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  1. Check it out: https://roadmasterengineworld.com/2017/09/lifter-noise-1997-2013-gm-4-8l-5-3l-5-7-6-0l-engines/ This is the first I've seen of this, describes my problem to a "T", however, I don't have low oil pressure.
  2. By the way, that bulletin is a fraud, that is not a real bulletin. But apparently a new clip has come out to solve that problem. That really sucks.
  3. If you have that dual zone climate control, which I have always felt is a crock, a blend door actuator motor very well could be an issue.
  4. The freakin transfer case eats through its case!? Talk about a design flaw! I have the manual transfer case that spends most of its life in 2wd, hopefully not a problem.
  5. Roof leak

    Crap that's no good!!
  6. Check out www.group1autoparts.com They have one of the better interfaces.
  7. Unplug negative battery post for 10 minutes just for hahas You got a check engine light on?
  8. I ordered a cluster from Dorman for an HD2500/3500 that had the tranny temp gauge and swapped it into my 2004 1500. Tranny gauge worked just fine. Truly plug and play. You could hook a scanner up to the OBD port and see if you're getting a good tranny temp reading.
  9. Look up intermediate steering shaft...
  10. The PF48E and the PF63E have different bypass valve opening pressures. I haven't had any problems using the recommended filter.
  11. By 2010 they stopped using torsion bars.
  12. I've always gotten OEM ones from amazon. They just work so well. However, this past time around I have put on the best high-end Bosch Icons. They work great. I did wipe them down thoroughly with windshield wiper fluid before installation and got a bunch of trash off them. I always get a bunch of goo off of new wiper blades. Anyway, they work great.
  13. I was kind of under the impression that GM eliminated the drain plugs in their transmissions to force the servicer to drop the pan, change filter, and clean magnets. Just always my theory. # 04-06-01-029H: (Feb 11, 2016) "The use of external transmission fluid exchange or flush machines is not recommended for the automatic or manual transmission. Use of external machines to replace the fluid may affect the operation or durability of the transmission. Transmission fluid should only be replaced by draining and refilling following procedures in Service Information (SI). Refer to Automatic/Manual Transmission Fluid and Filter Replacement."
  14. Why do they put the thermostat in? Why would you want trans temps at elevated temperatures?
  15. 5 quarts for 4L60E on trans pan drop/filter change.

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