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  1. Mirroring the phone isn't the same as Android auto. Mirroring will display the visual and audio but will lack some interaction. Additionally it will literally just mirror the screen, rather than actually displaying a custom dash.
  2. I like the Alpine since it keeps the look pretty similar to factory while adding a larger screen and features (light and winch control is pretty cool). I wish it supported Android Auto as that's a big thing for me. Being able to search for a destination and get directions via voice or on my phone is great. Also not sure the quality of the DAC on the Alpine. I assume it's good but not really sure. In the future I'd love to just upgrade the DAC, Amp and speakers as I think that should give me more than enough sound quality while keeping the in dash working well.
  3. I've got Codura seat covers from Coverking. They are heavy duty but the fit leaves much to be desired. If I could do it over I'd do what Waterfowler41 did, but in Realtree Xtra.
  4. You can also mount a 2x4 or 2x6 across the bed. You just measure and cut then press in. The bed has small extrusions to keep it in place and the 2x4 stays pressure fit. Mount some pvc to the board and get some wooden dowels that are the same size as the inside of the pvc. I have some small holed drilled through the pvc and wooden dowel with a little pin that holds everything together. Taken on the highway at 75ish? No issue on the mount although one of the cheaper printed flags I've bought is almost trash. Downside is that the 2x4 mounts by pressure fit so its not something you want to remove and install often. I just leave mine in as I don't use the bed daily and when I do it's not been an issue so far. Also a lot cheaper than $275.
  5. too* ;) But in all seriousness I do wish the 1500s sat a bit higher than they do. I believe they are actually the lowest full size truck on the market if I recall correctly. I think I read something about them switching that for the next gen, where they sit higher from the factory. Don't ever see them sitting as high as HDs from factory though. If you're looking to bump it up a little maybe do a 2" level? A 4" lift can get you 35s in if you get the backspacing right.
  6. I'm not attacking anyone personally here, but let's get real, anyone that pays the crazy money for an SCA or similar dealer lifted truck isn't getting a good deal. The lift is either a spacer lift or a cheaper suspension lift. The flares and shit can be had for cheap, paint isn't that expensive and autozone chrome stick-ons can be had everywhere. I suppose if you really like the black widow logo then you get that in a few spots. Let's be real though, they aren't worth near what they charge, you will NEVER get your money back. This isn't shelby we are talking about. It's a company that's throwing on a bunch of tasteless bolt ons and charging at least double for what you'd pay on your own, installed mind you. I don't see the argument of being too busy to pick out your own stuff for your truck, but hell pick out the exact shit they use and have that installed. As for the warranty, get a BDS lift. Top quality and they stand by their lift and your truck if the lift directly causes issues. Or pick a different brand and go with that. You're going to save like 8-9k easy, maybe more, and you'll have the same truck with the same warranty. This whole "I'm on the side of the road broken down"? Bro come on. If you're worried about that get triple A, or, learn how to peek under your truck and look at the components prior to a road trip. You really think a lower quality lift will serve you better than a higher quality one just because someone says "we will fix it if it breaks"? I'd rather buy something with better quality parts for my truck but hey that's just me. Every time I see or hear from one of the guys that got duped into buying one of these I hear how awesome the truck is, but they have 0 understanding of why its good. They just feel the need to justify the fact they dropped almost 20k into parts and install worth maybe 10. Note: Just because people tend to get a bit on the butthurt side on the internet now a days. This isn't a personal attack on anyone, nor is an attempt to shame you based on your taste or choices. Don't take it too hard.
  7. I don't know for sure but on at least one of the SCA lifted trucks they use (or used) a fabtech lift kit. As was said here before you can do all that on your own, for far far less and get better stuff. SCA seems like they do cool stuff and more power to them for having the vision to do this and all, but personally I think its far overpriced for what you get.
  8. From my understanding they never released a full black interior headliner and parts. Normally they keep the headliner color and trim up there lighter as to give a more spacious feeling. You usually only see the black headliner on sports cars or sport models of certain card. If you're looking at changing it you can use Color Bond. I've heard great things about it, they even are authorized via Ford officially for fixes or something along those lines.
