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  1. A 2018.... My 2016 Z71 Chebby has a vibe, much like many others referred to here. For whatever reason my truck seems pretty much ok on the highway at 73-74 for the 1st 20 miles or so, then the vibe usually begins the come and go thing, and eventually the vibe stays. I had thought about trading it in on an '18 but then reality hit.... '18 is the same basic POS truck as the '16, so wtf good would it do. I'll wait and see how the 2019s do or maybe the 2020 versions. And if I'm not still pissed at GM for selling me a faulty truck and then not making it right, I might consider a 19 or 20. But will more likely go over to one of the GM competitors. Yes, thank you, I know they all have their issues. But it's pretty apparent GM isn't too concerned about their customers. FWIW, the service manager at the dealership where I bought the truck is a bullshitter. But I'd guess GM isn't any more concerned about their BS'ing dealers any more than they are about their poorly designed trucks or their customers. So fuk'm. Rant over LOL
  2. Dunno, wish I could help. btw.... truck would look way better if ya shave off the 'stash
  3. Because some people just need something to bitch about. Overall I think it looks purdy good. But I'm n real crazy about what looks like the chunk of tailgate hanging out in the wind where is says Chevrolet.... speaking of stuff to bitch about LOL
  4. 6.2 tuned 0-60

    Motorcycle... Triumph Rocket is a cruiser just shy of 800 lbs. with fuel and oil. Engine is a 3 cyl in line 2.3, just shy of 140ci. Friend and I swapped bikes for about an hour one day. He on my 2012 HD Road King and me on his '06 Rocket that had close to 60,000 miles on it. I about scared the shidt out'a myself on his bike.....Rocket might not be the best choice for a 66 year old man LOL As truckguy82 eludes to, there are a few faster motorcycles out there. Sorry for the thread hijack!! My initial post was just meant to be a funny, just a jab at the 6.2. But only because I'm jealous with my l'il 5.3 Chebby.
  5. 6.2 tuned 0-60

    Humph.... I got 3.3 on a Triumph Rocket Roadster
  6. I agree, GM knows what the cause is, or causes are. I'm quite sure GM has a small army of engineers in their employ, as well as outsiders who have the answer/s. The only reason not to address/fix the shake is because it's a major and expensive fix. Hard to believe but they seem to be getting away with not making it right for the vehicles and or owners affected. Long live GM aka Government Motors.
  7. Sadly, I frequent the Chevy/GMC Truck Shake forum but..... Regarding poor reception, I had been having issues with poor radio reception and "noise" from the speakers. Come to find out, the cause was that I had a charging cable plugged into one of the cigarette lighter thingies to keep a camera battery charged up. When I unplugged the charger, the "noise" stopped and radio reception was much improved. Just throwing it out there in case someone else has the same issues.
  8. Thoughts? Sure, they're blowing you off with the it's normal crap. Just hoping you'll go away. My '16 Silverado does it too sometimes, sometimes it shakes over 72-73 MPH too. POS trucks is all....
  9. Ok, so a low % of the GM trucks have the vibration problem. That might be correct, but we will likely never know what the % of affected trucks actually is. But if the % is low, if that is correct, true, whatever, why does GM not fix the issue for the customers whose trucks do have the vibration problem? If there are not that many affected trucks or the % of trucks affected is so low, the overall cost to GM for the fix would be low as well. GM has a gaggle of engineers on the payroll and prolly a crap load more outside the corporate, so GM knows what the cause or causes of the vibration are. Apparently GM just sucks when it comes to making things right, honoring their warrantee. But GM seems pretty good at convincing some dealer service reps to lie. I sure am glad Obama used our/my $$ to bail the bastards out. I know.... just another useless rant LOL
  10. Yep, those who were or are tenacious and or smart enough to get a buy back. oh... Hi Jessie!! (o:
  11. You did get lucky, congrats. Having one of the vibrators is kind'a like having a bad back.... hard to appreciate it until it happens to you.
  12. I have a 2016 Z71 Chebby extended 4x4 5.3 vibrator in red hot, kewl ass truck.... but love/hate sitch, ya know? Talking to my daughter last weekend and she told me her hubby was at a GM dealer in the midst of pulling the trigger on a '17 4x4 LT, same POS I bought a year ago. I suggested that she call him asap, and why. She said it was too late, papers have been signed. I told/reminded her that in NY State ya got 3 days 72 hours to pull out of a contract. Then the discussion went towards the grand kids, and other stuff. So, I called her a while ago to see what's what, and asked if hubby went thru with the truck deal. Yep, he got it. She said no vibration/s. They're young and not $loaded$ so I hope the truck doesn't start the vibrating bullshit....fingers crossed.
  13. Haven't been here much lately. Anyways, I have about 11,000 miles on my '16 Silverado and like most here, paid big bucks for a vibrator. When I was truck shopping last year I looked at the Colorado as an option but there wasn't much price difference between that and the Silverado, so I bought the Viberado. What a mistake ): I've been thinking about trading my current truck in on a GMC Canyon, but I know I'll take it in the azz on a trade deal. Fuk you GM.........
  14. dorkweed - I did a search and up came plenty of threads with the words "can" and "catch" but I didn't find much as far as brand recommendations. I suppose if I had gone thru every line of all the threads I might have found more of what I was looking for. edit in;;;; I just looked under modifications and did fine more/better info. Thank you for your response, dork
  15. So I've been thinking about installing a catch can. 5.3 has about 8,400 miles on it and runs great. What brand/type can would you guys who have the can recommend. I don't need gold plated billet fancy, just looking for catch can that works well, and and comes with necessary hose fittings. Also, are check valves necessary? Seems having them would be a good thing, but I don't know if they are needed. Any first hand experience and or suggestions appreciated.

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