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  1. I went from a 2012 chevy silverado crew cab with 5.3 6sp and 3.08 gears to a 2016 gmc denali 6.2 8 speed 3.23 gears and all I can say is wow what a difference in acceleration and when im towing my boat. Night and day difference, so if you can get the 6.2 for a good deal go for it.
  2. I had mine do this past 75 mph and it would start shaking really bad. Passenger seat would start moving and everything on the center console. I took it to a local tire shop and all tires were out of balance .50 to 1.25. Tried it today and it drove really smooth and I have 22" with about 40000 miles on the tires...
  3. Agreed. I had the 20"s and replaced with 22"s and it does ride more rought on my denali.
  4. I have 15000 miles on mine and it started acting up when I swapped my rims from the 20"s to 22"s but they did a quick relearn and it worked fine after that.
  5. I had a 2012 chevy silverado with 5.3 3.08 combo and it towed my boat like if I had a ship behing me. I bought a 2016 gmc denali 8 speed with 3.23 gears and man what a difference cant even tell the boat is behing my truck.
  6. I had mine relearned about 2 weeks ago. I swapped my rims and replaced the 20s with the 22s at around 5000 miles and the truck started acting different at 10000 miles so I took it in they did the relearn an what a difference night and day.
  7. That 8 speed is something else with the 6.2. I have 3.23 on mine and its a rocket..
  8. If I recall if you keep going out of the white line it will vibrate on that side....
  9. I had 20" wheels on my 2016 gmc denali for about 5000 miles and I just installed the 22" wheels and I can defenetly feel the difference. Its alot stiffer and rides different. I really like the looks with thr 22" but im really missing the ride confort.
  10. I just swapped mine last week and no problem just had to reprogram
  11. Thats about right if I remember correct when I checked for my yukon. So I just left them chrome...
  12. Thanks man....look really nice..
  13. Thats what I want so I just ask them if they have 40% ?? I think they just have 35% but I will ask tommorow..
  14. Yeah I have 5 % over the factory and its dark back there lol..

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