  9. I think also 1:1 the GMC has an extra feature or two over the Chevy. They are really so close though, in cost, looks and features. I ended up with the GMC because I liked the front end better than the 2016+ Chevy. I would have preferred the 2014-15 Chevy though. All taste.
  10. This is what happens when the guy who dropped $300 on autozone chrome stick-ons finally makes it big. Gotta give it to him on the creativity side I suppose.
  11. Thats a cool idea. Plastidip or vinyl would work great for this. Hmm...
  12. This is a bit unrelated but I saw the title and was interested. Reading in I realized that maybe I had been played too. I got two free services with my truck, which is currently at 18k miles, and I've used both. Somehow they said I needed to come in every 3k-7.5k for oil changes and 5k for service. Which didn't make any sense but it was a free service and I needed it. Well I figured it was time to dig into it so I cracked that manual and low and behold service is every 7.5k miles and oil changes only need to happen when the engine states you need it changed. At least I know now. There isn't a truly honest dealer out there.
  13. Move kits are interesting. A buddy of mine's dad has a welding shop so I'm sure he could put this together. The down side is that you're still talking around $800 bucks for the kit I want, plus welding costs, plus line-x. I'd be in around $1200-1500 for the Fabfours and around $1000 for the ranch hand. So although cheaper than the road armor bumper its about on par with Fab fours, maybe a little higher. Hard to tell what the fit is like from their site but I'll look more into it.
  14. So I'm looking into new front/rear bumpers for the Sierra. I'll start out with that I don't really need them but planned on doing it anyway because I like the look and added deer/hoodlum protection ;) I am ordering the Diamondback tonneau cover in the next few weeks so I started thinking of maybe doing the diamondplate look to match, but frankly I'm still not sure about it, especially when done in gloss steel. I'm mainly looking for something to I like the look to and has an integrated guard. Of the ones I've looked at here is what I'm liking so far: Fab Fours Elite steel Fab Fours steel Ranch Hand Road Armor However, holy shit some of these stick out quite a bit. Like the chin on these things would make Jay Leno laugh. Maybe in the whole scheme of things it looks ok but I tell you from the online photos it's not great. Curious if anyone has any of these and can snap some photos from the side close up and from a little distance so you can see the whole truck. Keep poking around online but not finding much. I'm leaning toward the Road Armor now but the price is kind of insane honestly, just like that lower profile. Would make parking at walmart easier too.
  15. SBR vs AR Pistol

    Figured I would add my own unsolicited $0.02 on this. SBR is generally not worth the hassle unless you already have multiple rifles and are not planning to move out of state or travel with it at all. In addition to the standard wait time of 9 or so months and the $200 tax stamp you have the added fun of having to contact the ATF every time you want to cross state lines with it. Not only do you have to contact them but you have to wait for their response of approval. Fun. There are quite a few pros with choosing the pistol build route over the SBR and only two drawbacks from what I can tell. (NOTE: I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.) Pros Can be built instantly, no extra payment or waiting for approval. Cross state lines whenever you want, so long as it's not into an unconstitutional state like CA. SB and KAK both offer fantastic braces. More likely to come. Multiple companies now offer pistol buffer tube spacers or custom pistol buffer tubes to allow longer length of pull for SB or KAK brace. "redesign" isn't a legally defined term, as stated by the ATF, so even if the agency again changes it's mind about the legality of shouldering a brace there is 0% chance that any conviction would happen. Moreover, even when the ATF had stated that it was illegal to shoulder a brace there were multiple reports that the ATF has instructed agents to not prosecute any case. Because it is a pistol it can legally be conceal carried in any state that allows it. Although it's absurd to think you're gonna hide a AR on your person that law does mean that you are able to carry a loaded AR pistol in your vehicle, a SBR would follow all rifle rules, meaning you can not have it loaded (mag inserted) into the gun. Check your local laws. Cons Can't have a stock. Can't have a vertical foregrip. (can have a hand stop or angled grip though) In my mind it's not even a close call. Unless you've got extra cash to burn and plan on living in your home state long term and have other rifles to travel with. That said at the end of the day it's your money, spend as you see fit.

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