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  1. The terms and conditions that I send back to them in their pre-paid envelopes? lol
  2. One option would be to get the speaker and underseat storage box, then cut off half of the storage box.
  3. congrats. hope everything goes through smoothly. all that worrying for nothing. ;) so jealous of all that garage space.
  4. Beware of Denali62

    Were the missing parts included in the picture from his sale thread?
  5. Chevrolet RD4 20" Wheels

    Those would probably be a good candidate to switch to black perhaps?
  6. You may get lucky and have the kid's insurance claim responsibility. But in all likelihood, you'll probably have to try small claims if you want to get your money back. Since there isn't any bodily injury, SF isn't going to try very hard.
  7. Lego bucket rock excavator

    dang, that looks cool. my 7 yr old would have that thing dismantled in about 15 minutes and in a pile in his room. hahaha
  8. probably. you should do the online chat and ask them why it was cancelled.
  9. Looks like the black tip tru system is up to $386 now. The price swings on this system are crazy.
  10. write ups are always good. So any documentation you have on installing them will help someone down the road for sure.
  11. Well, what did you think would happen when you put your house up for sale? lol I guess it's too late now, but you could have asked if the buyers would let you rent the house for a few months after closing.
  12. reach out to @pgamboa for one of his custom harnesses and then buy the new switch. It'll be truly pnp
  13. I'm guessing a switch to make the vehicle inoperable for security purposes.
  14. hope you got it at $280. it's back up to $309
  15. you could ask the store you were at if they have video cameras pointing towards the parking lot.

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