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  1. They had the truck for a week and couldnt get it to duplicate the smell. I havent driven it much since i got it back but im sure it will still happen.
  2. The smell is on the outside coming in. It was first noticed when i was towing my weekend warrior so wasnt floring it but it was under a load. Now it just doesbit all the time.
  3. It smells of propane. Truck isnt overheating or running any different.
  4. Hello. I have a 2014 5.3 4x4 30k miles and have a smell of propane off and on when driving. It does it everytime I drive and you get whiffs of the smell. Of course the dealer cant get it to smell and my warranty is out in 2 weeks. Any ideas would be great. Thank you
  5. [![20160902_162250.jpg](https://s21.postimg.org/n963pf707/20160902_162250.jpg)](https://postimg.org/image/4tlms0svn/)
  6. 295 60 20 is what I have. Same leveling kit.
  7. I asked them to just leave it alone but when he called and said the truck was done he said they went ahead and fixed the tensioner withou cutting the rubber. Im going to pick it up in a little while. I will post a picture
  8. A/C compressor it is. Not too sure if it was internal or what but they put a new one on and did the seat belt recall that i said not to do but they say they didnt cut it apart. I guess ill see tomorrow
  9. It made the same noise last week but there wasnt any smoke. The smell of the smoke was of electical or rubber. The truck often sits long periods and hasn't ever done this before. The dealer towed it in for free since its under warranty so lets see what they say. It defently not normal for this truck
  10. Truck has 25k mi. Went out and started it with the remote this evening been sitting for 5 days and it screeched and rattled and black smoke came from the grille. Going to have the wife get it into the dealer tomorrow morning but was looking for and ideas so they dont give her the run around. Thanks

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