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  1. Like the look and the sound much better out the rear bumper than before the rear tire.
  2. Concealed Carry Permit Tests

    ^^^ Good info there.
  3. Concealed Carry Permit Tests

    Hoginedgewood - I couldn't agree more. Some of the finest people I met in GS. Some intelligent ones too.
  4. Lifting the truck may have no affect on ground clearance, however lifting it to accommodate and install larger wheels/tires will change your axle height and ground clearance. OP effectively changed his clearance with his setup.
  5. The Bully Dog has a built in function which displays fuel economy such as the MPG, amount of fuel used, energy consumption etc. As far as I know the programmer doesn't activate the fuel used option in the trucks DIC, but rather displays that data on the Bully Dog screen itself.
  6. To the unknowing, one would think that those two 35,000 lbf thrust GE turbofan engines could easily eat some geese and keep chuggin' along. Those geese however are monsters and are tough as nails. Plus, you get a bunch of them together, some weighing nearly 15 lbs each with a 70" wingspan and destruction can be catastrophic.
  7. With your seats back in place, does that area get hot with all the amps running?
  8. Looks way better now. AMP Research, that's the bees knees... If only they weren't so damaging to the bank account.
  9. You could get a programmer. My Bully Dog shows fuel used.
  10. Hell, I'd read the entire thread if you documented all of the install.
  11. If you want looks, remove em. If you want or need the functionality, leave em. Removed mine right away. Little tricky boarding the truck but looks a heck of a lot better.
  12. I didn't experience any AFM issues with any of my trucks but I have read the horror stories. I originally used the Range AFM disabler, but now I use the Bully Dog to deactivate it. I can't remember the last time I saw V4 show up in my DIC.

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