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  1. The amp is a T500 Rockford Fosgate. The sub is a RF P3. I didn't install it so not sure of the wiring, now that I have had time to play with it I am very happy, it made a huge difference.
  2. This is the start of making this truck sound right. I have the Bose system but a jump seat so the subs were in the doors, horrible idea, so now I diverted the bass to a sub under the back seat, it's a Rockford Fosgate 10"(I have a grill coming, it needs a low profile one) with a RF 500 watt one channel one ohm amp. It made a world of difference, now it sounds great and all the songs with really low bass can be heard. It is amazing how a good sub with lots of power sent to it can really wake this up. We installed a volume knob which is really nice for adjusting based on different music. Very worth doing, even if you have the console with the sub in it, going this route will improve it in a huge way.
  3. Good move, you will love the lockable under seat storage bin, with the bin on top it gives you a ton of room to store stuff. It's also nice to be able to slide from one side to the other, like when adjusting the lower mirror. If you have a sub you will need to move it, not sure how it is attached or what the carpet will look like but there are ways around all that. There is also a power point and 2 USB ports in the top bin and a power point at the back for the rear seat people. Hope you find a trade, at least it is not coco dune, that may be hard to find, even a 1500 seat may work.
  4. Like said, if you plan to tow over 8ft wide you need then either on the trailer or cab. That's why the 3500 comes stock with them, the assume you will be towing a wide trailer. Since you are on a Federal Hwy and it is a DOT requirement I would say it is pretty standard from State to State.
  5. I have those too, they are super bright. I went LED and I spliced into the park lights up at the light, never had a problem.
  6. I used Royal Purple, it has the additive in it. Better safe than sorry. You know, a truck needs a nice face, a nice behind, and really big tires.
  7. I had a hairline crack in my head at the top rear on the lip where the cover seals. It took 3 times and the dye finally showed it. It was a crazy thing. The dealer used JB Weld and so far so good.....JK, I got a new head...
  8. Thanks, it was cheap, functional, and I could do it myself. I'm at a point where the outside is done, now it's time to work on the sound, I wish I had the money this Bose system cost, I could do a lot more with it than GM. I'll keep the head unit and take the rest out.
  9. Well after 2 disappointing trys Summit came thru, this is super thick, all polished, fit perfect, even all the crap attached to the Diff. Came with gasket and hardware for $96 delivered. Oh, and I ordered this Friday at noon and it was here before 9am Saturday. For $10 which is included in that price. It was easy and 1/3Rd a G2 that was too wide. No powder coat to peel. Looks like a million dollars and can be done easily in 2 hours, it took me one and I took my time, including clean up, but this is my second time so it went fast
  10. Should be fine. I have 35s with 2"s and I have room, now it never rubs, even on the dunes with really low air.
  11. Ends up being 6 qrts heck some crank cases don't hold that much. It's not on yet, I tried but don't like the fit, put the old one back on until I figure it out. Stock took 3 qrts. I have had some pretty bad luck with these covers.
  12. I have 4 qts from the place I bought the cover from,the site says 5-6. I tend to believe them, has anyone done this before? Thanks
  13. Yup, I grabbed mine from my Excursion before I sold it. Nice zipper case...but it says Ford...it holds all the stuff I need too. So go test drive a Ford...
  14. The G2 looks good too. I'm still looking until my refund comes thru.
  15. Thanks, I appreciate the help, now I feel I can get the right part this time. You know, as you get older you get tired of knowing more about your truck than the dealer, they make you second guess your choice and listen to them, which I find most of the time is wrong.

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