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  1. Yeah probably like 50% of trucks have one of those problems
  2. 2 kinds of shake issues the mysterious unsolvable one that comes from the assembly line and one that developes after the fact is like any car can so just take it on the highway to the fastest speed you would drive at and make sure it doesn’t shake at any speed
  3. As soon as I hit a pothole I was like “worth it” there’s more value to the 5100’s then just leveling the truck
  4. Screw it might just do them myself, just tired of getting dirty and I’m so busy these days. $150 I’d do, but $350 def not
  5. Local shops I’m assuming? Pep boys was $350 without alignment. I’d assume thats a nationwide price.
  6. Anyone know what a shop should charge for labor for installing the 5100's up front. I already did the rears, took like 15 minutes lol. The fronts I called up a few shops and got 2 quotes, $350 and $400, that's just for labor. 4 hours labor. That seems really expensive.
  7. Buddy tows 15k lbs with his 3.08 1500 5.3 since his 2500 went down. Says he has no problems at all. just needed a trans cooler, brake controller, and helper bags
  8. Arrived in 2 days, no tax, free shipping, doesn’t get much better than that.
  9. Would need to play with it first one thing that drives me up a wall with aftermarket units like that is slow processor speed and screen lag. there’s a lot of integration for them to screw up as well i could never buy that unless I tried it first, I’d ask them if they know of any retailers that have them on display, or even an installer so you can possibly see it installed
  10. Update So far - with no inquiry from me, just received a personal email from the owner that they should ship out later today and will give me a tracking number soon, and thanked me for my order. looking good so far
  11. He’s active on the forum, so he can’t be that bad. Scammers get ruined on forums. I took my chances, seems like an alright guy.
  12. Haha moore tech racing is same as MRT motorsports i think. I’m saying screw it to 6112. Too much money. I’d consider shocks other than 5100 if they only had a few good reviews, but there’s like a thousand people saying they are great. Seems like a no-brainer if you ask me. ordering now lol
  13. I'd like to order some 5100's today. Anybody know the cheapest place to get them currently?
  14. Tune it. If someone asked me to guess the power output of my 6.2 and I had no idea what it was stock or how much a tune normally effects an NA engine. my guess pre tune- i’d say 400hp 380ftlb post tune - 450hp - 500ftlbs Stock: 0-60 before tune =6.1 seconds (no idea how the mags got 5.6-5.7) 0-60 post tune = 5.0 seconds The gains are mostly from releasing the engine from it’s factory tuning nannies, not increased power.
  15. I have dust too, wish I had bought some canned air or turned on the compressor. I just wanted to get it done so I’m like screw it. beam pattern looks great IMO

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