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  1. These work great to keep your fobs looking new! https://www.ebay.com/itm/2Pcs-Car-Key-FOB-Cover-Case-For-Cadillac-Chevrolet-Silverado-Colorado-GMC-Sierra/152749564151?fits=Year%3A2016|Make%3AGMC&hash=item23909560f7:g:g0IAAOSwSQFZ7wy2&vxp=mtr
  2. I bought mine from ebay. No problems and it has the coin holder. I think I paid around 20 bucks for it.
  3. I met my brother and sister for dinner tonight. After dinner I stopped by the Ford dealership to check out the 2018 F150. After owning many Ford trucks in the past my current 2016 GMC Sierra is my first General Motors truck. I was a little hesitant to stop by and check out the new F150 fearing that I may be impressed and end up getting new car fever. The 2018s do look better than the 2017s but doesnt come close to looking as good as my GMC inside or out. Now I will wait on the new GM redesign for 2019. I know this is kinda crazy but I sorta hope I do not like it so I will not be tempted. All I know right now is I am still loving my truck!!!
  4. The night that I bought my truck I worried the whole way home that it would not fit in the garage. It is a crew cab with a standard bed. Luckily it did fit but it is very tight! Thank goodness for the parking sensors.
  5. Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful truck, my brother has the same color but the wheels and the black running boards caught my attention since they are what is on my brothers LT. I really like the mirrors!
  6. Very nice truck! A Silverado LTZ is what I originally had my eyes on but I got a better deal on the GMC SLT at the time because of the incentives, no regrets here.
  7. Hello guys, I have a 2016 GMC Sierra crew cab. I was just wondering when the bracket that is suppose to fix these leaks was added? Do I need to see about adding one to my truck?
  8. In my area nobody will plug tires anymore, instead they will patch them from the inside which is probably a more reliable repair.
  9. I the first picture it shows how my digital speedometer looks on my 2016 GMC. In the second picture it shows the digital speedometer with the posted speed sign in the same screen. Is this a setting to make it show both or is it updated software in the 17 model trucks? If it is updated software can we 2016 guys have our software updated?
  10. I knew that my brother was looking at buying a new truck but I didn't expect this! His previous truck was a 2004 Ford F150 FX4. His daughter was recently involved in a fender bender in her car and since she is only 17 she was not allowed to drive the rental vehicle that the insurance company provided while her car is being repaired. So that meant he would be driving the rental vehicle so he chose a 2017 Dodge Ram. He told me that he really liked the truck and had since been shopping around online to see what they had to offer, so I'm thinking he would end up with a new Dodge. Then yesterday out of the blue he sends me a text with a picture of his new truck and this is what he bought!
  11. I initally had my heart set on a new Chevrolet LTZ. I would ride by my local dealership about once a week just to check out what was new but I just couldn't bring myself to pay 55+ grand for a new truck. Then one Friday night I was on my way home from dinner out with the other half and on my way past the GMC dealership I see a big banner advertising 20% off MSRP on select models. I turned around and went back to check out the trucks. One of them caught my eye so I was there the next morning and drove the truck. That was it, I fell in love and wanted it. The problem came when we could not reach a deal with my trade so I left and went home to ponder on it and they ended up selling the truck before lunch time and they didn't have any others that interested me. I jumped in the internet and found a couple of trucks at another dealership not too far away. I decided that I was going to go check them out but before I got out the door I changed my mind thinking it would be a waste of time and they would never give me what I wanted for my trade since they had their truck discounted 20%. My wife kept asking me if I was sure I didn't want to go check them out, I said no that it would be a waste of time and I would just come home disappointed. Luckily she finally insisted that we at least go look. We arrived late and the dealership was not going to be open much longer. Then I saw "THE TRUCK" the next thing I knew they were locking the door and we were inside negotiating, It took a little while but I ended up with a new truck. So to make a long story short I had my heart set on a new Chevrolet till I laid eyes on the new GMC. I am so glad that it worked out this way cause I really do prefer the looks of the GMC over the Chevrolet even though they are both beautiful trucks!
  12. Nothing in the seat. It was a single ding with several seconds till the next ding, not like the seat belt ding which is much more annoying by design so you will be more likely fasten your seat belt.
  13. Going on one year old. I bought the truck last July.

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