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  1. PPEI, Kory is a standup guy and good tuner. ATP trucks is awesome too, just as good customer service and super clean tunes. PPEI just runs a little hotter IMO.
  2. Yeah I saw all those kinneys videos on youtube. Im getting some quotes now and looks like il be around $500 which isnt bad. so i might have them do it sometime this week
  3. 305/55/20 Mud Terrains 93 Oct tune Diablosport, DOD disabled 13-14 Around town and commuting to work 17ish-maybe on highway 70mph 20 if I run 60 MPH highway and baby the absolute hell out of it
  4. did you have the intune tuned on the truck prior to running diablews tune? Ive also got a 93 Tune from the Diablosport now and wondering what the difference would be if I purchased his tune.
  5. We all know that muscle car sound, the rasp and sound that they all make when modded. No matter whats done to the exhaust a truck seems to just sound like a truck and you can pick the two out just by sound. Who has put a true dual type exhaust into an x pipe and back to two duals with rear mount mufflers? or any opinions on this or am I going down a rabbit hole with wanting that exhaust note.
  6. If you dont feel you need a V8 now and have happily test driven a V6 then buy it. I know the modern V6s are making as much or more HP than V8s of yesteryear but me personally I will never buy one. If you want to leave the truck stock forever, (no bigger tires) not pull trailers or haul more than 500lbs in the bed more than a few times or not feel the need to hear/feel a V8 then the V6 will suit your needs I am sure. If you do want to do one of those then I would reconsider.
  7. Mines at the dealer now for what i would call the exact same noise, drives me insane as well and even with an aftermarket exhaust i can still hear it and makes the truck sound like a piece of crap with a manifold leak.
  8. Super 10 definetley gave it some tone. I went from the straight pipe to the 10 and didnt notice a quieter exhasut at all.
  9. i have -12 offset with 33" M/Ts on a leavel with a diablosport 93 octane tuned and an exhaust. Stock i would get 22-23 HWY, Before tires with a tune 20 avg. Now i can barely squeak 18 highway if i try to drive like my mother. closer to 16.5 if I drive it. id say you don't have much room at all with a lift ( kills the trucks aero, might as well be a flat plate in front and pushing 35's.)
  10. 2016 2.5" Rough County Level front and rear 20" X 9" HELO 879 -12 Offset ( I would have went with the +18 Offset to eliminate or negate the need to trim) 305/55R20 Firestone Destination M/Ts (33.2" Tall) 12" wide Had to do some hammer and grinder work with the large fender mod but it fits, still rubs a little in a reverse turn but I haven't had time to fix it yet. Mileage went from 18-20 down to like 15-18
  11. Untitled Album

  12. Looks crappy IMO to have gaudy dealership stickers on my new truck. Theres a GMC dealer here in Milton, Fl that literally has full size front window stickers that say "MCkenzie GMC" on every new sierra and I see a few new sierras driving around like that and alwyas chuckle.
  13. Yes, it was a noticeable difference, Not like headers or a straight pipe but you are considerably freeing the exhaust flow and changing the pressure around that area. If you didn't care about warranty on the exhaust I would cut the whole 3rd cat section out and weld in a new pipe to smooth out the flow and eddies caused by the now void 6"x 8" "chamber" in the exhaust. I left mine because if I have to bolt the stock exhaust back up no one will be the wiser.
  14. So GM doesn't test or develop Silverado's or Sierra's to go over 75 MPH, test speeds limited to 75 mph per GM engineers unless its a Corvette or Camaro? Yeah.......
  15. Don't tempt me, for sound I want to but idk if I can justify the cost for such little HP gain

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