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  1. My drivers side exhaust pipe keeps dropping on a duel exit Borla exhaust. I can tell it is from the middle pipe section moving because it does not have a hanger on it to hold it in place. I tried zip-tying in several different ways and it continues to drop/slip. I called Borla and they told me that the pipes are likely too smooth and I should hit them with sand paper to rough them up so they don't slip?? Has anyone else had this issue??
  2. They look very different. Stamped steel are rounded and have a circular pocket for the sway bar. Cast steel are more rigid/boxed the same as the aluminum arms. Rough country has a visual guide on their website that shows all 3 so you know which of their kits to order.
  3. Which is unfortunate. I love my pepperdust Sierra
  4. My 2017 Sierra AT CC at stock height was ~36 3/8" in the front and ~39 1/8" in the rear. This was also with a Fold-a-Cover G4 Elite and personal caddy toolbox with a few things in it. With a RC 2" level it now sits ~38 3/8" and ~39 1/8". I think it sits perfect and am happy with the 2" look.
  5. Installed mine yesterday. Also 3/4" difference. Looks much better!
  6. I've had 2 trucks with the 5.3, my mom has a 15 tahoe with the 5.3, my dad has a suburban with the 5.3 and has had previous tahoes with the 5.3L. The 5.3L is more than plenty for the average person and none of us have had a single complaint about the 5.3L However, I now have a 2017 Sierra SLT AT CC 6.2L. WORTH EVERY PENNY. I averaged 22.3mpg on a 1500 mile roadtrip with stuff in my bed. If you like the feeling of power, the price of premium fuel for the same or i think better MPG than the 5.3 is easily justified by happiness. In a rough comparative estimate, premium gas w/ a 6.2 basically means you pay for one extra tank of regular fuel on a 5.3 per month. If you have problem paying for one extra tank of fuel per month, the 6.2L is not for you. If you are ok with paying for one extra tank per month, its a no brainer, get the 6.2L to benefit from its awesomeness.
  7. Based on my experience of having both a BakFlip and now a Fold-a-cover. I had no issues that would have prevented me from buying another. My best piece of advice is get a Bak or a Fold-a-cover. Between the two.. get whichever one you can get the best deal on
  8. Someone who knows in more detail can give you more details. They're rebranded Monroe shocks because it's the same parent company. They're using the name Rancho, but they're not actually Rancho's
  9. I think we can all agree the ATAK is pretty loud on the 6.2L. Not many people seem to have much input to this question for whatever reason.. but what are your opinions on someone deciding between an S-Type or Touring for the 6.2L?
  10. GM Borla and Borla Touring sound the same. only difference is the V4 mode flapper which some notice and others don't
  11. Can you clarify: 'slight difference between the Motofab and RC kits'? both are lower strut spacers with new bolts. What is different?

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