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  1. Unlikey. When you add wheel weights on you balance the wheel and tire together. You would notice immediately on the machine that the package was screwed up and out of spec. The only possibility of that happening is if the lug holes weren’t centered on the wheel. The balance machine does not center it based on the lug holes.
  2. http://blackbearperformance.com/IntakeTestResults_2016.asp
  3. It is completely untrue to say a CAI has no power gains. Infact these trucks have some of the best power gains I’ve ever seen from a CAI. A stock 6.2 gained 25whp from a $400 cai. I’m all ears if you can name another modification that makes 1whp/$16 that doesn't involve duct taping a bottle of nitrous to the air intake.
  4. Personally I would ask them to do both. Drop the pan, change the filter, and flush it. It’s really the only way to really change all the fluid and the filter.
  5. I’m fairly certain the reason it’s difficult to flush is because the trans thermostat blocks flow until 190 degrees
  6. Yeah and u’ll get a whopping 2 quarts of new fluid
  7. Lol @ rolling over seems to be the new american way, especially in a truck forum half of us would burn that dealership to the ground if they actually screwed us over and it came to that I’ll take your advice, and next time a 10 year old runs across my lawn I’m going to go outside, yell at them, and call the police for trespassing. No way I’m going to just rollover and let those damn kids run on my lawn that I worked hard on.
  8. That wasn't my point. Nobody expects a better build quality, but I think people would care a lot less about a particular issue like alignment if it was a work truck. I mean, everybody has to admit, the picture of that misaligned bed/bumper should not be acceptable out of a new truck, $30k or $60k. I'd bet fisher-price has tighter tolerances than that.
  9. Well, he's not the entire problem Work truck and/or commerical vehicle = ok whatever Crew cab short bed luxo truck (aka a family SUV that can also do work) = I'd be pissed too
  10. Low rider look? I guess you mean the front air dam? I'm 6'4" and if I didn't have a running board I would need to slide down the seat. It is absolutely higher than any production car ever built.
  11. Btw the microphone on that dashcam is ridiculous. When the dude was playing that song at full volume, I couldn’t believe the clarity. Might as well be a movie camera with a guy carrying around a giant puffy mic.
  12. I bought my truck at a ford dealer Not a peep from the GM dealer I take it to. The service department could give a flying **** where I bought it. They give me loaners for everything, (gave me a denali ultimate twice), they handle recalls and any sort of problem and not once has it come up that I did not buy the vehicle there.
  13. I wanted to hate the dealer but after watching the video, sorry dude, they didn’t do anything wrong that was video taped. I can’t speak for how they handled the bed being out of level because the video didn’t really address that. -pairing with bluetooth and the stereo, who the hell cares, that didn’t do any damage -speeding, who the hell cares, they weren’t driving your truck like a jackass. Them going 20 over the speed limit, which wasn’t even that much faster than the flow of traffic, is meaningless to you in every way shape or form. It did zero damage or abuse to your vehicle and they only thing that was at risk was their own license. -when the guy said “get rid of this problem”- how on earth are you offended by that. Sounds like to me he was trying to motivate someone more than complain about you. Even if he does think you’re truck is a problem, who cares, it was said in private. Infact if you were the dealership and GM gave you a truck out of level, you’d call it a problem too. Do not spread this video, all it serves to do is get people in trouble for doing nothing wrong. Now if somebody did wrong you in regards to the repairs, you can make that public. But don’t jeopardize some guys job for doing something that has nothing to do with your problem. i should be clear that I’m not all for the dealership, since it sounds like you were sold a truck that has a defect and they are not fixing it properly. i’m very much opposed to most of that video though. Don’t get those random guys in trouble over stupid stuff. It’s not like they did burn outs or were going WOT everywhere.
  14. Increased ride height - higher COG, worse handling, less ride comfort, more difficult ingress/egress, worse fuel economy I sure as hell hope they don’t increase the ride height on the 2019

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