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  1. It's likely just the musty/mildewy smell from the the condensation left in the system. 5 minutes before I shut the truck down, I shut off the AC and turn the fan on high to dry it all out.
  2. Did you shut her down without blowing/drying the vents out from running the AC???
  3. What rears do you have??? I can pull 16-17mph towing my 3500lb. work trailer around suburbia without babying her. 5.3 though.
  4. First tank of an experiment. I noticed that years ago out there elk hunting. Must be the blend due to altitude. I'm gonna give it a few tanks before I post an opinion. Steve knows me; I'm pretty thorough about my driving and what happens in my trucks. My opinion will be based solely on my findings not any "green" agenda or the likes.
  5. I'd rather have it on the front passenger seat than right there!!!
  6. Whole tank average; or 25 mile interval???? What speed?? Downhill, uphill, wind.................
  7. I just filled up with E15 about 15 minutes ago. It said 88 octane on the pump; not 89 like mid grade E10. The E15 was .10cents/gallon less than 87 octane E10. Just saying.
  8. Bump to the front. I guess I baffled everyone.
  9. I'm old enough to remember the 3 door Suburbans from the '60's.................and no they were not. It's the "soccer Mom" up charge.
  10. Let's all change the design parameters of our vehicles and when they malfunction...........lets get the manufacturer to pay for it!!! Ever wonder why new vehicles cost so much??!!
  11. Change your own oil...............it ain't rocket science!!!!! You know it done properly then.............at least if you've got minimal skills.
  12. Just a wondering here. I have the OEM painted steel rims on my WT with P265/70 17 sized tires on her. Will Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx LT255/80 17E rub??? They are a 33" tire; but are narrower than stock..........I like the pizza cutter look
  13. Assuming you poke right thru the rubber on the OEM upper an lower BJ's correct????

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