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    2016 Silverado 1500 V6 4X4
  1. Have an appointment Monday morning and the service manager wants to go for a test drive (of course). Hopefully the significant shake will be enough to warrant a new trans flush, and Murphy's law doesn't go into effect. Fingers crossed! Will let yall know what they say. I have few things they need to work on. Oil change, hopefully a trans reflash for the shifting issue, vibration issue, and now a rough noise when ignition turns from a cold start. Yay -_____-
  2. I have a 6 speed and it still happens when I have my afm disabler in. Shifting is a little better too. Its a toss up for me for which i rather have an issue with over the other. haha. I'd like both to be fixed since its a $45k truck. Not normal!!
  3. Yeah I thought about that. Just seems hit or miss on here. Some people don't have the issues, and/or shake, other have it. When I first bought the truck and maybe up to about 5k miles I didn't notice it. But now its very noticeable. And its not just the center, you can feel the vibration all over. I can hear the zippers on my bag rattle in the backseat too. It's just these $45k trucks shouldn't have these "normal" issues.
  4. I have a 2016 silverado double cab 4x4 v6 that has the same shake as yours at highway speeds. I posted my video going 75 mph. So annoying and very unacceptable. I have yet to take it in, but on another thread here they refer to the TSB Bulletin 16-NA-175 that seems to fix a lot of the shake issues. I will be trying to get that done hopefully in the next month or so when I get my oil change. IMG_0511.MOV TSB Link: https://www.revbase.com/BBBMotor/TSb/DownloadPdf?id=201234
  5. The first video, I'm idling (Slight vibration). The second is going down the interstate at 75 mph (Being agitated considerably). I heard the TSB #16-NA-175 addresses this issue, but i have a V6, which isnt listed on the bulletin but its the same transmission. Hopefully the dealer still will cover doing this bulletin. Regardless it's not normal! IMG_0506.MOV IMG_0511.MOV
  6. Did you tighten the bolts to a specific spec number? And what does RFB stand for?
  7. I agree. Supposedly it's normal, including the words from the dealer. I have a 4.3 6 speed, but will wait until the warranty ends before I tune. As far as the shim, can you post a pic of where to put the shim? Tried to look the other day, but couldn't figure out where to place it.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I had no burs and I did the reset by undoing the battery terminals, but it doesn't seem like it fixed it. Guess I'll just have to get used to it. But it's really hard too.
  9. Is this something that works for a 6 speed as well? I understand I'm in an 8 speed forum but I'm having the same issues. Would the fluid be the same? And the dealer wouldn't have a problem putting this fluid in? I own a 2016 Silverado v6 6 speed.
  10. Thanks for the pointers. I'm not very familiar with this area so not too sure which is the intake or where the Mass airflow sensor is located. Do you have a pic or link showing the area you want me to take a look at?
  11. I have a 6 speed and I have the same issues with the torque converter shuttering. Snoringbear is right about this forum making you paranoid. I've tried to just deal with it and try not to think about it. My feelings come and go with it.
  12. Saw someone else's post referring to that. Thought I'd give it a try and reset it and drive like I stole it! Hopefully that will fix the sluggish issues I'm having. Thanks!
  13. Is there any way to set the trans to "re-learn" mode manually without having to go to the dealer for it to be done?

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