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  1. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    Yea I figured in the 4.3% difference in miles, so in 300 miles I actually traveled 312.9.
  2. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    Wow I see some " interesting " mpgs being listed, I have a 2017 cc 5.3 3.42 rears 4x4 with a 1.5 leveling kit, 275 60 20s "33" tires which are Cooper discover ht plus, weight of 43 lbs , my first tank on Factory tires, driving 50/50 city highway driving dic showed 17.1 hand calculation 15.3, all tanks after changing to Cooper 275 60 20 and leveled 1.5 one tank of 40/60 city / highway, dic showed 17.2 hand 15.4 and last tank on 25/75 city / highway shows 18.3 hand calculation of 16.75, and the real time dic showing between 19.6 and 21.4 while driving on highway are 70-75 mph . One thing is for sure that the dic is way off leading you to believe these mpg numbers. My previous truck was a 2011 6.2 cc with 3.73 gears and mpgs were pretty close to this 5.3 , I bought a 5.3 because of the increased hp in the new ecotec and supposed better fuel mileage . I will be going back to a 6.2 again once I find a good deal. I'll take added hp for nearly the same fuel mileage.
  3. I'd love to find chrome inserts for my 2017, mine we the gloss black . I'd even go with a chrome insert overlay but I don't think anyone is making them for a 2017, if someone takes the time to take apart there grill to remove the chrome. I'd be interested in buying them
  4. 22 inch GM wheels and tires

  5. 22 inch GM wheels and tires

    Bump $2500 OBO
  6. 22 inch GM wheels and tires

    Pics in the add
  7. 22 inch GM wheels and tires

    Im selling my gm 22 inch wheels and Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza tires, and tpms sensors. These have 125 miles on them, absolutely perfect condition. And they are balanced perfectly with no vibration at all. I'm am simply changing styles. $2600 Located in Willow Hill PA,
  8. WTB 22" factory OEM wheels and tires - take offs

    If your interested I'm going to sell my gm 22s tires and wheels have 125 miles on them .
  9. I realize it's the same, buy there is a reason gm pulled it from the 2017s, with out getting into a warranty debate, should something happen, I could just see them saying ," you put something on that was designed for a 2016 instead of 2017,
  10. Does anyone know when they are going to offer it again? I don't see one listed for a 2017 anymore. I believe it was listed but GM took it off for some reason.
  11. I would like to know more about the GM performance CAI for the 2017 models. It does have a different part number listed than the previous year trucks. Has anyone tested or seen the new 2017 model.
  12. I just bought a new 2017 and I would like to level it. I keep thinking about how could they deny a warranty for any front end suspension part because of a spacer. I know that they could but You are not changing the factory range of motion with in the factory components.
  13. So basically it's saying that a leveling kit could cause you to be denied warranty coverage for any related suspension components. For that fact I suppose they could go a far to say your power steering components as well. " Installed kit caused excisive wear on said parts."

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