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  1. How you like those fog lights SuperAllTerrain
  2. I like so how much was the total? SuperAllTerrain
  3. were they easy to install is it plug and play and which model on the mirrors did you get I been looking at them in A1 SuperAllTerrain
  4. SuperAllTerrain 305/55/r20 pathfinder All Terrain 20x10 -12 offset Fuel Mavericks SuperAllTerrain
  5. 2014 GMC Sierra All Terrain 20x10 -12 offset Fuel Mavericks with All Terrain tires 305/55/r20 has Rancho Quick Lift leveling kit Struts on the front SuperAllTerrain
  6. thanks SuperAllTerrain
  7. thats the exact set up I did on my truck love it and did it in 30 mins my dad did the same thing and he loves it SuperAllTerrain
  8. yea he did the upper control arms as well and some other stuff SuperAllTerrain
  9. Here's the linkhttps://www.discounttire.com/buy-tires/pathfinder-at/p/26198 SuperAllTerrain
  10. 35 won't work I ran my 305/55/r20 with the stock wheels and they run a little and now with my 20x10 they still rub a little that why I think 35 won't clear I bought the Rancho Struts thinking I would be able to clear the tires SuperAllTerrain
  11. Hello they are the Pathfinder All Terrain tires i got them at Discount Tire SuperAllTerrain
  12. Yea just the Toyota and Honda part threw me off SuperAllTerrain
  13. Hello I have a 2014 GMC Sierra All Terrain 1500 I'm about to do my 1st oil change and it says to use 0w 20 oil I went to 3 local auto shops autozone, pep boys and napa and they all said to use 5w 30 and the only 0w 20 was a Mobil 1 and they it says use for Toyota or Honda was wondering if it was ok to use this one SuperAllTerrain
  14. Very little rubbing at full turn in reverse all I did in the inner fender pulled it back with zip ties solve the problem SuperAllTerrain
  15. Rancho Quick Lift Struts 2 inch leveling tires are 305/55/r20 wheels are 20x10 -12 offset fuel mavericks SuperAllTerrain

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