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  1. PM an email address, I’ll reply sometime after lunch.
  2. I would love to find a way to perinnially keep that essence. you didn’t answer my other question. did you and I take a picture at a clay shoot in Laurel? Ha!
  3. You know, I recall that comment but didn’t recall who made it. It stuck with me. I still use Griots. Did I mention it smells like leather? next question: are after-market products like Katzskin the same?
  4. From a middle-of-the-road perspective (not the most bragging rights, but not to be ashamed), I happen to like the Firestone Destination ATs. I’ve had them on my Jeep, a F150, Tundra and now my Sierra. They perform well for me and have a nicer appearance from stock.
  5. I’m going to say it depends on how badly you slide when getting in and out. I don’t step on my step rails and in my new Sierra I don’t have the A pillar assist handle (OK to be honest, I seldom used it after putting one in myself in my ‘16). I found the panel closest to the door shows wear. Enough that I had the seat bottom replaced under warranty once. Now the the question is, which panels are real leather? I’ve read none are. Only the front seating surfaces are a manufactured-out-of-leather-parts material. For the record, I regularly use a conditioner - typically Griot’s Garage. It smells like leather.
  6. At least it’s not the 8 speed....
  7. If you make some folks think twice and wonder what Z85 is AND you get an extra inch on your pecker, what the heck are you waiting for?
  8. Article says it was an emergency hurricane relief declaration, ending last fall. i don’t believe you can buy “highly volatile smog creating crap” anywhere in this nation. Even down south. Elon Musk will surely have a pickup truck soon....take care of that Sierra...you’ll get top dollar on the trade!
  9. Could it be your truck’s way of nudging you to move somewhere it wasn’t -8*C? Like Miami maybe? holy cow. Sorry. That wasn’t really helpful. Hope someone here can give you a diagnosis.
  10. Hey Steve - I’m not pandering, but I traded my 2WD ‘16 for my 4WD ‘18 and am real happy with what I’ve long regarded as the best-looking truck on the market. Bonus: my wife really likes it too!
  11. That. Is. One. Good. Looking. Truck. Period.
  12. On Star is a joke...

    If OnStar were to lobby the insurance industry and get me some discount that I could us to offset the cost, I’d do it. But it would be the OS lobby working with the insurance lobby...

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