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  1. I bought these individual letters on eBay from seller justchrome and painted them myself... https://www.ebay.com/itm/3D-chrome-letters-for-your-personnal-car-emblem-chrome-letters-numbers/122858134757?hash=item1c9aea5ce5:g:--4AAOSw~bFWJedJ
  2. Man GM does some weird stuff with these trucks. I just checked and in the 300's I get... 300,301,302,303,304,310,311,313,314,316,330,341,350,370 and then it skips to 415
  3. Yes it is but I I'll be replacing it soon with the Alpine Restyle system...
  4. Mine goes up to 785 and has about 40 stations between 200 and 785...
  5. Interesting. I found all kinds of new stations after my trial ended and I started paying but I don't recall ever having a radio update (maybe the dealer did it while in for service or for one of the several recalls and I wasn't aware 🤔)
  6. Just noticed you mentioned your truck is new so Im guessing you are on the free trial and if so that's why you are only receiving limited stations.
  7. My 2016 goes up to 785 but not all numbers have a station assigned (biggest skip is from 470-785). Have you tried directly inputting the station number you want?
  8. A standard feature on even the cheapest Kia but they can't put it in a $30k+ truck and then make it nearly impossible to add on?! 😡
  9. Yeah I couldn't justify a nearly $2k expenditure just to get steering wheel controls!
  10. I was told the controls would not work with my IOB radio and you also need to change the clockspring in the steering wheel.
  11. Mine arrived as well and the hat does seem kinda small to wear but I just got it to put on a shelf in the man cave anyway so not a problem.
  12. Don't recall exactly. Before the original post in this thread. Chevy sent me an email and I signed up from there. Thanks and I think I am at about 6 weeks so hopefully soon!
  13. Marv88 2016 Silverado LS Regular Cab 5.3L

    The dash speakers are actually 2.75" (the new ones are below) and I haven't removed the rears yet but I think I read somewhere that they are 4x6".

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