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  1. 2013 GMC SIERRA 5.3 lifter issue

    Nah....You got it make sure you have another vehicle to get you around and take your time.........................Lifter "Ok" I get it Cam maybe? Maybe not won't know until it's out? Who cares you got it out stuff a new one in! Hell, L83 5.3L Camshaft Package 799.00 Rocker Arm Pro pack! 200.00 bucks New set of Brand new lifters 300.00! Do it right son! get it done! No need to pull the engine either. Option #2 buy this crap yourself send to excellent local mechanic and pay him with the components of your choice! Lifters and Cam no big deal bro!
  2. Probably So? I mean where else are you going to get the fuel from? Leaking injector is it...and what is not burned off after setting will find it's way into the crankcase very quickly...The good thing is you need a high amount to destroy the oil
  3. 2013 GMC SIERRA 5.3 lifter issue

    How does a bad lifter turn into needing New Engine @8,800? Your joking right?
  4. Jeesh...That scares me looking at it for towing purposes with 1/2 ton?
  5. I second that....I looked at booster and thought nope! I am not crawling back to area. I put mine off the front cross member above the electric fans....I don't have to keep mine close to engine for cold climate either so people who live in cold climates should know that lines/cans can and do freeze up.
  6. Chevy Offering Huge Incentives On Malibu

    Yup, the manufactures are so close to where you don't know....but you still know it's 4cyl after driving....Maybe one day?
  7. The deals in my opinion get juicer the 4th July and after....Do know that many people like yourself will be doing the same thing? I have been there late in the year Ready to pounce DEALS,DEALS only to have the units remaining that I am not even looking for.....Double cab, V6, Black, Black interior etc.etc. Everybody's needs are different though....If your looking for say Nicely appointed LT V8 color scheme does not bother you one bit......Wait into Sept and grab one 12K off easy!
  8. You want selection? Wait for 4th July......Labor day good too! Selection probably not as good....Whatever sitting on the Lot will be a major talking piece and you should do just fine!
  9. GDI fuel dilution etc. and combustion by products hugely increase with GDI's and HIGH PRESSURE FUEL PUMP blasting into the Chamber at like insane pressure.....USE a High grade Oil filter the mobil 1's are pretty damn good for 10.00 bucks.. I buy all my stuff in bulk so the prices go down...except 44-k
  10. Nothing less than 10K....I am close to 12K now...the data supported is so good that 15K would be great for me and 2qty changes a year would be perfect. The Oil actually has curve to it, so volatile in initial time and use and settles down to a less volatile compound and great characteristics for lubrication, cleansing etc. etc. than right before it is runs out of additives the curve comes back up and your metal on metal. Not really true, but it's the time/use where at that point the oil has fulfilled it useful purpose. I have seen GDI's and the religious "OLD School" guy I dump mine at 3K! With massive oil consumption drivability issues etc. Problem is he does not understand the oil curve and basically ran NEW OIL and coating those valves nice and sticky in GDI's because it's so Volatile and never reached it's proper state of lubricity whic has less ability to cook to the parts at high temperatures. GDI's run hotter too problem compounds.........NOW you see GM proactively forcing all dealerships to use DEXOS APPROVED FULL SYNTHETIC.......GM tucks have 8qts plenty of oil to run perfectly good with MOA up to 12K miles....I will show a Oil report soon what 12K looks like using BG-Products
  11. Exactly.....right! Since it's 8qts for 5.3L I add 2 qty BG-EPR's prior to the oil change drive low rpm's 10-15 minutes than idle it for 10 minutes and DUMP...This is not snake oil crap or SEAFOAM or whatever that crap is....MOA is not, a Viscosity modifier either. If you have any questions ask...I don't sell the crap but only use it BG-Products because I have seen the results and empirical data....Ask somebody who has used BG-Products from initial ownership about Oil Consumption, Upper end Valve train issues? You won't ask the mechanics who use and would they use it on their vehicles or family members vehicles' every one will say, "absolutely"
  12. Good questions!! No, I don't use anything other than BG products....buy in bulk on Amazon and can get fairly reasonable...44K is always expensive because it's that good. When I change the oil I use 2qty cans of BG-EPR drive 10minutes light and idle for 15 minutes and dump used oil.......I use HIGH Quality Oil Filter after new oil is run 3K I dump one can of BG-MOA extended into crankcase. When I get to 10K or 12K I dump oil and repeat process...Also after every Oil Change starting out I use 1 can of BG-44K. I don't advocate anything really.....these products are simply that good....and I have used and swear by them also had it rectify other GDI engine issues....I have used oil sample verifications and it's used oil that looks like it go another 10K........THE MOA-Solves the upper valve train issues most guys get after awhile even though "I change my oil every 5k" Your not using the correct products people.
  13. Chevy Offering Huge Incentives On Malibu

    Same with VW how many total units units moved in US? Same with Nissan Titan's? Even the coveted Tundra? What is their yearly totals? Maybe look at other poor volume sales before killing a car that sells around 200k yearly?
  14. Sorry, bud! I got busy the Market Tanked and I gave you incorrect information...... BG-44k use it as additive for gasoline and it will keep the GDI injector nozzles spraying properly......and hitting the piston tops correctly and reducing the carbon buildup on tops of pistons that only increases as the spray is not tumbling correctly off the tops and nozzle deposits accumulate faster.. Take from a previous GDI experience....Keep the valve train clean with BG-EPR and injector nozzle tips and piston tops with BG-44K and you will not be opening it up to clean anything..... The ecotech 3's are excellent/stout motors and they do require added maintenance and unfortunately mfg's are not being entirely truthful about it.... At least GM recently put a bulletin out out 2016 or so to have dealers install a similar BG-44K product........

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