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  1. @ChevyRoofer Appreciate the info man. Sadly I've already received confirmation of the "return" and incoming credit back to my account. I probably should have waited to see but the fact it was a different SKU made me thing it was a different light. To my knowledge dualies in the past had different lights, don't know if thats still true. I have no interest in reselling honestly. I plan to keep this truck till one of us dies. Agree with the thoughts though.
  2. Definitely a personal preference thing. I think that every generation seems to get larger and larger wheels, both stock and aftermarket. Personally I've got 20s on my truck. I went back and forth between 18s and 20s as I had 18x35s on my jeep that I loved the look of. In the end I decided that I would get 20s as they matched the scale of the truck a little better and would allow me to run 37s later if I wanted. Worst case I decide to sell them and get 18s I think 20s will be easier to sell.
  3. Unsure if this is the correct forum. Just hoping to share my tale, you can make up your own mind as to if this changes anything for you. I was amped by some tail lights I saw on the "what did you do today" thread and decided they were the ones I wanted and was gonna pick them up. Spyder tails if anyone is interested. Anyway, realtruck had them for $320 but didn't have the 3rd brake I was trying to match with, CARiD did but the tails were more expensive. No problem, I'd buy at different retailers if I couldn't get a price match. Hit up their chat, told them the deal, and not only did they price match but they beat it by $20! So at this point I'm sold. Happy I chose CARiD and happy with the service. Apparently the chat guy has to create a shopping cart with the discount, no problem. We go over my truck, get everything confirmed and boom done. I leave it in the cart for the night while I decide on which 3rd brake to match with it and try it in the morning. Morning comes, I find the matching (or close enough) 3rd brake, add it to the cart. Discount is still there, boom, purchase. Shipping seems a bit high ($33 bucks total) but I guess you get spoiled in the days of "free" 2day shipping. After I purchase I realize that the chat rep put the wrong tails in my cart. He put tails for the 3500 dualie. Well thats not good, I'm pretty sure they wont fit, even have a different SKU. So I reach back out to the chat hoping to correct the issue. They ask for a link to the sale on the other site. After a few minutes they eventually tell me they can't match the price. Tail lights were the same price so I'm unsure what the issue was. I'm told it's because they are on sale at the other company and they can't price match those, even though they did last night. I tried to claim that I've already made the purchase and done the sale, the sales rep on chat apparently made two mistakes, one was adding the wrong item to my cart, and two was actually giving me the better price. So I canceled my sale and will have my money refunded. I understand that mistakes happen, and I don't expect a company to lose money on stuff like this, but my thought was that the mistake was already made, they had the opportunity to take the "hit" but make a customer happy but instead they choose to not take the hit and we both lost out. Take from this what you will. Again, it was my mistake by not validating the product before purchasing, and their mistake by giving me a better deal than I had originally even asked. I get it can come off a bit whiny but since others may buy from there as well I figured I would share my single interaction with them. I personally won't be using them again, just because that put a real bad taste in my mouth. I like to feel like as a customer my patronage is appreciated and that they do what they can for me. I don't expect them to go into bankruptcy for me but I also don't like to feel like it's all about their bottom line. At the end of the day they are in the customer service business, and since I can get the tail lights cheaper at autoanything or realtruck I will. As soon as I can find that damned 3rd tail.
  4. Yeah, the only concern I had was that they say chrome/smoke as opposed to black/smoke. I may try and run from a different brand that is black and tinted, we shall see. I wasn't looking for any right now, but with the sale I kind of have to.
  5. Yeah, Looks like they make a version as well (https://www.carid.com/spyder/smoke-led-3rd-brake-light-mpn-bkl-csil14-led-sm.html?singleid=211675538&url=80520797) any idea if that is the same tint? Hard to tell from the photos, but you've seen yours in person so hoping your eye can help a brother out.
  6. @gruve Did you get a matching 3rd brake light? I can't seem to find one.
  7. Sweet. Been going back and forth between Recon and Spyder. Saw some awesome lights on this thread a few pages back but haven't seen them on spyders website.
  8. Link to Rubicon would be helpful. Not sure if you're aware but it's also a somewhat popular model of jeep so searching "Rubicon headlights" gets you nowhere.
  9. I like the cost but the reviews seemed pretty poor so good to hear that it's doing alright.
  10. I've been thinking about debadging mine. If I do I'll let you know but won't be till the summer. Unrelated, how do you like that tractor supply box? I've been back and forth between that and a full diamondback cover. Pros and cons both ways but cost is the largest issue for me at the moment. That color is great by the way.
  11. Thin blue line flag in courtroom

    Surprised that a thin blue line flag is in a courtroom because as far as I know it's not an official country/state/city/etc. flag. That said the flag is pro-police but not pro individual officer. Meaning as a whole we support the people who put their lives on the line to protect us, same goes for fire, ems, military while not showing support for any individual. The state employs police, and as a whole a large part of the justice system relies on the police. I don't see anything wrong with our office supporting the people they employ. Although in todays always offended culture I wouldn't be surprised if someone claims mental trauma from seeing the flag.
  12. I hadn't noticed it was still the GM bezel. I assumed it was like the other alpine system in that it was a total replacement. Interesting stuff coming out though.
  13. @Deadboy1214 I don't believe the last cat is monitored, just the first two. I'll wait for someone to correct me.
  14. From my understanding the 10 is "louder" and the 44 is deeper in tone, although still loud.
  15. I can't do another round. Best of luck.

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