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  1. Cool thank you, any chance you happen to have 2018 numbers. I'm guessing they may be to ney yet? My new truck is and 18.
  2. Something is definitely not rite. Sometimes GM customer care looks at these post. Maybe they will chime in. I also found a big blob of paint possibly over spray of the texture paint about 3 inches down from the chrome strip on the driver's door. I cant for the life of me understand how GM let's things like this pass any type of quality inspection.
  3. Everything came off the regular paint, it's just this textured area and the front fender well where the glue strip is. These pictures show it some but out in the sunshine it looks worse.
  4. Tried bug and tar, citrus cleaner, goo gone, ppg paint cleaner, Meguiars paint cleaner. It's not on the surface. It is literally stained. And before someone says it's rails dust, no its not.
  5. I've thought about the dawn, but I thought daws should never be use on a vehicle finish. I thought it did something to the clear coat. Of course it's stained so that's not any better. I'm not going to do much till I hear from GM. Most of why I've read it won't come of. Something about the tire shine and the mold release left on the new tires.
  6. I didn't wax anything yet. I washed it and stopped. I was planning on waxing it, but after seeing the stains I didn't. I don't think a clay bar is going to help on the textured surface. It might hit the high surface but in the low areas of the texture i doubt it's going to do anything. From what I'm finding out, it appears to be am actual stain. Is there clear coat on that textured pait.
  7. I picked up a 2018 summit white silverado. I noticed after getting it home there was tire dressing sling all over the truck from dealership putting way to much on. I washed the truck and put it in the garage. The temps dropped pretty drastically here in the north east so I didn't get the truck out till it warmed up. Yesterday it was pretty nice out so I decided to wash the truck and wax the truck. Upon washing I noticed the bottom area around the fender wells where the texture paint is, the spots from the tire shine left stains on the paint. I can not get them to come out. Not very happy. I will be calling the dealership this week. After researching on the interweb it seems this is more common than it should be. I will post pictures.
  8. I guess that's the part that would be helpful, a list of what numbers go to what years. There are clusters listed for sale as incorrect years and clusters listed as unknown years. So if someone finds a cluster and sends you an email, it could be the correct one or the wrong one , nobody knows other than you of course. We have no idea what the cluster is out of unless it's brand new or we know the history of said cluster. It may take 10-15 emails before it's determined we have found the correct cluster we need. I know you get flooded with emails, but if afraid it may be that way till someone comes up with a list of part numbers for each year. Wish there was an easier way for both parties involved. Thanks for offering this service. When I find a cluster for my 2018 I'm going to do it.
  9. Not to my knowledge, z71 in any trim, get color matched and non z71 lt in any trim level get chrome grill and bumper. I haven't seen anything yet with split.
  10. Thanks, that's what I was hoping for, I do like that look, Im going to check out the vinyl option, definitely for the headlights as I may just buy the gm accessories grill. Thanks for the photos it helps a lot.
  11. Yes some of the higher number stations are available, I believe it's the channels in the 300 range that don't show up, I haven't been home to check my 2018. Once I do I will report back.

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