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  1. Today at the gym...

    They came blacked like that as part of the Rally package.
  2. I have a 2015 and have been thinking about this Nudge Bar ever since I saw it here. From what I can see you didn't have any issues getting it installed. I don't suppose I could trouble you for a few more photos. i would love to get a profile and a shot straight on. Thanks in advance.
  3. UofAZCats Victory Red Rally Silverado

    Been awhile since I had the inspiration/money to do something to my truck. I am planning on lowering the truck but don't have the resources/knowledge to install my Inez Hot Rods lowering kit myself. In trying to save up a few bucks to get it installed I have not been looking to do too much with the truck. i finally got a burr up my saddle to see what I thought of going with the color matched bumper. i bought some red plasti dip and put it on this weekend after washing the truck. Despite not truly matching the Chevy Victory Red I think it looks damn cool. I'll leave it on for awhile to be sure but now I need to add getting truly color matched bumpers to my list of things for the truck. I also now think I'll end up painting the valance and other blackish-grey trim. Anyone do something like this? Tips are appreciated. While I was at it I figured it made sense to plasti dip the Silverado nameplate on one side of the truck to see how it looked as well. I think it looks great, but I need to upgrade from the plasti dip. I saw replacements on eBay in gloss black that I will probably pull the trigger on after getting the lowering kit installed. Thinking about replacing the LT on the tailgate with RALLY. Not sure yet.
  4. I know this is an old thread but wanted to ask because it has been a while and you should certainly be able to answer better now - with the muffler delete did you notice any changes to gas mileage or improved performance?
  5. I don't see that problem based on the pictures posted on the Inez Hotrods facebook page (see example picture below). I purchased their 3-5 kit (which I have not yet had installed). The main thing I liked about their system of replacing the control arms is that the alignment of the wheels stays true unlike using drop spindles.
  6. UofAZCats Victory Red Rally Silverado

    Thanks for the kind words. I just wish my wife would work harder in order to make more money I can spend on my truck...
  7. Highly recommend the Razor headlight trim. It will match your glossy black trim. I love mine. Link to it on my build thread.
  8. The transmission selector light is very dim in my 2005 suburban to the point it is hard to see on bright days. The message center below it is nice and bright/readable. The gauge lights are fine as well. My dimmer switch is set to as bright as possible without turning on the cabin lights. When I play with the dimmer switch some times it affects the light levels of the gear selector and gauges and sometimes it doesn't change anything. Not sure if it is possibly the dimmer switch or something else. Suggestions/Thoughts?
  9. Depends on the truck color and the part. I have the red rally edition and it comes with a red bumper and chrome lights + bumper on the front, black handles and molding, finished off by a chrome rear bumper with chrome badges. The red grille and chrome lights are a mystery to me as it is like they couldn't make up their mind whether to color match or chrome. Of course I added to the confusion by adding a chrome hood shield.I changed both to black. I plan to color match the bumpers. I will be changing the chrome badging, either by plastidip or with pre-painted, to black to be consistent with the red black theme of the truck.
  10. Where did you find the color matched option? Only on the Lund/AVS site? Unfortunately they don't have victory red.
  11. UofAZCats Victory Red Rally Silverado

    I couldn't resist taking a picture today after basketball. Truck needs a wash. I'm thinking I need to get the bumpers color matched. Anyone have any recommendations on the best way to do that? Also thinking about painting the valance black. Anyone tried painting their valance? Recommendations?
  12. New member with first Silverado!

    Good to see more FL representation. I am assuming that Florisa location from your profile is code for Florida...
  13. New member, Florida

    Good to see more FL representation. Sorry to inform you that you have the 2nd best suburban in the state though.

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