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  1. dude those looks awesome!.. i'd love to do that..
  2. i thought i read somewhere that the new iphones 8 and x will not be supported in our GMC's with the wireless charging.... can only do it in the 2018's. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208148 looks like we'll be having some new mods to update our qi pads in our later model trucks....
  3. i use homelink with my led bar... works perfect.. i have to use 2 buttons... .. far left is garage, middle is off, right is on.... had to switch the led on and off, cause i kept hitting it on when i'd open the garage... .grrrr.. .but its fast and responsive...
  4. your getting close to needing gas!.. lol... cool pics!
  5. your cat avatar fits your comment perfectly !.. .lol..
  6. Black birds / Crows

    OP.. ..not laughing , but i am, because it reminded me of a buddy of mine... Brand new dodge... just got it.. we bass fish, so took a trip to Fayette. Buzzards are notorious there for eating up trucks at the boat ramp.. seen a few that morning.. reminded him about it.. went and fished.. .came back.. .wipers gone, and the trip around the door tore up!... i haven't laughed so hard!.. but sorry its happening to you!.. .sucks.. . stick an owl decoy on the top of the truck at night.. should keep the birds away.
  7. just gonna take some getting use to, but ya'll did a great job!
  8. from what i read on here... BB is the way to go...

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