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  1. Let me know if anyone has had similar issues and how you fixed it. On my 2017 Silverado I not the carpet was wet only on the passenger side. Front to rear. Nothing wet along the firewall. No signs of water coming in from headline anywhere. Pressure relief on back of cab is good. I cannot find the source. Insulation was saturated throughout. This could’ve been this was for a week or so but I am just noticing it.
  2. I’ve seen that but I really thought that was for older models. Dealer fixed it this morning with a software update.
  3. U0073 is what showed. BCM code I believe but that alone doesn’t tell me much
  4. Started my truck this morning and the DIC says steering assist reduced drive with care. Won’t clear with a scanner. Anyone experience this and what was the fix?
  5. My new 2017 does this as well. Im thinking its the stock ranchos but hoping to hear some other thoughts
  6. It seems like almost all of these vibration problems and videos shown are on trucks with the folding center console. I think the tightness of these new trucks along with a center console design that has barely changes in 20 years may be the culprit.
  7. Does anyone else have this problem when running the heat? I'm getting a gurgling water type noise from the lower passenger dash area.
  8. Ive got 35000 on the stock 265/65/18 goodyears and I'm trying to decide what the best all Terrrain tire would be. When I say best I mean the best for balancing up and creating the smoothest highway ride. The main problem I've had with the stock tires is that they never seem to balance right. Right now I'm looking at the nittos, BFGs, and Michelins. Any advice is appreciated!
  9. Michelin LTX AT2's

    Does anyone have any experience with these tires? How they balance up and feel on the highway? I have had a ton of trouble with the factory SRA's balancing and causing vibrations. I am considering 275/65/18. Trying to decide between these and Nitto terra grapplers.
  10. Thanks, I am in Missouri right now. I cant decide if should do the Ranchos with 275/65/18 BFG's or bite the bullet and go with Fox. Any offroading I do is mild (hunting, fishing, etc.).
  11. Does anyone on here have any experience with the Rancho quicklift loaded struts?
  12. Does anyone have a copy of the bulletin or work order?
  13. I am considering putting these on my truck for multiple reasons and would like to hear others epereince with these. -The majority of driving is city, gravel, highway, with mild off roading for hunting and work. -The cost is excellent when comparing to fox and still a better option than spacers. The reviews on amazon are all promising and I would like to know how these ride on this platform of truck and what the largest tire size would fit.
  14. Thats how mine sounded one cold morning and the next it was fine. I never took it to the dealer bc I knew I would get the usual "can't replicate customers concern" BS. Hope to hear your dealer has a solution.

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