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  1. Brand new never installed. On a k2 rc with atomic mounting brackets they're good for 2-2.5" of drop 400 shipped
  2. They seem like a djm replica and their helper bags are a replica of mcg. I personally will never use a djm product again so I'm against IHC kits
  3. I cant do a level. I need a spindle I'd feel like I Mickey moused it if I did one of those leveling kits
  4. Put it on my truck for a few months. Then when I get bored lower it back down. I'm saving all my lowering stuff and wheels I get bored and do dumb things
  5. I'm leaning towards cst becsuse 3.5. I just want to fit 285 70 17.
  6. Does anyone have a lift spindle. I'm looking into one for my regular cab. I see maxtrac and CST. What is preferred?
  7. I swapped the bushings and sleeves so they work on a k2. Tbey are for about 5-6" of rear drop 7 or 8 if you have an extender. Tbey have about 5k on them maybe a little more. 100 shipped
  8. Not it's not painted. It is the white version. 50 shipped
  9. 1 ring = 1/2" of drop I have coilovers I have to install. Maybe look into doing those. Easier to adjust and get perfect. Ill have to measure my rear I'll do it in the morning
  10. Front you're at about 3.5 drop. Mine was a perfect 4" and my measurement is 17.5
  11. Magnaflow 13743 muffler

    Brand new never used 70 shipped

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