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  1. Is buying a "all new" anything right out of the gate a good idea? I think not.
  2. There are systems (my Acura RDX for example) which report their location correctly and do not need relearning.
  3. How long before the box is aluminum as well? You know it's coming. I suppose they want us to forget that incredibly stupid bricks in the bed ad first.
  4. The big question is: Where did they find 450 pounds to lose?
  5. Katzkin is a little nicer grade of fake leather than the fake leather that comes standard.
  6. This one has been worked over ad nauseam. If you keep score I think Husky comes out ahead. I like WeatherTech.
  7. They put scent in the "leather" to make it smell like leather.
  8. There is no "real" leather anywhere. "Leather" is very loosely defined, especially when it comes to automotive applications. The "leather" is manufactured in a process akin to that used for making paper. The "leather" in these vehicles is as close to being natural animal hides as a piece of paper is to being a tree.
  9. It doesn't make sense that relearning position would alter the out put of the monitor.
  10. Accuracy doesn't seem to be a goal.

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