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  1. OEM wheels and tires

    For sale is a set of OEM wheels from a 2016 HD2500 with Michelin LTX A/T2, LT265/70R18, Load Range E. Less than 2000 miles on both. $600 for set. Located in Blythewood SC
  2. You might check http://www.amp-research.com and find your truck and down load the instructions for a non plug and play version. It should have which wires are needed to plug your lights in.
  3. http://www.autoanything.com/nerf-bars/77A13867A4640152.aspx?kc=ffsku&k_clickid=cf19168c-9351-4ed1-af8f-ee785a0d56ca&adgroupid=23085&k_trackingid=274x&kpid=13867-4640152-bc&DZID=PLA_g_866945271_44573672315_13867-4640152-bc_t&utm_source=g&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=866945271&utm_content=44573672315&utm_product=13867-4640152-bc&gclid=CjwKCAiA9MTQBRAREiwAzmytw4GnafG9RM6v13TzL-fYpnUu-66C7g9VLr61k2LzPDf_ft7rl61rPRoCbVMQAvD_BwE
  4. I have the dual out under the bumper and love it. No drone and quiet unless you get on it, then it speaks up .
  5. I have a Gibson on mine and it sounds great! http://gibsonperformance.com/i-22730874-cat-back-dual-split-exhaust-system-stainless-65661.html#!model%3DSIERRA 1500%2C SLE||make%3DGMC||year%3D2017
  6. I was watching the video about wireless charging and was wondering which console lock box you are using?  Would you recommend it? 



  7. Penguin I appreciate your view and opinion. I agree wouldn't pay the asking price either. Thanks Wife wants the truck and has them under msrp for a 2017 4x4 SLT
  8. Penguin I appreciate your view and opinion. I agree wouldn't pay the asking price either. Thanks
  9. Its a SLT. I know which dealer has it and it is an SLT
  10. True SCA does have their own warranty but the factory GM warranty is there also. I know, I have talked to the dealer and SCA. Damn I didn't mean for this to get ugly..... most 6" suspension lifts are done with suspension spacers from the research I have been doing.... Thanks for the opinions and the heck with all the other BS.
  11. For those that have a SCA or similar do you like what they did with the vehicle and how it rides and performs?

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