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  1. The 4.10 listed on the left side of the sticker is standard along with the 6.0 engine. After adding the diesel option the sticker shows 3.73 on the right included. All the stuff on the right side of the sticker is what's pertinent since whenever an option is added, it overrides what's on the left. Example, it might show standard 18" aluminum wheels with such and such tires on the left side of the sticker but you ordered 20" chrome. The ordered wheels along with different tires will be listed on the right side.
  2. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Nice! I have a 2003 Yukon Denali cluster I need done like your Avalanche pic. What's the cost of something like that? (motors and led lights)
  3. Another option maybe is to replace the existing tank with a bigger one like this 57 gallon version? https://titanfueltanks.com/shop/gm-crew-cab-short-bed-super-series-2/ At least it'll give you full use of the bed.
  4. This stuff works well to remove it. https://www.atlanticsupply.com/product/back-set-cement-dissolver-1-quart-bottle-concrete-remover/ You can also try just vinegar and water which will dissolve the grout. Apply to cloth and dab until it breaks away without using circular motions which will leave swirl marks. Good luck.
  5. From someone that has the truck you're looking for, I'd say get it! I absolutely love mine! As for mileage difference between the 6 and 8 speed, I haven't heard anything like that anywhere and even if it were true 1 mpg difference is nothing. It's still better than what you got with the 2012. Any LTZ model you buy will have the 8 speed now and mine works as it's supposed to. Yes, a tune is definitely recommended no matter what model you end up with. I'm sure others will chime in soon but Blackbear seems to be the tune of choice. Oh and welcome to the site!
  6. Congrats to those of you that were able to kick the habit. To those that are trying, never quit quitting. I agree with the previous posts about using an ozone generator to get rid of the odor. It does work. A few years ago, I bought this unit http://www.ebay.com/itm/OZ-15-000-mg-hr-Commercial-Ozone-Generator-with-Moisture-Proof-Elements-/171558305676?hash=item27f1abff8c:g:0lUAAOSwLs5XKPBA to get rid of smoke smell in a rental unit after the tenants moved out. I had just painted 6 months prior and didn't want to paint again. In the past that was the only way I found would get rid of it but a friend suggested I try this method. He knew of restoration companies using ozone generators and said it worked for them. So, I figured I'd try it and it worked as promised. Smell completely gone. For a car, you wouldn't need one as big as this one. They sell many units much cheaper at lower mg/hr of ozone. One as small as 3-7000mg/hr would probably be fine. Make sure the car is totally cleaned out first and run an extension out to your car, put it inside and set it to max with the windows up and leave it running for a couple hours. Shut it off and check to see how it smells. Then run it again but this time with the car running and the climate control fan on high and set it to circulate the cabin air. Leave it for 20 minutes or so and this should clear out any odors in the vents. It might be okay after just one treatment but if you notice the smell a few days later, then just repeat. It WILL get rid of the smoke smell. Good luck and keep up the battle!
  7. Towing with a Sonoma

    He could use an adjustable ball mount like this one........ http://www.ebay.com/itm/Husky-Liners-Adjustable-14-Drop-Tow-Ball-Mount-With-Hitch-Balls-For-2-Receiver-/122324376726?hash=item1c7b19dc96:g:vFQAAOSw241YhnnI&vxp=mtr They come in different sizes and either steel or all aluminum. Measure the difference in height of the receiver to the hitch when the trailer sits level. You might need a 6" or 10" rise or more, and then get the appropriate adjustable one. You can then use the same one in other trailer applications and ensure your trailers sit level.
  8. Finished product looks great! I too would like to see it back on the truck.
  9. The GM version is quieter than the S type and mimics the Touring version. I have the ATAK on mine and love it! Deep rumble and zero drone. My son liked it so much that he bought the S type for his new V6 Accord. Loud when you step on it but civil on cruise and quiet in the cabin. I highly recommend the Borla as a premium exhaust system. They're not cheap but you get what you pay for.
  10. I think you mean stipulates. Contracts can't speculate.
  11. The wheels are CK158 and can be found in 22" from several places including this set on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/20-Chevy-GMC-CK158-Rims-Tahoe-Suburban-Yukon-Sierra-Silverado-Denali-LTZ-Wheels-/182437441459?hash=item2a7a1e6fb3:g:JOkAAOSwOdpXyKdK&vxp=mtr BTW, this is a good deal on the 20" with tires and TPMS. I'm surprised nobody's jumped on them yet. Good luck with the sale OP
  12. Or you could try to buy an OEM replacement visor for around $80. Chances are the label won't be on them.
  13. Hopefully that'll be an option only deal. Wouldn't want the extra weight of the design, potential rattles, leaks, or the look of the tailgate closed from the rear with another seam running across the middle of the door. I wonder where the bowtie will go.
  14. Right you are Chris! Upon further examination that's a 2014 2500. Same bed shown below.
  15. It looks like they will be using the same bed design for both Sierra and Silverado judging from the tail lights on the blue crew cab at the back. That one is Sierra style but the wheels are current gen Silverado. Maybe they were put on to throw people off and it's a Sierra truck or they figured cost effective to make both brands the same? The rear door windows (on same truck) appear to be smaller than the current models perhaps giving the illusion of a bigger cab. The 4x4 logo is different too (placement and color).

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