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  1. WTS: 14-15 Silvy headlight trim

    Still for sale? Very interested!
  2. Looking for a full set of either Midnight Edition 18" rims or Blackout Edition 20" rims. Looking for somewhere close to Ohio. Let me know what you have thanks!!
  3. Looks cool wish it was white leds though
  4. 2014 + Rear bumper parts

    how much for the 2 side step pads?
  5. looking for black front and rear bumpers for 2015 Silverado 1500
  6. wish I would of done that a long time ago I have a bunch of chips now smh
  7. Yes same setup make sure you buy the HD version. I bought mine just have not gotten to install it yet. p/n 84346586
  8. Special editions don't both me much, they sell so more power to them. I will mod mine to my liking
  9. I recently got a brand new in box gba black grille off of my local craigslist for 150 bucks. I plan on switching out the honeycomb and run a chrome insert with new black grille.
  10. looks great and like most others I wish I could do this mod im too scared to cut my roof up haha
  11. Thanks for the info!, I will check back with him or try another place, I just don't want to wear out suspension/tires out plus I want it to look normal haha
  12. Has anyone have issues with alignment after installing a 2" level kit? I got my truck back from alignment and guy said that he had to set positive camber for the alignment for it to be right and now it looks like the wheels not straight if that makes sense....to much positive camber now but truck rides straight. Any insight? Thanks

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