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  1. Grumpy Bears 2015 Silverado 2WD

    50,000 mile Service Record: Tread depth is seven and a half thirty seconds (.234”). Projected tire life remains 70,000 miles. Rotate and balance. Adjust pressures to 35 psig. Motor: 6 quart Red Line 5W20 & Mobil 1 filter. Trans: 6 quart Red Line D6 service fill. New GM filter. Diff: 2.5 quart Red Line 75W90, new gasket. I’m in the process of converting the fleet to WIX filtration. The initial impression of the suspension conversion was…it was rock hard. Ben called it ‘firm but in control’ and that it would settle in over about a thousand miles. I was skeptical. In fact two post ago I was ready to start making some drastic changes and a bit disappointed. Today…not so much. I consider myself patient. Evidently not patient enough. Now having logged 3,000 miles it has done as he said it would. Calmed down. I’m not sure I’d even call it real firm. Perhaps moderately firm and very much in control. As much as I liked the way it took a corner early on I’m just giddy about it now. The truck rises and falls with the swales in a pleasant manor absent the boat like feel but not welded to the road giving the impression you in a roll-a-coaster car. You hear the tar snakes but don’t feel them now. Broken pavement is where you start to appreciate how well these shocks work. Rough tracks are just that, rough. But my fillings stay in place and the truck stays planted. Washboard sections it eats like jam on toast. This is the forth vehicle I’ve totally redone and the best of the bunch to date. The Deer Slayer II Today, King/Deaver/Sulastic paid for itself and sealed its place in my all-time favorite personally modified rides. How so? A buck large enough I could see his full back above the hood stepped into my path while I was traveling 55 MPH in a drizzling rain on one of the worst sections of Illinois 72 left only a few miles from my home. A road that before these modification made me believe that 45 mph was way too fast to travel it. It’s just after dark. There is an oncoming car with his high beams on. It lit this deer up like a Christmas tree at about 100 feet from me out of a road side thicket. Curb side service of deer roast looked unavoidable. If you could have frozen time and discussed it I would have bet a month’s wages this truck was toast and that dear the meat in the sandwich. 55 mph in a 100 feet? I hit those brakes like the floor board was on the highway in an attempt to scrub off enough speed to limit the damage. He barely gave me a notice. Rack held high and turning his head toward me I could count the hairs of his eyelashes. That truck came down like it caught the wire on an aircraft carrier. Dead flat and straight as an arrow in flight. The ABS kicked in at about 10 feet from target for a blip and then…Can’t tell you how I missed him but I did cleanly. I’ve ridden bikes for decades and made many a front tire only panic stop and I’ve never felt anything like it. On rough pavement? In the rain? On a dime with nine cents in change. Smooth as a kitten. With the GM suspension I can guarantee you there would have been blood in the street. That was freaky.
  2. What do you do about the area at the tail lights Cliff? Got a photo of yours?
  3. In the glove box is the RPO code list. One of those is the suspension code. Sounds like multiple issues and yes one of them could be tire balance. One other can be alignment. Especially the caster. Much over 2.3 degrees will hammer you pretty good. Much under 1.8 and she will get a bit twitchy. The spec runs as high as 3.5 and as low as 1.5. Mine from the factory was 3.6. The next two most don't like to hear. Factory shocks couldn't be more poorly valved. The rear leaves....No idea what they were thinking other than price. I did the full Monty, Kings...Deaver...Sulastic hangers but I expect that isn't what many would do so.....Find a shock you like, Bilstien, Monroe, Gabriel or whatever and the Sulastic hangers and that will get you over half way and make enough improvement to help a bunch. This is a design issue and there is nothing that GM is going to do about it. Don't assume the alignment is right just because it's pretty new.
  4. Apology accepted. Would you care then to correct my wrong assumptions and place it in the context you intended?
  5. Cheating neighbors

