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  1. I like the box a lot, it is coated to match the spray in bed liner. It is not the highest quality box but it suits my needs just fine.
  2. If anyone out there has debadged your GMC and want to get rid of the tailgate badge please let me know. I have a toolbox from Tractor Supply and I want to remove the Tractor Supply badge and use a GMC badge to cover the holes. I know they are available on Ebay but they are quite pricey.
  3. We had our first real snow since I got my truck today. But I just could not bring myself to take her out and get her dirty and salty so we both played hookie from work and have spent the day laying around being lazy.
  4. This was my choice. I bought them from my dealership and they fit great. My wife has Weather Tech in her car. They feel hard, slippery and cheap compared to the ones I bought plus I hate the ugly Weather Tech logo that they have.
  5. I installed this in my truck today. I had a hard time making up my mind which one to buy but this seemed like a pretty good mid price option. Any others here have any experience with this camera? It's a Uniden iWitness DC115
  6. I was trying to show the little chrome button on the door handle which usually indicates keyless entry. (there is a button on all four door handles on the truck shown in this video).
  7. I picked up some plastic crates at Lowes to help keep my new toolbox neat and organized.
  8. I sure appears that way to me, It seems like that is when posts started to drop off here.
  9. Looks like the new truck is getting keyless entry and I would think that would mean push button start also.
  10. If the table were turned demand that the dealership not let any mechanics, detailers, sales associates or any other employees of the dealership under the age of 25 drive your truck. In my area most of the dealerships hire a lot of younger people for sales, detailing and mechanics! By the way, did they allow you to test drive your truck before you bought it? If so you were even younger then.
  11. I really hope that it is because people are just busy right now and things get back to normal soon,,, I love reading the posts here to learn more about my truck and see what issues you guy are having. It looks like from the number of views this post has gotten maybe you guys are still here reading post but maybe just not much to say right now.
  12. This may not be the place to ask this and it may be removed but here goes: I have been wondering what has happened to this forum? It seems to be dying, Is everyone just busy? Loosing interest? Or maybe everything has been discussed and nothing else to talk about? Seems to me that a while back when the site was updated people are not posting like they used to. Anyway I love reading the post here and I hope the activity here picks up. Just something I have been thinking about and I thought I would post to see if any of you guys feel the same.
  13. I do not know who actually manufactured the box but several of the boxes that they had in stock were damaged, some slight and some major. I said something to the guy working there and he said that it is a big problem. I assume it is happening in transport. Where I work we do not accept damaged goods and it goes back on the truck. With that being said anyone looking to purchase one, I would suggest inspecting it closely.

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