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  1. I know you got them replaced under warranty but what would have the bill been?
  2. people run lifts with stock wheels that are +27 so you should be good.
  3. Do not want 285/55 on an x12. Just looks unsafe haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Mine barely rubs (and i mean ever so slightly) in reverse at full lock with a 20x10 -24 offset and 285/55s for what it's worth. Zip tie may do the trick. The 295/55s are only .4" wider and .4" taller than my set up, meaning only .2" closer to everything. Keep in mind i have Terra Grapplers though so the Ridge Grapplers may be a tad bigger than the basic measurements. Really doesn't answer your question but gives you an idea.
  5. pretty much what i figured. guess Amps will be my next mod...
  6. Got rid of the Dropstars 20x10 XD820s -24 offset with 285/55 Nitto G2s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have the RB10s which to me are the sleekest besides Amps. I want to remove for a cleaner look and it also makes it look taller IMO. Just wondering how well these held up. Also if anyone has replaced the seat due to wear, what was the cost? I am cool with wearing them out in 60K if i can live with the replacement cost haha.
  8. Thinking of pulling off my RB10s for a cleaner look. Post pics of drivers seat if you have a level/lift without steps and how many miles. trying to get an idea of how the K2xx seat quality is. Or just seat wear and mileage in general. I think it could be a useful thread.
  9. Here's to your "many threads where it was determined they can't be retrofitted"
  10. probably 10ply vs 8ply. don't know if this is true but a discount tire guy told me one day that /X0s are usually 8ply and /X5s are usually 10ply

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