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  1. You must not be getting a good enough deal then
  2. Cash = Less Profit. Cash != Financing. I don't know how much more clear I can be.
  3. If you are getting a good enough deal, they do hate cash. They sometimes will try and build some of that money they get for financing into the "price reduction" they are giving you. I have had a finance officer try and refuse a sale after I told him I had my own financing and I didn't want them to run my credit.
  4. But Nissan had 8 years to perfect the new design! You will have chance of issue with anything. If you like everything except the reliability of your Chevy/GMC, perhaps you could get a good trade-in to a different/newer model that would most likely not have the issues you are experiencing.
  5. You don't have to worry about credit unless you are borrowing money. Your credit score doesn't matter on buying the truck because you have the option of paying cash (which they seem to hate). Yikes, 8% seems like robbery! Mine loan is sitting at 1.74%
  6. I prefer to just add vehicles instead of trading them Congrats, those new Audi are nice! Had my mom test driving an S5 vert last year before she settled on the slightly less refined but more fun M235i vert.
  7. Too funny. My brother used to live in those apartments, and I visited him quite a bit. Glad you enjoyed the plate as much as I do edit: that was right after I got my truck... still has the red GMC!
  8. Saw a Tesla Model X on the road last night... Seemed in the small SUV size range. If you can get over the whole fugliness of it the gas mileage would be unbeatable. I agree with Don - after driving many things and reading many more reviews I would have trouble not having a 1/2 ton... and I really enjoy my Sierra. Although I also really enjoy my 2nd and 3rd vehicles too
  9. Interesting... looking back I was charged $420 for the truck registration this year. My truck has similar MSRP but weighs less since it is only a half ton. Sadly my last truck (2008 Titan) was down to $126 a year registration when I traded it in last year! Sales tax isn't really a correct term for what that tax is. It is actually a use tax. States charge the tax based on where the goods will be used (think buying anything online). Generally states are not that particular about it, especially if you have previously paid tax on it already, but then you have California... it doesn't really surprise me. I am sure they don't refund you any tax if you paid a higher tax rate than they charge. Pretty ridiculous how that state is run sometimes.
  10. I wouldn't worry too much, the truck was maybe half of that. I also register a 2007 BMW Z4 Coupe and Motorcycle that in included in that figure.
  11. This does not really surprise me. My 11 year old BMW recommends 15k intervals. I know almost all of the new ones do as well. If the manufacturer is recommending that I am sure the level it starts to get questionable in quality is a bit higher even.
  12. If you haven't considered (and you care) the 2016 has Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto(?). Also depending on trim levels the lighting may be full LED in the 2016 which I prefer.
  13. That sounds like more than "around the block" to me.
  14. My static paper at least has a zombie on it, does that help? Sometimes we play battleship too. my picture/location is too descriptive so I am not going to really list what I keep in the truck. I will agree that people should not be leaving guns in vehicles though... only time I do that is when I am running into a bank or post office and then it goes right back on me when I get back to the truck.
  15. Exactly. I haven't actually seen any sunshades that do not require the visors but that would be pretty nifty! Putting my visors all the way down knocks my radar detector ever so slightly... off topic but I am going to be visiting Belize early next year. Anything I absolutely can't miss?

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