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  1. That's actually a pretty nice looking factory woofer, first time I've seen a picture of it. Looks like it's capable of some pretty serious excursion.
  2. you sure about that? I'm hitting some pretty low frequencies in my DC, I'd be shocked if there wasn't one. Very happy with my factory bose FYI, I've had soooooo many systems over the years. Not touching my factory setup.
  3. Whats wrong with the 8l90? the z06 uses it, the new zr1 uses it, and a lot of people are making big power on t, seems to be holding up fine. don’t think you’d need start thinking about th400 or 4l80’s until you’re beyond 1200hp at which point your truck is so heavily modified that there’s no point in doing it to ‘14+ anyway, not like you’d care about interior appointments or gas mileage at that level
  4. My first as well, im super duper cautious I thought it if like this. risk = worst case scenario = lost engine and trans, not covered under warranty, cost to replace $13k chance of either one if them happening, realistic is likely 0.01%, but lets say the chance is 1%. If you have a 1% chance of losing $13k, you can look at it as your tune is costing you an extra $130. Just go with a reputable tuner and live a little. The truck is so much better. The risk, calculated accounting style, shows very little actual risk.
  5. Search for evidence online that a truck’s drivetrain was denied a warranty claim because of just a tune. I couldn’t find any.
  6. I had my 6.2 tuned about a year ago. The power never gets old. It never feels slow. I have no idea how a measely 420hp pushes 5500lbs so hard. btw, you haven’t lived until you, put it in 4wd auto, turn off traction control(important), and launch it. Switch back to 2wd right after the launch (it just decouples the clutch diff, not bad for it at all)
  7. As many of you probably know the new zr1 was uneveiled. Engine is an lt5, which is a modified lt4 with a bigger supercharger. It has dual injection, direct and port. Assuming everything fits on our l86’s, sounds like the high hp guys are finally going to easily and cheaply solve the fueling issues associated with high hp, and carbon buildup to boot! http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/a13517850/2019-chevrolet-corvette-zr1-release-date-specs-photos/
  8. Well, the trans cooler lines will not get hot until the trans is at 185+ degrees so you can drive around for 15 minutes and feel whats hot and whats not, then wait another 15 minutes when the trans gets to operating temp and it will be super hot if its the trans line
  9. Well we have dyno's from a reputable source indicating the MIT tube does absolutely nothing and the afe gt nets 25whp on a 6.2. No offense, but until you provide a full workup of data, which I don't expect you to do, I'm going to have to conclude .....blackbear controlled environment multiple intake testing data > Nasty's anecdotal evidence
  10. Dont buy the mit tube, it does nothing on these motors. It helped a lot on the gmt900 and everybody thinks these are the same. They are worthless unless all your after is sound. full airade intake or afe momentum gt
  11. Just do an afe momentum gt intake and ARH headers and call it a day. The exhaust system and the intake before the manifold are the big restrictions. should be right around 500hp crank with that stuff and a tune. If you wish to retrofit for e85, that’ll get you about another 40hp crank
  12. what's wrong with defenders, getting some great reviews on tire rack. Was about to pull the trigger on defender ltx m/s
  13. $17 bucks, wow. https://www.amazon.com/Button-2014-2016-Keyless-13580082-M3N-32337100/dp/B019JEE3CS I compared the pictures of the fob on amazon with my own fob in my hand, it does indeed appear to be legit oem. I now do not care about my fob.

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