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  1. Does anyone know how I can switch out my front shocks for coil-overs? I have the Zone 6.5" kit with factory struts, but later on i'd like to switch over to coil-over shocks with upgraded control arms.
  2. I just had the Zone off-road 6.5" lift put in with 35/12.50/20 Nitto Terra grapplers mounted on Gear Alloy Big Block wheels (20x10 -19 offset). The truck turned out perfect with only a small amount of rubbing on the backside of the fender well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  5. That's a sweet ride, I'm actually doing the Zone 6.5" lift with a 20x10 -19 with 325/60/20 latter in this week. Do you have any rubbing with that setup?
  6. I have the exact same set up with my truck (2-1/2 level, 20x10 -19) I'm running 285/55/20, but I'm thinking of switching to either a 33x12.50 or 305/50. With your set-up, do the tires look small? The 305 are just a little bit smaller than my 285's but I want more width.
  7. This is probably the worst trend in the truck world....it looks like you ran out of money on your lift kit.
  8. I'm going to be putting the Rough country 2-1/2" level kit with Gear Alloy Big Block 20x10 with a -19 offset wheels and 285/55/20 tires. Just curious if anyone has a similar set up, I don't think it will rub
  9. I'm thinking of getting through RCX 2-1/2" kit for my 2016 Sierra 1500, can I fit 18x10 wheels with -24 offset with 305/65/18 tires?

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