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  1. believe it or not.. truck runs much better and added 2 mph a gallon to my daily trips... .. went up from 16.5 to about 18.2... and i'm no my 2nd tank~..
  2. huge difference in the two pics above... ..bottom looks like it just came off the lot .... sucks OP... truck did look better before the fox shocks...
  3. there's a service builtin for the 1-2 clunk.. i just had the computers flashed in my truck just for that... and it fixed the issue.. . mine was loud and would sometimes push you forward...
  4. Nu Finish Polish

    cant wax in direct sun~.. .that nu finish.. i used it on several trucks.. never had issues.
  5. 2016 Denali Cluster for Sale

    so its plug and play for a 2016 gmc?.. like its already been programed... just have to do a swap?
  6. almost 2 yrs old.. about to hit 1k... ..31k on the spedo
  7. i had a bad clunk in my 16 AT .. 5.3 8sp... ..just got it back from the dealer... flashed the computer... all is good now!... there's a tsb on the issue ..
  8. i'll try and get the numbers that they used for the fix.
  9. yeah mine always happens after the truck sat.. like over night.. or in the garage at work.. . even happen in stop and go traffic... give a little gas... clunk~.. you could hear it, and it would push the truck forward some.

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