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  1. The Redline has been discontinued but it was a great detector for sheer distance. BSM wasn't a real factor when it came out. I'd imagine Escort is going to be replacing it with something similar to the R3... simply cause they'll have to to keep their lunch from getting eaten by Uniden. V1 was great in the day but honestly, too much config to keep it silent... even with the latest "junk K fighter" firmware version. I had to run mine with custom sweeps and just got tired of dealing with it. If I'm driving cross-country I still use the Redline (since I don't have and R3... lol) and it's extremely valuable especially at night. The tech in cars has definitely made a lot of detectors more annoying for sure and Waze definitely is a great option. End of the day, everyone has their preferences and what works for them. Hell, I live in Dallas so I would probably better to invest in a dash cam considering traffic sucks and you're more likely to be hit by someone running a red light or them going the wrong way. Apologies for totally jacking this thread from the initial post.
  2. Bump... This should be $300 shipped. I fat-fingered the post.
  3. Ran this setup for two weeks and have decided to go another direction. I want to have more flexibility of mounting and get the can into the spare batter tray area. I have everything packaged and ready to go. Everything pictured is included with installation instructions. Can, mount, hoses, two check valves and clean side separator. Asking $320 shipped. I'm located in Plano, TX if anyone local is interested.
  4. EWING GMC inPlano, TX

    I second this hands-down! Brett got my 8-speed squared away after a couple visits. He's gone out of his way to ensure I'm taken care of and yes... the transmission tech is great!
  5. Pgamboa is GTG

    Met him locally when selling my GM Performance intake. He's a stand-up guy. Enjoyed shooting the sh** with him in the Lowes parking lot as well.
  6. TH Thanks for confirming. I knew the '17 Yukon Denali w/ rear seat entertainment was updated to have HDMI input over analog. Guess it makes sense the headphones did the same.
  7. Hello from Dallas

    Yup... "Buckeye Nation"
  8. Hello from Dallas

    Hey... I know you!
  9. That white looks good... especially with that wheel combo!
  10. Hello from Dallas

    Hello. Been a long time lurker here. Wanted to post up and say hello officially and introduce myself. Been in TX now for close to five yrs this go round... originally from Columbus, OH. I believe there are a couple members on here that may know me from other sites. I honestly don't have as much activity on the forums now as I used to. I currently have a '16 Yukon X Denali and have always had the big body SUV's... GMT800 Suburban, GMT900 Suburban and now this. Probably more into the scene from an information perspective now and offer help/tips where I can. At any rate... Hello.

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