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  1. i bought my 2014 used in the summer of 2016 i'm still really happy with it and still modding things on the truck as time is available. as others have mentioned you need to take things with a gain of salt on forums (and in life in general). usually people who are ticked off or have issues with something are the most vocal ... when was the last time you ever saw a "positive protest"? ha... can you imagine a huge gathering of people holding up signs that say stuff like "i'm so happy!" - ha ha! would be pretty bizarre!
  2. the time was mostly in the evenings when the kids were asleep here's the vector art (attached below) if you want to make one yourself. i have a laser cutter so i was able to make a template and then trace all the cut-outs onto the 2x8. i also used the laser to make plastic jigs to guide the router - worked pretty good for the most silverado box divider.ai
  3. i did this with a 2x8, a router and some paint....
  4. i keep a couple of loonies ($1 coin) in there so i have a coin for the buggy when i go to the grocery store
  5. i just did the actual kit - nothing else not sure what you mean? just the 7.5" suspension lift. as mentioned above, no other parts were added (than i'm aware of) i'm pretty sure this is the kit that was installed.... https://www.americantrucks.com/rough-country-75-suspension-lift-kit-w-shocks-1417-4wd-w-stock-cast-steel-or-aluminum-control-arms.html
  6. i have a 7.5" rough country suspension lift in my truck (2014 silverado) there seems to be not a lot of love for rc kits on this forum, but mine has been totally fine for me - no problems at all. i had a shop install the kit soon after i bought the truck and felt that it rode just as nice lifted as it did stock... granted, the mud tires added their normal 'hummmmmm' to the ride, but to me that's just normal now, my truck is basically a 'street queen' (ha! ha!). it's been off the paved road a couple times, but i'd say 99% of my driving is on pavement i think if i was going to be doing a lot of off roading i would recommend a 'stronger' kit, but if you are primarily on pavement then all i can tell you is what i've experienced... and that's a nice ride
  7. that looks sweet! i still have my '89 step side - just can't sell it, i love that truck too much!!!
  8. ha - made me think of this.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WFQQylDaDM
  9. are you thinking of Xpensive's truck?? http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/195616-2016-xpensive-chevy-silverado-crew-cab-build/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-1943619 http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/195616-2016-xpensive-chevy-silverado-crew-cab-build/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-1966247
  10. i personally do not have these features (becuz i wouldn't want them), but i know couple guys that do.... and they are not fans another buddy of mine took a subaru (i think) for a test drive and the sales guy was going over these 'advanced safety features' the car had and told him to try 'this' and see how the car takes over to stop 'bad stuff'. so my buddy did what the sales guy told him to do and the car definitely reacted to the situation - it almost flipped the car and they ended up in a ditch. needless to say he did not buy the car... and i guess the sales guy was as white as a ghost after the incident! i'm definitely in the 'when i'm the driver i have one job - to drive' camp. pay attention to driving, be safe, use common sense and pass on all these 'automatic safety features'
  11. yes - i have recon tail lights and you just plug them in and you are good to go.
  12. bc-chris' 2014 Silverado SLZ Z71

    hey Fix29 yea - i still have all the pics - they just don't show up becuz photobucket wants a crap load of $ to allow pics to show up on forums. i did inquire a while ago about being able to go and edit my old posts to add in the pics but never heard back from anyone from the forum (i'll likely just end up creating a new build thread when i have time) are there any pics in particular you are looking for?? if you want, fire me a pm with links to the posts you are interested in that are missing pics and i'll see what i can do. chris
  13. my only hesitation with the wheel skins is what if 'gunk' gets in between the rim and the skin - could make a mess of your rims? maybe? i've never seen wheel skins so i could be totally wrong
  14. from my build thread when i made my LEDs blue (but photobucket sucks so all my pics are gone, so adding the pics here...) then the hvac controls. this thing gave me a headache! the biggest thing is TAKE YOUR TIME!!! remove the entertainment/hvac console - so this is what you start with.... the first thing i did was pop out the hvac controls. a small flat screw driver between the module and the housing and it pops out then i removed the screws from the back plate that secures the touch screen and the entertainment controls (i think there were 13 screws). there is a circuit board on top that has 2 ribbons attached to it. you need to be able to move the board, so carefully disconnect the ribbons once the ribbons are disconnected you can remove the entertainment controls the entertainment module is pretty much held together by the knobs and they were a pain to get out. there is the part at the base of the knob that glows (it's a fairly clear plastic 'ring'). i pried it up and then rotated it a bit so i could see the tabs inside the knobs that were keeping everything in place. i very carefully started prying them up (you can feel the knob start to lift). i worked my way around the knob a couple of times and eventually the knob popped out. once the knob was out, i popped out the center cap of the knob (the part with the power/menu text on it) there are lots of LEDs to blue out... the only LEDs i didn't cover with the blue gels were the ones that illuminate the power/menu caps. for that it was a lot easier to pop the cap open and use double sided clear tape and a piece of gel and put it inside the cap final product...
  15. thanks Penguin regarding volbeat - absolutely one of my favourite bands. i was so pumped when they were touring with metallica, i was going to head to the coast to catch the concert... then i noticed that for whatever reason, they didn't do the western canada gigs - i was so bummed! i didn't end up going. i like metallica, i LOVE volbeat! ha! ha!

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