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  1. Depending on what options and color you have I would trade with a little $ on top.
  2. I have done it on all my past trucks, it looks great. I usually do the stick on ones, but this time I ordered in channel. I am waiting for a few more parts to come so I can have everything painted at once. Sorry no pictures yet.
  3. Until I get my swing cases this is what I use. $15 Harbor Freight loaf bar, and a Dewalt roll case. It works, but the swing cases are much cleaner and more secure.
  4. I am going to add a swing case to each side of mine.
  5. They did everything for $150, not worth doing myself for that.
  6. I had them installed on my 2016 Silverado. I was going to do it myself, but Radco said the would do it for $150. At that price it was not worth my time to wire them and drill the holes. If they screwed up they had to fix it, nothing like a warranty on a job like that. Did a couple sets for buddies on other makes and I think we spent two hours just making sure they were placed correctly.
  7. I do have the factory Bose system installed in my truck, I guess I will have to check their website. Love the plug and play factory, I really don't feel like ripping the whole truck apart. Did it make a significant difference?
  8. Did that cost include the amp? What did you have to do to hook into the factory head unit?
  9. Has anyone replaced just the muffler, not a full system or cat back? I may be getting old, but I like the quiet cab. However if I have the windows down, I am all about listening to the exhaust. Just wondering if a muffler only would be a happy medium?
  10. If I do one I want it to look factory, not like I just threw a box under the seat quick like the 16 year old neighbor kid. Lol I did a MTX thunderform box in my 2003 Silverado years ago and that looked and sounded great, Nay have to call them and see what they have if anything.
  11. I already have a SS tip, have you done just a replacement muffler? I will thinking about that, just didn't think it would make that much difference. Every other truck I have had I have put a full system on, I actually like the quiet cab on this one though.
  12. I have looked for a single sub molded box for under the passenger side rear seat, but all I seem to find is for dual subs that go under the whole back seat. I leave the drivers side rear seat up 90% of them time so I don't want anything over there. What are you guys running, or have you seen any cool setups?
  13. I have a 2016 Chevy Silverado Z71 LTZ in Siren red. My neighbor owes me $900 from some work I did for him, and decided that it should go into my truck. What would you do with $900 if you were in my shoes? The only thing I am truly debating about at the moment is cab lights. The truck already has a bed cover, wheels and tires, leveled, weather techs, mud flaps, and is debadged. I am not going to lift it anymore, or swap shocks. Thanks for any idea that you may have. Pictures always help.
  14. I have since taken the chrome trim off the doors and debadged the tailgate. Thinking about adding cab lights and power folding tow mirrors, on the fence though. I have the paint in the garage to color match the grill emblems. For those of you that have painted your grill bow tie, are you sanding the texture out?? As it sits in this picture, leveled sitting on 22's.

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