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  1. I went from a ‘16 CC Z71 to a 2WD ‘16 CC Z60. Both 20” wheels. AMAZING improvement. be careful in NW FL with the neoprene seat covers. They’re hot! Make you sweat.
  2. GM is still learning. To build transmissions. Give em alother 100 years, I bet they’ll have it down pat.
  3. What's our explanation to OP if we have a truck that's balanced/symmetrical?
  4. I've driven multiple Toyota's over the years and currently own three 4Runners that my wife and daughters drive ('09, '12 & '15). the guys that service my vehicles say they can tell the models that are made in Japan (4Runner, Prius, not sure what others). They told me "they are screwed together differently."
  5. I had a '16 Z71 CC and now have a '16 2WD Z60 CC and disagree with the prior statement saying the Z60 is stiffer. It is not. I like it a lot. At parking lot speeds, I'd go over a speed bump in the Z71 and it felt as if both front wheels hopped off the ground. Z60 handles like every other truck I've owned.
  6. Got it. No problems. I'm improves appearance.
  7. Good discussion. There are some recurring, unique problems that shouldn't be brushed aside. Transmissions. Is it exclusively programming? Shake? I haven't experienced in two vehicles, so can't expound. The other stuff: paint quality (mine seems better than previous vehicles), shocks (I have the Z60 and think it's incredibly responsive and comfortable), seat leather, etc. - other brand forums read very similarly.
  8. Felt - black, gray, brown - can also be used. Easily trimmed to fit, heavy enough to stay in place. Absorbent. And cheap. Line your glove box too. And underseat storage. Can be glued if you choose. Available at Hobby Lobby type stores.
  9. GM tech, will you be "the one"!?

    Agree. That's pretty cryptic. I wondered if it was a creative writing assignment for your English class. (D+) You really think a dealer would have "screwed" you for MORE than $300? You're already there....
  10. I'm in a similar situation, even have the option of driving a company vehicle after commuting to the office. I bought the truck because it's comfortable to get in/out and drive. It has twelve airbags (ok, six, but still), it has enough mass to make me competitive with some other idiot driver and my familiarity with handling characteristics make this the safest - and best - vehicle for me to drive. Not to mention I have quality tires and handle all maintenance responsibilities diligently. Might I be paying a bit for that? Yea.
  11. Ya know, I don't think we call it a scam. It is what it is. There are a meaningful % of recipients that take it at face value. They don't ask others' experience, etc., and there ya go. Not the dealerships fault if that % of the public is that gullible. Caveat emptor. Take care of our damn selves. Not a scam. (Did I really just take sides with the dealership community?!?)
  12. Interesting. I had three Tundras and multiple 4Runners. None of the rear windows rattled when down but at certain speeds the 4R sucked in exhaust fumes. Never a problem in the tundra. I have the sliding rear glass and specifically looked for that feature. Yes, I will smoke a cigar in my truck 3-4 times/year and couldn't do it without that. Otherwise, it helps create some cabin airflow during moderate temp months.
  13. On my other truck, the WT did not fit securely in the rear windows. Yes, even with the clips properly installed - which was a little difficult to do. They would slide down and I even had WT send me additional tape. I could not drive the truck with the rear windows down. I have the AVS in-channel now. There's still a problem with some minor deformation in one of the rears, but it's only noticeable to me. They fit securely.
  14. I had Wet Okole in my Jeep, admittedly top off/spring-summer-fall where I live is warm, but those covers made me sweat. What did I read, "swamp a$$?" Something like that. NH may not be bad. They did fit well.

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