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  1. Good luck getting it fixed! And expect a few new door dings when you go to pick your truck back up. Had mine in many times under warranty. The jerky shifting and highway vibration are unchanged. Just a few more door dings!
  2. Mines a shaker and a heart breaker.. Can't be fixed. But on the positive side it keeps me awake on those late night interstate cruises!
  3. I have a 2016 8 speed that is also a major vibrator. Usually on interstate cruising between 70-80. Console and seats vibrate pretty good. Seems to come and go. Will vibrate for several miles, then be smooth for a few miles. BTW my steering wheel does NOT shake. Just the seats and console.
  4. Mine does it often as well. Very noticeable if making a three point turn on the road.
  5. My truck is also a gigantic vibrator. Nothing can be done to fix it. Will be trading it off this fall.
  6. Usually until around 100k. With this new Sierra I'll be lucky to make it another year in it!
  7. I think my torque converter one of my issues as well. Doesn't matter what you think. If they "can't find anything wrong" with it then NOTHING is going to get repaired
  8. I also have the 8 speed that shifts terrible . Very harsh, rough shifts. Yes I have had in in for service twice at two different dealers. There is nothing they can do to fix it. It doesn't matter what you tell them or what bulletins etc you show them. They cannot and will not fix it. You have to pick your battles and this is one battle I will not win. It's in the shop now for a rough idle and driveline vibration that I get on the interstate between 70-80 mph. Been in the shop for over a week. Got a call on day two saying they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Haven't head anything from the dealership in almost a week. Have no idea what's going on they won't answer the phone or return calls. BTW they gave me a cheesy little Chevy Cruze as a loaner. That thing is 1000% smoother than my truck!! Smooth idle, smooth shifts, rock solid driving down the interstate. I saw the window sticker it was 21k. My truck was over 51k. Thinking about looking at some Fords or maybe a Tundra, but I know I'll take a huge hit on depreciation and I don't know if I can swing that.
  9. Thanks for the replies!! Going to the dealer next Monday to be checked out. Smooths out around 700rpm. But also have some good shake on the console at interstate speeds.
  10. Have a 2016 Sierra 4x4 crew cab with the 5.3 V8. 12.5k miles on it. I am the original owner. Driven normally. This has got to be the roughest idling engine I have ever had. Doesn't matter if in drive or in park the engine will shake the body, seats, cab, etc. Pretty strongly. It has always done this but seems to have gotten worse lately. Feels like when I was a kid I changed out some plug wires and got a couple or three on wrong plugs!! It's a deep in the engine sensation. No check engine light or anything else. Seems hard to believe that in 2016 a manufacturer can't build a V8 that doesn't shake like an old Harley. I have always ran top tier fuel. I will see about taking it in for service this week. This truck has the roughest powertrain in any vehicle I have owned. Strong vibration in console and seats at interstate speeds, and a harsh shifting 8 speed auto. Backed into a parking spot yesterday with the front end popping like I was in 4 high (I wasn't). Beautiful truck otherwise.
  11. I know your asking about a 2017, but my 2016 4x4 with the Goodyear LS'S is a massive vibrator.
  12. No medical issues that I'm aware of. Truck is in 2wd. Really never use the auto 4x4 Wife in the passenger seat also feels the vibration. It will also do it around town as the truck shifts through the rpm range.

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