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  1. I put a set of used 275/65r20 hankooks on my truck before I leveled it. Did not rub on flat ground.
  2. Thanks! It’s a 3 inch spacer up front, nothing in the rear. Tires are 33x12.50r17 Ridge Grappler which rub on the upper control arms at full lock
  3. I had the same idea. Let me know if it works out lol
  4. Ripped the plastic off the bumper on the trails. Time for a skid plate
  5. Is there a real consequence with running the truck in 5th gear all the time? I keep it in M5 (or L5) to eliminate the "chopper" as it doesn't kick into v4.
  6. I tried to follow a torquey, lightweight, diesel ZR2 with a front locking differential up a hill but didn't get very far. It's way steeper than it looks. Those little trucks are bad ass! Stuck ford just because
  7. My pregnant wife started to struggle getting in and out so I bought and installed these used nfabs. Paid $100
  8. For some reason, replacing my back up lights with LEDs helped out a little. The screen stays at full brightness but the image isn't as washed up so you can actually use it
  9. Or for sand in my case. It's a pain to have to constantly turn it off
  10. Putting it in manual did the trick for me. TC and StabiliTrak turned off and she spins and swings
  11. Would love to see more pictures. I got 5k miles on my tires and I'm already thinking what my next set will be lol

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