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  1. You make the deal.Then you talk terms. It's always better if they think you are going to finance. But you keep your cards face down. My point is that they don't hate cash. Maybe you could choose another, more appropriate, word. I figure if no other dealer within 500 miles will touch the deal I have in place I must have done OK.
  2. Preferring to get the financing, and hence more profit. is not the same as hating cash. I've bought many vehicles and have yet to encounter a dealer who had a problem when I pulled out my checkbook.
  3. Hating the deal and hating cash are two different things. Dealers get cash for EVERY deal ----- how can they hate it?
  4. They don't hate cash. All deals are cash deals to them. They would just prefer that they find financing for you --- another opportunity to skin extra bucks
  5. No, you don't. You should already have financing in place if you intend to finance, and the dealer is the last place to look. Also, there is always cash. Ever heard of that?
  6. You should always get it for less than asking price.
  7. What does credit score have to do with it?
  8. Had one in a Ford two trucks ago. Worked for about a year.
  9. What is the dealer up to? You should only need to say "Where's the fob we were using on the test drive?"
  10. There is, as it turns out: Auto Rear Defog This feature will automatically turn on the rear defogger when it is cold outside. Select Off or On.
  11. Automatically or another settings thing?
  12. It would really be nice if the heated steering wheel was tied in to this feature.

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