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  1. I have never walked into a dealership with the intent to buy a new car/truck. I've stopped in if something caught my eye and left with something; about once in a thousand times. Looking is a hobby but buying is an exercise in finding the right deal, not the right truck. Every once in a blue moon there is that truck no wanted. That one or two year old sitting there on the back line ready to go to auction. It may have been auctioned a half dozen times by dealers and for whatever reason no one want's it. OR someone did buy it and returned it with like under a thousand miles on it and so everyone passes by like its got the plague. Estate sold trucks bough new and sitting is a barn then returned or repossessed to the dealership on consignment. These sorts of deals where the truck has cost someone enough they just want to get out from under it even at a loss. Company Leases and Program trucks/cars. Like new with next to nothing for miles to perhaps 25K on the clocks that are truly flawless in appearance or so minimally damaged repairs added to cost are still totaling pennies on the dollar. In Peppers case an old gent bought her then could not get his license renewed. Bad eyes and 85. Titled Used but 1300 miles on it and about 58 cents on the dollar. It just so happened that it isn't a popular model with anyone but me. Bought my first new car like this. One year old Granada in the middle of the 70's gas crunch with a 351W in her. Bought that one for 45 cents on the dollar and still overpaid for it. 18 months it had been on the lot. Two new model years were out. Only had like 200 miles on it. No one even wanted to test drive it. Got the last laugh. The 250 sixes were getting about 14/15 mpg. The 351W got 22 mpg. So I buy the deal...not the truck and yes I get ones that are not my exact cuppa tea but it matters not. I get rid of the old ones the same way I buy them. When the right buyer finds me. They are paid for and own me nothing.
  2. Lazy People

    Yep! And that's a special one too. I might even cable it to the post and leave my Pit Bull tethered to it. Love them SuperGlides.
  3. From a refining standpoint there is always a bit of entrained water in gasoline. That crude contains water withstanding gasoline is caustic and water washed to remover acids. The content is indeed small. There is also the stations tanks and some of those are awful. Water and gasoline are not miscible but alcohols/gasoline and water are. Remember Heat?
  4. Running down the Interstate yesterday and heard this roar coming from behind. Looking in the mirror I guess him roughly a hundred yards behind me. I continued to hear him like he was in my cab until he was about a quarter mile beyond me. Could not hear the radio or my own voice when he was beside me. So...question is....how do you put up with that when it's the truck your driving?
  5. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    You must rob banks for a living!
  6. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    29.85 MPG over a 303 mile road trip using 10.151 pumped gallons of 87 octane E10. Meter shows 9% ethanol content. 29.2 MPG by the Scan Gauge showing 10.4 gallons used. DIC showed 31.2 MPG. 8.8 cents per mile. I've had this Scan Gauge II for a long time and have both the fuel metering and odometer dialed in to always be pessimistic. I.E. the odometer is dead on and the fuel metering is set to record @ 2% fat so that I'm never taken by surprise. Whatever the Scan Gauge II is reading I'm getting a bit better. By design. 5.7 hour trip averaging 53 mph trip average speed with a cruse control regulated 55 mph. 61 mph peak shown on Scan Gauge II. Ramp speed merging. 62 F degree day. 65 F degree AIT. 142 F TFT, 192 F Oil Temp, 170 F water temp. 3 mph wind with gust to 5 mph from a direction of 135 degrees magnetic. 153 miles east and west. 150 miles north and south. Interstate travel I-39 and Toll I-88. Moderate traffic and only about 10 miles total in road construction. Only made two stops for puppy and I to stretch our legs and get a drink. Talk about road buzzzzzzzz. Northern Illinois doesn't get too many windless days, ever, and Pepper shows her appreciation for them when we get one. Good Girl. Windless, Warm and oh so steady. No hypermiling. Just being steady.
  7. Ask yourself why GM, or any manufacture for that matter, would go to the expense and trouble of a new part/part# for something that is identical. And the answer is...they would not. There is something different about it and not being able to physically discern that difference means precious little. Money drives these people. They changed something. IMHO.
  8. What happens if the cable breaks in those systems or what happens if a solder joint fails in a hardwired system? Throttle closes. that's what happens. Nothing freaky. Engineers actually do 'what if's' and design 'fail safes' into critical control systems. They can not afford not too. You loose your wireless and it's just like you took your foot off the pedal. You can 'what if' yourself back into the stone age if you worry enough. This isn't like your pinging off a cell tower to keep your wireless.
  9. Try common sense and if that doesn't nail it for you try this: https://www.fuelfreedom.org/rauch-smacks-down-corrosive-argument-about-ethanol/
  10. Illinois is 6". It's almost too much for me. The line height for my torso height is almost like looking around a lined bifocal lens. Took me awhile to stop ducking under the line at stop lights. Bet that looked goofy. It's perfect at night. Looking just under it and if some fool has his brights on I sit a little straighter and look over it for a few seconds. Limo black visor is way to dark for night driving.
  11. Could you snap a photo of the front assembly installed? Thanks.
  12. Imagine a system where the dealer can not debug a transmission or apply a factory flash to debug a seat belt and you are looking at a company I wouldn't buy a little red wagon from. If it can be flashed it can be hacked and if it can't then it can be replaced. Stand alone systems are every where. It's like Ron Trock (Harley Guru) told me once about bolt holes. Don't like where they are? Move them! Thus the Shovster. Shovel top on a Sportster bottom. AKA Trockerized. In todays world not much is impossible. Only a few things improbable. Rumors are a dime a dozen and great for stirring pots. Not much else. http://www.bankspower.com/magazine/changing-times-gms-push-make-l5p-duramax-un-crackable/
  13. The back gate broke so fire the janitor. It's a company culture issue not one individuals shortcomings. But who fires the BOD"S?

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