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  1. I would just like to buy one just to have one, I think they look really cool!
  2. Ill be happy when my front level goes on, I don't mind that is sits a lower than other newer trucks. Easier to get in and out of and load and unload stuff
  3. I like it just would have to find the HD version to fit my 15
  4. I wish they did never liked the gray/beige upper half and black lower
  5. Looks great I thanks for the part number on the studs in need those myself...need to get off my last butt and get this installed
  6. Hmm wonder if we can gauge enough interest for another group buy? id be in I missed out on the first one
  7. I kinda like the look...but for the price I find find other better mods to buy
  8. how you like the swingcase tool boxes? I wanted them for awhile now
  9. I went with air raid mit tube and aem dry drop in filter and im very happy with it.
  10. I've always wanted the painted to match OEM ones but hated the fact of drilling into truck to install them
  11. Damn looks great I just wanna get the black leather and ditch the cloth. Miss not having leather seats.
  12. First Time Chevy Owner NE Ohio

    Welcome fellow NE Ohio Member!
  13. Hmm diesel in a 1500 now thats something i might trade my 15 in for
  14. I got a short antenna works fine mostly city driving but once I start driving outwards reception doesn't last long

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