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  1. Called em, started a claim by sending a pic of my receipt and pics. I’ll update on progress. Says that lined products have a 5yr warranty and they told me it was covered so we’ll see. Coating is coming up on nearly every slit. Not that noticeable yet but will be before too long. Bought them in July of ‘16 so hopefully they’ve fixed the issue by now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. well after a little over a year and a half my RB10s have started peeling. I forgot to register with go rhino. Anyone have any experience getting them replaced?
  3. does anyone know if you can still put a divider tray in the bed with a tri-fold? Looking at a bak flip but can't find anything on a divider tray so stuff doesn't slide to the back of the bed when you put it in there...
  4. Aftermarket UCAs are made with more arch to clear the droop stops and the ball joint pocket made for a better ball joint angle. Which makes for more down travel and better ball joint angle. All your other front end parts will still wear faster and geometry will be bad. That said, rough country sells the crap out of 3.5" kits with just new A arms. If you aren't off-roading you will probably be fine and just end up replacing front end parts quicker than you would without a level. Everyone has an opinion on this (some right, alot wrong) but it's all according to what you are willing to replace or how much ride quality you are willing to suffer.
  5. based upon what? Have had my 2.5 on for 30k and haven't had a problem. Ride is rougher but no rougher than my buddies 2" level. You will regret not going up the extra amount, especially if you are doing a bigger block in the back.
  6. 285 has nothing to do with height. 285 in the number means the tires are 285mm wide. The number after that is the percentage of that width and equals the height of the sidewall...
  7. That looks nice. What’s the brand? Edit: I see it says race mesh now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. That makes sense, when I read you didn’t rub anymore I automatically thought liner, fenders, etc and couldn’t figure how that would help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. How does adding an aftermarket UCA prevent rubbing if your truck was properly aligned before said UCA was installed? Not being a smart ass, just a serious question. I was under the impression that the aftermarket UCA only improved the angles of the suspension parts and had no bearing on lift?
  10. I know you got them replaced under warranty but what would have the bill been?
  11. people run lifts with stock wheels that are +27 so you should be good.
  12. Do not want 285/55 on an x12. Just looks unsafe haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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