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  1. Had the rear Husky's for about 2 hours. Had them installed by the dealer and the tape came lose after a few hours. I didn't want to drill, so I went back and traded for the Weathertec, which are no-drill and super easy install. I've been pleased with them - had them for about a year now. No issues. The effectiveness of the mud flaps is somewhat limited due to the size of my tires and the small lift I have on the truck.
  2. 14-15 sounds a little low to me, but if you're doing big city driving with a lot of stop and go, that's probably about right. The sweet spot on these trucks is probably around 40-55 mph. If you're driving slower than that, or a lot faster than that, you're going to see somewhere around 14-15.
  3. I wanted a lift with a good suspension and some good tires so I could use it for my fishing trips. Of course, I had to have some cool rims, and once the lift was done, I needed a tune. Then I couldn't have a big truck that sounded like a Prius (that's what I said in my head), so I had to have an exhaust (stupid, I know). Of course, I didn't go with the practical inexpensive alternatives - I went with a Corsa cat back. The exhaust needed some protection at the tips, so then it was some mud flaps for the rear. The lift also required that I get steps because my wife and kids couldn't get in my truck. I've had three sets of steps on my truck now. My big tires and lifted truck are beating the sheet out of my paint, so I need mud flaps and/or flares. Now over 80k miles, a modified truck that I love, but probably isn't worth much. I'm not putting more money into. Repeat after me... The worst part: I'm starting to want a new truck! And, I'm starting to question my sanity with the mods I've done. Sure, I can justify everything I've done, but if I look at it objectively and from a practical perspective, none of it makes sense. But heck, it's been fun! Oh, and did I say I'm not putting more money into it? I just got a quote for a Leer top and I'm pricing a new set of tires - the madness continues.....
  4. I've looked at this as well, but never made a decision or a purchase. One problem that jumps out to me is that you buy the flares for protection, but the flares cause damage - just talk to anyone that has had them on and then taken them off. That being said, there are a few companies that make mudflaps that will go with fender flares. I think the gatorbacks are one such option, and it seems like there is another company out of Oregon that does as well, but the name is escaping me. BTW - I think Silverado saver has a great set-up. Gives some protection - looks good - etc.
  5. Very strange. The actual dimensions on the same tire size can vary between tires and manufacturers, but not by much. It's possible your truck settled a little and at the same time your old tires shrunk a little with use. A lot of folks zip tie the fender liners - maybe give that a try if that's the only place you're rubbing.
  6. I thought "burning out" was something that went out of style around the same time as the business in the front and party in the back haircut.
  7. Very nice! Those steps are top of the line - I looked at those as well when they put them on Big Red for Real Truck a number of years ago. I also like how you went with 35s on 18s instead of the typical 35 on 20s. Any problems with rubbing? The folks at BDS told me the most I could go would be 34 on 18s. Did you go 12.5 on width or something narrower to make it fit.
  8. I've had the RTs 33x12.5 for over 30k miles - I've been very happy with the tires and do not regret the purchase. I think I'll get another 15-20k miles on them. I had the AT2s before changing to the RTs. The AT2s are a little less expensive, a little less road noise, and should last longer. I've noticed the RTs don't handle wet black top as well as the AT2 tires. The RTs are better in the rain than stock, but not by much. Off road, they are amazing. With 30k miles on the RTs, and even though they still look brand new, they are starting to slip a bit on wet road surface. As a result, my next set of tires will probably be the AT2 again.
  9. Just got a quote for the Leer XQ for $2,795 installed with no other options. The ARE I was looking at was about half that price. I didn't realize Leer was so expensive.
  10. Thanks. I guess I don't go off road a whole lot - a couple of times per month, but when I do, I let it rip (fox suspension makes a guy want to drive like an idiot off road!). I could probably change my driving style when I'm off road. I don't have a snug top dealer anywhere close to where I live, so I'm kind of stuck with Leer or ARE. There is one ARE top that I might be able to live with - the Overland series; however, I've heard so many bad things about ARE, that I'm very hesitant to go that route. Thanks again for the input.
  11. I imagine that is especially true from a distance, but I really like that look - makes the tires look bigger and off-road capable. I like what you did with the bumper as well, and I'm guessing wheel spacers in the back - looks good man!
  12. I've tried to do my research before posting. . . . I've looked at ARE, Snug, Jason, and Leer, and the only one I can get see putting on my truck is the Leer 100XQ. I'm getting ready to get a quote and pull the trigger. Does anyone have any bad experiences with this top? I saw a bad review from a number of years ago, and then someone on this forum said the jury was still out, but I can't find much else. I guess my biggest concern is that I do a fair bit of travel offroad, so I want to make sure the Leer100XQ will be able to stand the abuse I'm going to put it through. Any input is appreciated.
  13. Dang - that looks great! I can't tell for certain - are those 35x12.5 Toyo MT on 18 inch or 20 inch wheels? I'm guessing 18. Either way, looks top notch!
  14. I'll defer to Wildchevys - he seems to know his stuff. I'll add the following: I think you need to be careful with using the adjustables to get additional lift on an existing lift. I don't know the technical stuff, I'm just going off what I've been told by folks that know more than me. As an example, I have the 4 inch BDS with Fox coilovers up front. I could adjust the fox coilovers up front to go up an inch or two, but the geometry is going to change. Whether the change is consequential, I'm not sure, but it seems there is the potential that it could be.

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