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  1. 20171124_135029.mp4

    Engine Noise
  2. First time I've heard this noise. Just went for a brief drive. I'm hoping it's not something that's going to require a lot of work. But I'm afraid it's a piston or lifter issue. Truck only has 15k miles on it and oil level is normal. 20171124_135029.mp4
  3. Bring on the Black Friday deals!!

    Only 14%
  4. GM OEM parts only contact your insurance. they'll do all the talking for you. much easier than having to worry about all that crap yourself.
  5. Bring on the Black Friday deals!!

    i'm hoping Carven is 20% off tomorrow. I might pick up that competitor series kit
  6. Bring on the Black Friday deals!!

    want some DA pads. autogeek or chemical guys or adams?
  7. Black Friday Kids Silverado!

    Too bad it's only 6 volt
  8. Adam's Black Friday Sale is Live Now!

    Sweet, I"ll be looking for some DA pads.
  9. Bring on the Black Friday deals!!

    Just got the 20% off MSRP email from Chevy for accessories as well. Same code BF20CM
  10. In the past, I've seen $70 off a set of 4 plus .01 installation per tire. But yeah typically, it'll be the free installation.
  11. Consumer Reports ranked the Defender 5th behind 1 Continental Cross Contact LX20 EcoPlus 2 Michelin Premier LTX 3 Firestone Destination LE 2 4 Pirelli Scorpion Verde I've always been a fan of Michelins and will probably be switching to them once my SRAs bite the dust. Will wait for a Costco deal on a set of 4.
  12. Bring on the Black Friday deals!!

    now just have to find something that's not insanely priced for msrp. lol
  13. Bring on the Black Friday deals!!

    probably only 15%

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