thing. Its only a handful of times a year I empty it though so it doesnt bug me too much.

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