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  1. Got for sale a set of summit white door handles that came off a truck that a dealership switched to chrome handles. One endcap is missing (I think its technically called an "Escutcheon") I believe the dealership kept it by mistake. Online the color matched ones can be found for around $15 (thats on gmpartsdirect). They are in mint condition. Looking for $230 shipped. You can PM me on here or text me at 7176298442 Thanks!
  2. Depending on price I am definitely intrigued. Got white plastidip now which i must say hold up decent. But eventually im looking at sanding chrome and painting. Im in
  3. FS: 2014/15 Sierra led headlights oem

    Yes thanks! Edited
  4. Have for sale a set of headlights with led drls for gmc sierra . One has minor scratches on the lens and a broken tab that has been fixed and is solid. The other is in mint condition. They will come with HIDs from morimoto. Asking $600 obo. I can't post pics right now but will try later- if u you want pics text me at 717-629-8442 thanks
  5. Have a question on tow mirror disasembly - My passenger side tow mirror on my 14 sierra got a crack in the sail panel (mounting flange to the outside of the truck). I was wondering if its possible to dissasemble the mirror down to the panel so that if I buy a used one to replace it with I could just swap it . Heres a pic of the mirror the way it is now. Any input would be appreciated thanks!
  6. 3" rear block and shock extenders

    Where did u get the extenders?
  7. I got a 14 sierra with 6.2 and came across a On3 Performance turbo kit for sale. I wasn't looking to make that jump yet but sure looks tempting! I've heard a little on both sides about the procharger vs turbo and was leaning more towards supercharge simply because of camper towing throughout the year and the instant power that comes without lag. But the price tag is pretty substantial. I know I could just pour through tons of research but I figure id just ask the pros or anyone with experience with turbo kits or the on3 performance upgrades on our trucks . They claim over 200 hp for under $3k. I was wondering about reliability as well . My truck has 55k and is more a weekend vehicle. Anyone with info or just chiming in would be great thanks!
  8. WANTED: 2015 Carbon Fiber Interior Trim

    Dude u mind posting a pic of that hydro dipped set? That sounds awesome!

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