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  1. What could’ve caused the injectors to fail? It’s a 5.3 with 13,000 miles. Never been abused.
  2. I took my truck in this morning because the check engine light came on. Dealer said it was 3 bad injectors that had to be replaced. Has anyone had this problem? Could it be AFM related? I also had a pop up message to service Stabilitrak but dealer won’t look into it under warranty since I have a leveling kit and larger than stock tires. They recommend I put it back to stock and take it again to avoid the $135/hr charge to diagnose it
  3. I’m more concerned about drone and v4 sound then how loud it can be. I wouldn’t mind a loud muffler if it doesn’t drone bad or has the chopper sound
  4. Did you keep the resonator? How’s the v4 sound? I can’t decide between R and TR series.
  5. I've been thinking about turning the white letters out so I made this quick edit. What do you guys think?
  6. My wife gives me a nice treat just to drive the truck lol it’s hard to get mad after that
  7. Thanks guys. I always felt it was a bit risky. And after getting my truck stolen two years ago I didn’t want to take any chances. It will definitely be helpful I’m sure.
  8. Bad idea? I’ve been thinking about hiding the spare key somewhere on the truck. A few months ago I waited for 2 hours and paid a locksmith $100 after my wife accidentally locked the keys inside the truck at a gas station out of state. I obviously won’t specify the exact location but I felt confident about it after I had my brother look for it for 30 minutes with no luck . What do you guys think?
  9. I was going to add a skid plate but decided I didn’t like it much. I’ll be putting the valance back on
  10. 315/70r17 on stocks. Rubs the wheel liner at full lock
  11. Not CCM but same style AMS 3” spacer. Angles and ride aren’t great but not horrible either.
  12. Neither do I lol but at my truck I don’t mind [emoji23]
  13. I do it for the looks. I love how dudes with 33s stare discreetly when I pull up next to them. Mine doesn’t rub on the streets and I have a set of 33s that I slap on once a month when we hit the trails. Works for me.

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