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  1. I did not continue the overpriced service and now wish to delete the weather, Wall st journal, etc., crap that I played around with. How?
  2. Damn. That looks pretty bad. I hope you don’t have to swap that 5.3 for a 6,2 because of this. It WAS an accident, right?
  3. With just a little more practice, you could save a bunch of money. When you can chunk 14 of 15 beer cans out that little window, you’ll be set.
  4. There’s more financial logic (maturity?) displayed in this post than I’ve seen in a long time.
  5. I like the wheel well design on my truck - and note that it’s unique among half tons. Ive not seen one in person yet, but the new design looks like a larger Canyon/Colorado.
  6. Two things help me here. My wife gets the next new one and I’m super leery of first model years. Then theres the debt thing OP mentions...
  7. Dealership. And get the documentation that you’ve had the issue addressed while it is under warranty coverage. You search TSBs?
  8. I think the purpose is to have you take it to the dealership, let them charge you $80 for a diagnostic, .5 hr labor to drill it out and $24 (each) for replacements. Yes?
  9. I haven’t rolled up under with a flashlight but do I assume since I have an ‘18 I have the stamped UCAs for sure? Or might I have the alum or steel?
  10. Share pics when you get the color put on. If you were comfortable sharing the cost, I’d be interested to know that.
  11. No coincidences....ha! Blessings to your family in your new home!

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