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  1. Well, I did it. I defected....

    That’s because ford or gm dealers won’t take them as a trade [emoji111]️ Grizzly
  2. Truck stolen!... Update!

    Shit happens for a reason , sounds like you found a nice truck, just don’t borrow this one to anyone lol Grizzly
  3. Could be your shocks also Or try rotating your tires Grizzly
  4. What did you do to your "other" car (aka musclecar) today

    Sounds awesome!! Grizzly
  5. Long time follower, 1st time poster!!

    Welcome Grizzly
  6. Which Lawn/Garden Tractor To Buy?

    The hydrostatic drives are awesome just be careful most of the older drives are obsolete and you can’t get parts for them Grizzly
  7. Ok fellas Went on a road trip Have to say that these Bilstein are stiffer but I’m happy. Flew over some railway tracks and I was impressed by how they handled. I even looked for the largest pot hole and I do have to agree with truckguy82 that’s were these shocks shine. Grizzly
  8. Thanks for the feed back, this makes me feel that I made the right decision Grizzly
  9. I would be interested on how the 1500 handles with Bilsteins, I know it’s a totally different suspension vs 2500 but would still like feed back from your experiences also, now if I could figure how to move this thread to the HD side of things🤪 Grizzly
  10. And I just noticed that Moderators please move my mistake Grizzly
  11. Thanks truckguy82 I'll have to aim at a few and see how it responds Just installed them yesterday Grizzly
  12. Those of you folks that installed 5100s are you happy? I recently installed 24-253161 front and 24-196468 rears on a 2015 2500 LTZ Z71 replacing the Rancho( no level no lift) The Bilstein 5100s seam really stiff and I notice now I feel every crack in the road, is this common? I feel it rides like a dodge. Another stupid question is there a break in period for these guys? Maybe I was expecting to much [emoji38]! Just wanted to hear from your Bilstein experience and I’m hoping I didn’t throw my money’s out the door.

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