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  1. thanks the curve... honestly, i think i used the lid of a paint can and it was close enough! ha! ha! (it might have been a 5 gal pail? i can't remember. i've been using the 2x8 for a while now and only this past weekend did i have the time to do all the cutouts)
  2. so i had an idea a while ago... i have been using a 2x8 in the back of my truck as a 'divider' (just sliding it into the little groves on each side of the box). it worked great but i wanted to do something a little 'more'. i came up with 2 layouts that i liked - i ended up going with the bottom one: one of the pieces of equipment i have with my business is a laser cutter, so using taped together file folders i created the template.... put the template on the 2x8.... and transferred all the 'cut outs' i wanted to use a router, but to make life a little easier, i drilled out as much as i could first.... once the drilling was done i screwed plastic jigs to the 2x8 (i made the jigs with the laser cutter, just 1/8" plastic. my thinking was that the little wheel on the top of the router bit would just follow the cut out in the plastic.) it worked great! then use wood filler on all the screw holes... then sand it and get ready to paint.... and here it is... overall i'm really happy with it. the only thing i need to do is go get another can of flat black. i grabbed a can of what i thought was flat but ended up being semi gloss! ha! oh well, will add the final flat coat in the next couple days after i can get to a hardware store if anyone else wants to try the same thing i'll see if i can attach the file i used with my laser cutter... silverado box divider.ai ^^maybe it worked?? it's just an ai file - nothing special. if the above file didn't upload properly and you'd like to try this just fire me a private message with your email address and i'll send the file. the one thing i'd still like to add is a piece of stainless steel to the back side, but just behind the chevy logo - i think that would look sweet. i just need to get to a local metal shop
  3. i sooooooooooooooooooo would have done that on purpose!!
  4. using the dash touch screen.... - settings - vehicle - remote lock, unlock, start - remote start auto heat seats - ON!!!
  5. ok - curiosity got the best of me and i had to go check my truck i couldn't find anything to turn off notifications under the settings on the plus side, my heated seats will now come on when i auto start my truck!
  6. can't you turn off notifications under settings or something like that? i thought i remember seeing something like that when i was going thru stuff with my truck... but it's also a 2014
  7. so i just priced these out... gonna be close to $400 CAD to do that's pretty steep i think i might order these from the US. even after exchange, duty, brokerage fees i'd still save over $100 : |
  8. i think you should change your 'location' in your profile to Australia.... but that's just my dumb sense of humour!!
  9. that looks exactly like the gm one i bought in mine, the coin holder does mount in the organizer
  10. i used the smallest "bolt" light that oznium sells - 6mm with NO lens (in blue to match all the other blue lighting in my truck) https://www.oznium.com/led-bolt ^^these will likely be too bright to match the front light. the little light in the front console is crazy small and barely puts out any light at all and i know the bolts are not dim-able i just drilled drilled a small hole for the light to fit thru. the little LED you are referring to up front is what is illuminated in the back ground of the this pic
  11. i got my vinyl from a local shop and cut it myself, but i know a number of guys have ordered precut bowties off of amazon/ebay and have been very happy with the results - maybe try that route
  12. when i did my steering wheel i first tried plastidip but wasn't happy, so i went the vinyl route and it looks great
  13. Trimble.... this is the other switch that i was referring to (i knew i had a pic somewhere - just had to find it!) i like the toggle switch i have now - but i think this looks pretty sweet!
  14. whhhhhhyyyyy??? why do i come into these threads??? i guess i know what my next purchase will be!! looks awesome guys! can't wait to do mine!
  15. just curious what the purpose of the lights are? is it just for ambient light or is it for actually being able to see/read things? could you just pickup the ceiling lights that are in the back of a crew cab and put them in? i added footwell lighting under the rear of my front seats that light up the floor of the back of the crew cab when the doors are open. i also added a light in the back cubby of the center console that is on when the truck is on. it adds a little floor lighting at night....

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