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  1. Geezus, rattle can garbage? Quit being cheap and take them to a shop and get them done right. Do you know how much garbage I have to fix on the weekly basis from backyard warriors spray painting their own stuff?.... Even taking it to freaking maaco is better.
  2. Dude... I work at a dealership. I don't have vented seats in my 17 because I know they are uncomfortable. I never bough anything that has them in it. Are you so dense that you actually believe that people won't buy a vehicle because it has one option they don't want? Or even know about?
  3. My sex robot isn't judgemental.....
  4. Because when you buy a truck off the lot and it's a Denali, you get what you get. Most people won't build a truck, they pick what's on the lot.
  5. I call mine VagDestroyer...
  6. The vented seats suck. The tubing in the seats makes them much harder/firmer than just heated ones. We get tons of complaints about how uncomfortable they are.
  7. I've never met anyone that's gotten the 6.2 and regretted it.
  8. Why would anyone want to put a 6.2L badge on their truck?
  9. Well, you couldn't pay me to drive a first gen of a new style. I'd go with a 17 for sure.
  10. Im surprised you didn't get some tool telling you to take it back to the dealer and tell them to repaint it... seems to be the norm around here.
  11. I only put on about 8000kms per year. I live very close to work and have a gt500 I drive mostly in the summer. My last truck, a 2013 was traded in fall 2016 with 17,800kms on it lol.
  12. Why so few women in auto sales

    So you got a 4 wheel alignment? Why is that weird?
  13. Those With BlackBear Tune - Help Please

    Ask them on Facebook, I always got a response pretty quick there.
  14. There was a mark in your door from transport, someone tried polishing it out and did a shit job.... It's a 5 minutes fix. Also about the da and rotary polisher... Both have their uses. If you have deep scratches and have to sand them out before polishing, the da is a pile of shit. It's for very light stuff. I've been polishing for 30 years, other than maybe using it for swirls, the da sits on the shelf since I don't want to be polishing for half a day lol

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