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  1. I need to get a heat gun. I've tried to use a blow dryer and it didn't work for shit. (FYI, blow dryer wasn't mine because I'm not in an 80s hair metal band)
  2. Did you do the steering wheel? I'm wanting to do this to my truck, steering wheel is what's keeping me. That and thinking that I may upgrade to a heated wheel at the same time. Looks great though!
  3. That was awful. That information took forever to get through, guy didn't really explain your selection info beyond "nitro is stiffer", just terrible. I don't have any great information on this but also interested in softer riding shocks. I believe that tires probably make a bigger difference than shocks. In terms of ply, load rating, type of tread, etc. I've got a 6" lift with Fox 2.0s and am also looking for something a bit softer though.
  4. Looks great man. Wish I had the balls.
  5. Looks great. Any chance I could get a side view? I'm always worried about how far that thing sticks out on the front.
  6. Personally I really like the look and functionality of it. I keep thinking about doing this instead of a new bumper with guard. Downside is that if you keep the factory you can't ever add winch and the guards aren't as strong as a new bumper from what I've read.
  7. Love that it doesn't stick out a ton. Looks great. Hope to see some more pics soon.
  8. Love your truck man. Really makes me regret not going grey, especially after realizing how hard this black is to take care of.
  9. To clarify, shorter bed, not shorter cab. I've got the 5'8" bed and from the sound of it I'll have to trim where the gas cap is myself.
  10. Those look great and the price point is pretty solid. The reviews on amazon seem pretty hit and miss so that's a little concerning but overall at less than half the price of bushwacker I guess you can't expect the exact same thing. Curious if you've installed them on the shorter bed. Reviews are claiming that the gas cap isn't cut out.
  11. Love the embossed tailgate flag. Looks great man. Hope it holds up for a long time.
  12. If I could start over again I'd go for a 2500 diesel, should have in the first place but it was just so damn expensive and I got a great deal on my 1500. That said, for 1500 I'd do the following: SLT (lots of extra little features standard) Heated/cooled seats (I didn't want leather but those cooled seats are awesome) 6.2L (never enough power) Heated steering wheel Center console (have the bench now, it's fine but that extra storage is nice) Outside of the stock truck I'd prob go with a 4" lift over the 6". 2 inches isn't a ton and the wheels would fill the frame better I think. Went with 6" so I could stuff 37s under there but no way on earth I'm doing that while shes my daily.
  13. I like the setup but that red looks like the tundra logo to my eyes.
  14. Somewhat related, does everyone keep all the booklets in their truck? I have in the past but I like the glovebox space so I'm thinking of taking them out as I don't often need them.
  15. I'm with Waterfowler41. After watching his video I kicked myself for not getting the Wet Okole. I have coverking ballistic seat covers, which looked great online, but holy shit is the quality bad. I've had them about a year, maybe, and some of the edges are already fraying. (the external piping is pulling off from use) The rear seats aren't covered on the bottom, so moving the left or right seat up then down sometimes rumples the fabric and I have to physically push/pull it down. Plus it looks like garbage just having the side come down and end instead of wrapping. The armrest cover doesn't fully seat anymore so sometimes it comes off when I pull it up or down. I think coverking used to be great quality but they have really fallen, or they were always garbage and I never knew. Who knows. I've also got a lab and I hunt/shoot and get pretty dirty. Looking for something I can just get dirty and wash if needed. I'll prob get Wet Okoles next year. Only downside is that they aren't fire resistant. I say that because sometimes I smoke cigars in my truck and if you ever get an ember it's likely to be a bad day with neoprene, I don't know how bad, but something you risk.

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