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  1. We sat in that Home Depot parking lot for all that time and neither of us thought to just go inside for some connectors to hook those wires up!
  2. Marv88 2016 Silverado LS Regular Cab 5.3L

    Met up with Brandon aka Nasty from the forum here this morning and swapped his jump seat for my console at the request (insistence!) of my wife just in case we ever need to get 3 in my truck when her car wasn't available...
  3. Nasty's 2016 RC Build AKA la bonbon

    Great meeting you today and it looks great! My wife is happy to have the jump seat back and hope you enjoy that console as much as I did for the short time I had it!
  4. Seller refunded me for the passenger side trim since the pictures didn't show the marks and told me to just keep it so I will sell the entire set for $70.00 plus shipping.
  5. Marv88 2016 Silverado LS Regular Cab 5.3L

    Thanks Donolie and yes it is the factory display however I would give up the touchscreen in a second if I could have steering wheel controls as frequently while trying to change stations etc I will hit a bump causing me to touch the wrong area or miss the screen altogether! Btw, in case you weren't aware you have to cut out a section inside the dash where the module slides in if you want to install an aftermarket headunit which is something I definitely wasn't willing to do!
  6. I'll be taking mine out on Friday and will let you know (we both have 2016 regular cabs and mine is an LS while his is an LT if that makes a difference)
  7. My truck has the connector under the passenger seat since it originally came with the jump seat and I just swapped the harness to the console so we'll both be able to plug n play!
  8. Sweet! I'm trading my console to member Nasty for his jump seat (wife insisted I put it back in just in case we need to get 3 in my regular cab when her car is not available) but we are just going to leave them wired as it is so he can "plug n play" in his regular cab and I can do the same with his jump seat.
  9. Thanks and I agree! I have a cheapo set of trim tools from eBay and was able to remove my original pieces easily without putting a mark on them! How's the console harness coming along? I know you are really knowledgeable with this electrical stuff and if you ever feel so inclined as to figure out how to add steering wheel controls please let me know!
  10. First 3 pics are the passenger side vent trim (all marks are on the same edge) and the 4th pic is the top edge of the drivers side vent trim. Other than marks shown the rest of the surfaces on all pieces are in excellent condition sans a couple of very light scuffs I could not get to show up in pictures.
  11. I bought this set used to match the Synthesis trim on the console I swapped in but I am putting the jump seat back in and won't be needing these. Unfortunately the seller wasn't too forthcoming in the description and pictures conveniently were blurred however I have taken up close pictures of all marks. If you are looking for show quality these are not for you but if you are OK with the marks from some obviously inept employee at the wrecking yard you can save a good chunk of dough. I paid '$95.00 for the complete set and of course would like to get that back but any reasonable offer will be considered. References provided upon request (Ive been building custom sub enclosures and selling mobile Audio gear online since 1999) and local pickup in Monterey CA is welcomed. This is the bottom right right side on the radio trim. When installed these are not seen when looking straight on but the 2 more on the face can be seen when looking at an angle from the drivers side This is the bottom left side of the radio trim and once installed again cannot be seen when looking straight on but can be seen when looking at an angle from the passenger side This is the top center of the radio trim and is a scratch as opposed to a gouge. It is hidden for the most part by the dash pad but can be seen in certain light conditions
  12. Marv88 2016 Silverado LS Regular Cab 5.3L

    Didn't realize I could post stuff from Instagram. Here's my remote releasing tailgate...
  13. I used these and they work great. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Door-Lock-Actuator-Heavy-Duty-360-Degree-/151718737530?epid=1458695730&hash=item235324367a%3Ag%3ABKsAAOSwyjJZzst5&_trkparms=pageci%3Af8d8c087-b3b0-11e7-bf47-74dbd1808428%7Cparentrq%3A2d6ff4f915f0a9c548c2182cfffd5789%7Ciid%3A6

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