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  1. What year truck and motor?
  2. Did you have a scanner hook up and got on the throttle to see if it goes higher, or up an incline. Or put it in manual mode and hold the rps at 2500, Mine goes up doing that.
  3. Active grill shutters, higher operating temps

    Under normal driving conditions, readings ecm are 215-225, and under acceleration to pass someone or go up an incline 225-230. Temps rise with engine rpms not putting load on motor
  4. Active grill shutters, higher operating temps

    I have a 2017 and driven other 17s 6.2 as well. There is a post about it, titled New Sierra 6.2, someone else posted about it and I posted to it as well
  5. Active grill shutters, higher operating temps

    I did use a scanner to read temps at the ecm.
  6. Wish I could find a operation check to see if mine are possibly staying closed longer than needed or not opening up soon enough.
  7. I'd like to know if there is an operations check or system check that I can do to see if the grill shutters are functioning properly. I'm not get a dtc or anything but this truck 2017 silverado 6.2l LTZ Crew cab has higher operating temps as in water temp and trans temp the other 6.2 I've driven. Water temp rises with slightest engine load and rpm. I'm starting to think these grill shutters are staying closed longer than needed.
  8. Only thing in the system that can be a variable to this is the active grill shutters, the possibly could staying closed longer than nessary. I'd like to find a operation check of sorts.
  9. Okay, so to follow up. And to what I figured would be the outcome, tech didn't see anything of consern and took there demo truck out and it does the same thing. In anticipation of what I expected, I ordered the thermostat with housing from GM that is used on the Corvette and Camaro, it exactly the same set up but has a 194 degrees thermostat. Also Napa has the same setup available as well. Napa part states OEM uses a 207 degree for the truck but theirs is 194. So either will work if that's what your looking for. I'm going to install tomorrow if I have enough time.
  10. It goes to dealer tomorrow, but I'm sure i will get the " it's with in operating range" I have looked through some part numbers and I see the Camaro and Corvette with 6.2l both use a 194 degree thermostat vs the 207 degree in the trucks and they also share the same water neck so I'm going to be purchasing a set up to see how i like it.
  11. I dont think so. The other 6.2 truck didn't do it, and I checked 2 other trucks today with the scanner though they were 5.3 trucks 2015 and 2017 , with normal operating temp of 195 and highest I could get either of them to rise was 212, and neither would do it quickly, I had to repeatedly accelerate them many times for them to get above 210.
  12. Did you get a decrease in normal operating temp when you installed the lower temp thermostat? Heck it's only 30 degrees out and I'm getting higher temps
  13. Was this a 6.2, and does your temp rise like i have described? The higest temp I got was 229, I feel sure it went higher yesterday when I went over the mt. It's not a big mountain it's only a 1400 ft clim and the dash displayed higher then what I had today.
  14. I see this engine uses piston cooling jets , I wonder if there is a malfunction in this system that could be causing the temp to rise. And is there a way the tech can check operation of the system without tearing into motor

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