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  1. New member!

    These would finish off the look nicely: www.ebay.com/itm/Stake-Pocket-Covers-Caps-Rail-Hole-Plugs-2014-2018-Silverado-Sierra-Accessories/162184645563?epid=577843531&hash=item25c2f54bbb:g:ESoAAOSwZZ5avDvN&vxp=mtr
  2. Start here: https://cars.usnews.com/cars-trucks/what-is-the-dealer-invoice-price
  3. Indeed. But it is bogus. It has no bearing on manufacturer to dealer spiffs, "step plans", or whatever you choose to call them which impact the true cost. No way is invoice what the dealer actually pays. 35 years ago, not today. Any sort of decent deal is well below "invoice" ----- the fact that dealers actually talk about them now is proof that they are meaningless. Look it up.
  4. Paying "over invoice" is what folks did 35 years ago. Invoice is a phony, meaningless number that has, for all practical purposes, nothing to do with dealer cost. Those who make "over invoice" deals are fools. And dealers love fools.
  5. No such thing as timing the order right. Future incentives are unknown. The manufacturer is constantly adjusting to inventory and market conditions as well many other factors. Ordering is a crapshoot in that regard - will the incentives be more or less attractive? You can, however, control how much you are going to pay the dealer before rebates, etc. It really surprises me how little seems to be known on a vehicle specific forum about the best way to buy one.
  6. Getting exactly what I wanted for about the same as someone who compromises and grabs up whatever is lying around? Yeah, I think that's a "pretty good deal".
  7. Chances of you walking out to go deal/order elsewhere are the same. They prefer you take one off the lot because it's an immediate sale, but once they understand you to be an "order customer" it's basically the same game. They still want to move a unit. One could argue that you get a better deal on a factory order because it's a "sold unit" and is gone as soon as it hits the ground.
  8. You gotta wonder if the dealer is installing aftermarket parts that aren't up to the task.
  9. Bonus tags are (were) put on whatever the dealer wanted to put them on. They were totally up to the dealer to use as they saw fit. I was promised a tag when I ordered my truck. I got exactly what I wanted at less than 80% of MSRP.
  10. Sure they do. You get whatever is going on at the time of delivery.
  11. Indeed. It's an issue for those of us who drive in snow, slop, freezing rain, etc. It won't surprise me a bit when someone comes up with a system to warm the lenses and keep them clear.
  12. There is no such thing as "full leather" and, by any legitimate definition, it's not even "leather" in the first place.
  13. You could also throw in indifference.

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