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  1. Chevy always has sales like that on their vehicles. They're like Kohls.
  2. I wish a pair of sunglasses would fit in the holder.... I also wish I had the center console
  3. Ouch.. I could never bring myself to pay that much for a lease... Nice truck though
  4. Same small scratches on mine from just a cleaning rag... wasn't very happy when I saw it.
  5. Am I the only one that didn't even use my free trial?
  6. Not sure anyone even clicked the link to look at the truck. This is a custom, basically looks like the work truck inside. It doesn't have the larger touch screen or the controls on the steering wheel. I highly doubt it has android auto or even capable of being upgraded by MVI. You could always contact them.
  7. Thanks, only plans would be level kit and maybe a tune after 36k miles. Can't stand AFM.
  8. GM Incentives

    New York. I had no dealer fees. They do make you pay taxes on the "rebate", if you want to consider that a fee lol. I bought a 16 off the lot when they had plenty of new 17's so I'm guessing they were more willing to deal on it.
  9. GM Incentives

    I used the sticker price and the price I paid for the vehicle. I only paid tax and title on top of that. My sticker was $53,590. Purchase price was $38,8xx.
  10. I'm also from upstate NY, this is my first 4WD vehicle, it's amazing! I would pass on the deal. There's always more deals on trucks.

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