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  1. I just drove behind one couple weeks ago....Brand New and the exhaust pipe was just blowing darker colored smoke out the tailpipe! Reminded me of the 80's and every Dodge car I ever saw all smoking away......
  2. I want to dump my wife sometimes? I know the alternative is far worse though......Oh, God what to do?
  3. I have probably a heavier one than say a normal cab high. It's the snug top XTR and they weighs 300 lbs but have ability to hold 300-400lbs on top of the Shell. It's a significant amount of weight just the Topper and probably has little to no effect on mpg's. I have since added probably 300LBS of added crap from MODS and other random stuff I carry.......I mean car seats, tools etc. I get the same MPG's pretty much on HWY/City and with Family added and luggage driving extended miles across states it maxs out @ 22.8 mpg's So I think the Topper sorta helps especially if just doing HWY all the time. How else could I add all that weight and not be penalized? The airflow on HWY cancelled it out is my belief.... Just get a freaking topper! Once you go topper you never go back.......
  4. Live in Phoenix? Well yeah, reflections certainly can and do damage plastic components on vehicles all the time even rubber......Had a work truck blow the tire out as it was setting on job site in exact position to have some reflective materials burn a hole in sidewall? Kid I worked with had his whole side of the Saturn melt on window moldings from setting in PHX sun?
  5. Yup, those GM boys toying with everybody's heads on the wheel wells and Oval badging! LOL This truck looks to be very impressive IMO! The front end is classic in your FACE GMC and very tied together for MPG's.....the Rear ends look different too and the undercarriage seems higher at lowest point on Rear Diff? The running boards even look sweet! Nice little tie in behind the passenger door to step up looks great! GM is gonna knock this truck out of the park! I want the GMC 6.2L please! 2023
  6. ^that! Factory shocks @ 10-15 miles and Ranchos less than 500 miles! They both blow goat
  7. Hood has the ZL1 Camaro look to it!
  8. The reasons or variables as to why somebody ditches a 1yr old vehicle are probably close to 1 million or so? I know somebody who bought a truck and never bothered to see if it would fit in their garage? Loose a Job and their goes your truck? Dude, I work with just sold a used Silverado with 60-70K miles single cab BEAUTIFUL Nothing wrong at all because he wanted a PRIUS? Get my point? Get it figured out under warranty and you will be just fine! Make sure to use the warranty!
  9. Roofline flows down to the back with a nice "86" brake light incorporated into a overhang off the back like a SUV and all LED!
  10. Love it take those clothes off girl!
  11. talked my brother out of a 2017 Sierra

    Exactly it Donstar the Engine!
  12. Anybody know the bypass ratings on the Mobil M212A I think it is for the 1500's?

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