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  1. First home under contract

    nice, won't be long till you're in your house yelling at the kids to stay off your lawn. ha
  2. I thought the same thing about tundra. the one side pic reminded me of a tundra.
  3. 2016+ Silverado Headlights take on arctic weather

    might have to spray deicer on them
  4. I could use a high country wheel if anyone is selling one.
  5. I posted them in another thread that I can't find, but here's a link to one. They pop up every so often for cheaper. https://m.ebay.com/itm/95-00-Under-Hood-Storage-Box-Silverado-Sierra-Tahoe-Yukon-Suburban-Chevy-GMC-/222724657514?nav=SEARCH
  6. Adding security cameras to the house

    hmm, that's a very interesting idea to run the wiring outside the house. i hadn't thought of that could you snap a few pics of your setup and tell me more about how you ran the wires and to where?
  7. The easiest thing to do here, would be to wait for @pgamboa to get hot in the summer and install cooled seats. Then just buy a pnp harness from him. Lmao
  8. don't forget to replace your license plate lights too while you're at it. ;)
  9. Adding security cameras to the house

    I still haven't decided on a system yet. The arlos are popping up a lot with my neighbors, but i don't like the idea of batteries. I know they have solar panels now, but i can't have 15 solar panels all over my house as well. it seems like the wired ones still offer the best features. but most of them don't get very good night vision reviews. we have the punks who look for unlocked cars and i want to make sure i can get a clear picture of their faces at night from 10-15' away.
  10. Adding security cameras to the house

    The link doesn't work. But yeah, that seems to be the case for most police depts these days. They don't care about anything but the most violent stuff. Never mind the fact, that the people committing all those violent crimes now are the low lifes who started out their careers by breaking into cars.
  11. 2016 here with the fancy pouch and full owner's manual.

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