    My neighbor goes on vacation and while he's away I paint his house. Can I charge him from something he didn't ask me to do? Nope. People will generally live down to your worst expectations. It sucks but you do know which direction your cousins moral compass points now. Now having said that. Check with you layer. Some states would consider such a long time 'abandonment" and you may have a case for ownership. But don't guess. Check.
  6. So you think the money you spend is of different value than the money you earn? You also believe that if you give something you should expect something more in return than you gave. Not an uncommon notion. Prevalent in fact. I don't buy it, but, whatever. Soon or later you're going to need tires. This is an example. To toss perfectly good tires for ones more energy efficient; your point is well made. Payout is too long. But doing so when needing them cost you nothing more than the difference in cost if any. Gibberish about fat friends is nonsense and a non starter with me. It's recklessness speech guilt targeted. Mind your manors. Enjoyable modification. A personal decision you or anyone is more than welcome to make. But he, the thread starter, did ask for specific advice and I gave it. This last one about hypermiling; driving responsibly and hypermiling are not the same thing but lets say for a minute they are. Riddle me this: You pay for my gas? Did you buy my truck? Do you pay my tickets? Pay for my maintenance? How about be responsible for loss of life or property damage? You going to do my jail time? Take care of my family? You pay for my insurance? Gong to buy my next truck? Well????? That established then the question becomes; where exactly is you stake in my affairs? I drive between the limits established by law. Those who take exception to this, for the most part do not. And although they haven't a leg to stand on they believe I should for some reason foreign to me, give a rats arse about how 'pissed' they become. News flash...I don't. Any idea how silly it sounds for someone to drive 15 over the speed limit telling someone driving within the speed limit that their a danger and your feelings about that matter carry more weight because....why???? Your in a hurry? Get a grip!
  7. Here's an interesting point. If you look at it, as you did, as pocket change it doesn't make much sense does it? How about this; 19/21=.905. A nine and a half percent increase in MPG translates into a nine and a half percent reduction in fuel cost no matter what the pump value is. Would you turn down a 9-1/2% TAX FREE raise? If so you can make your checks payable to....me
  8. There's that 'better' word again. Twin context. Initially he means 'more'....then he means 'personal preferences' but first he wants to have sex with the idea.
  9. I did to and for a long time. That is until I saw some wind tunnel test. Shortly after I read a paper from a grad student's theses he published where he and his fellows did some pressure modeling of various layouts for pickups. Then there is professional truck oval track and road racing. Tailgates and bed covers. Even when the bed is uncovered that tailgate pressurizes the box area to 'act' like a solid shape. Air is weird. It's measurement isn't new to me. I've done cylinder head work on a wet bench. It doesn't always do what seems like it should.
  10. Better. Hum...Better is a funny word. I believe the question was about fuel efficiency so I'll bite. How do those nine make mpg 'better".
  11. Take it or leave it. Things I’ve done that made a measureable improvement were: 1.) Alignment. It was in spec…sort of…but far from perfect. Optimized. 2.) Bed Cover. Lund soft roll up. 3.) Scan Gauge II. It’s easier to modify your driving habits if you can see the cause and effect relationships and get instant feedback. Pavlov’s dog. 4.) Make yourself comfortable. Seriously. It helps. 5.) Get anal about tire pressures and run street all season tires. 6.) Covered the top third of the radiator inlet. (weather and load permitting) 7.) Ester based lubricants and heat management. 8.) Never be in a hurry. No place I need to be I didn’t start for five minutes earlier than I needed to. Life time (50K miles) calculated average is over 26.5 MPG. My average day includes little town driving. Things that hurt mileage people do every day. 1.) Lift kits 2.) Removing the front air dam. 3.) Oversized wheels and tires that stick outside the body. 4.) Light kits that are outside the trucks silhouette. 5.) Tow mirrors when you don’t tow. 6.) Tail gate nets or running with it down/removed. 7.) Under inflated tires to soften the ride. 8.) All Terrain tires on trucks that never leave the street. 9.) AFM elimination.
  12. So are you saying it no longer uses oil at the rate of a quart per hour? Really? How did you ever make it to the end of the driveway?
  13. 300 + mile round trip to Peoria Illinois to pick up a few cases of Red Line Oil D6 trans fluid and a Genesis shock gauge from Hoerr Racing. Peppers upcoming 50K service. There's a $400 dollar day.

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