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  1. I think you are right as there were a ton of cool features I found I couldn't get on a regular cab and don't recall seeing that one mentioned in the available options column.
  2. I don't have that feature on mine and didn't even know it was available!
  3. The ground was tight and did not have the insulation pinched between it as mentioned in that thread so Im just going to take it in.
  4. Thanks and I found the thread you were referring to. Interesting thing is recently I have been working inside the drivers side dash where that ground is while making a template for the new mids/running new wires/test fitting etc so it's very possible I have bumped that ground making it worse. Man without this forum I would have never imagined something like a possibly bad ground could cause steering issues! Thanks again guys for all the insight!
  5. Just called the dealer with the vin number above and they don't sell the bow tie separately nor the cover so you have to buy the entire unit with the airbag!
  6. It definitely doesn't just pop off which makes sense now that I think about it since it is attached to the airbag cover. I couldn't find a picture of the backside of the exact Silverado cover but I did find similar ones and it appears they melt the plastic on the ends of the tabs to keep it in place. Here's the one I found on eBay and I'm guessing that's what the little green caps on the end of the tabs are for.
  7. Gotcha. I did more research and could only find one complaint for a 2016 that was nearly identical to mine so it must be pretty isolated.
  8. I found pics of a standard gold one on eBay and there are tabs on the back (no tape) so it looks like it just pops off.
  9. I like that chrome emblem on the steering wheel as well! Anybody happen to have a part number or know how to got about finding it?
  10. I replaced the rears with Belltechs but haven't had a chance to install the front ones yet so I'll check those out. I took a short drive hitting several bumps and the clunking is gone so I'm pretty sure that was from the cover not being latched. Truck seems to drive fine now however I'm going to take it in anyway. BTW. I googled "Silverado electric power steering problems" and to my surprise an article came up from August stating 800,000 GM trucks are subject to recall for power steering problems! Thanks again guys.
  11. Thanks guys and yes it is still under warranty. I think the clunking may have actually been my UnderCover one piece hard Tonneau cover (I just found I failed to close the latches when I left Home Depot last night) and now that the electric power steering was mentioned I do recall that it almost seemed like the truck was steering itself from side to side. I'm going to drive it down the backroad behind me where nobody will be to see what happens.
  12. My truck is a 2016 Silverado regular Cab 2wd with less than 6,000 miles and from day 1 the steering wheel was off center, it didn't track properly and it pulled to the right. It took 5 attempts by 3 different techs to finally get the alignment correct and it has been driving great since then other than pulling a little to the right only when cold for some reason they could not figure out. Last night while making a slow left turn over a small dip I heard a clunk and once I got up to about 30 mph the truck started wandering to the point where I was constantly jockeying the steering wheel to keep it straight with occasional clunking during the 5 minute drive home. I can't see anything obvious so I was wondering if anyone could point me towards what to look for that may have broken or come loose etc so I can determine if it is safe to drive the 20 miles to the dealership or if I should just have it towed. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  13. If you don't mind can you let me know how much you paid for those? (I have a set with the harnesses from a brand new 2017 but I'm not sure what to ask for them). Thanks and PM would be fine if you don't care to mention here.
  14. Not sure I'll remember to post here but you can follow my build log below for updates. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/193849-marv88-2016-silverado-ls-regular-cab-53l/

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