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  1. If you really want them you can find them on rock auto. But I agree with Paintor that Moog is pretty good for drive-line and steering components. I stuck with AC Delco because my local Advanced Auto carried things like spark plugs and ignition parts.
  2. Seems like an interesting group of trucks to compare and test...
  3. Fuel pump problem?

    Sounds like the fuel filter could cause this. If you change it and it doesn't, at least you got that maintenance done anyway.
  4. You can see the front diff, tie rod and axle tubes.
  5. visor swap?

    Probably up to 94, after that the interiors changed.
  6. whining in front end

    Is the transfer case new or just new to you?
  7. NV3500 trans

    Go with the NV3500. It will last just find and theyre pretty cheap. Find a parts truck on craigslist or a junkyard. If youre unsure, get the trans rebuilt.
  8. Motor swap.

    Well on the auto engine, its gonna have a flex plate. It might be some interesting wiring but it should work fine.
  9. Motor swap.

    Its not really a direct plug and play but its not hard. You need fuel going to the carb and you can only have a certain PSI running to it. (6-7 PSI I believe). The transmission would probably not cause any issues as long as they have the same splines.
  10. Either rock auto or a junkyard. Even though you may not like it, if you find a decent one it will probably work for a while.
  11. They definitely did. These suburbans are pretty popular.
  12. I have an engine knock at idle. Im trying to make the engine last its way through the winter so I can possibly rebuild it or replace it once its warmer. Its hard to hear but I made a video adding some lucas oil to help the problem. In person, it sounds like it substantially quieted the knock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b3R5DOV3IY&feature=youtu.be
  13. Fuel lines I believe are stainless. Mine are great still and its been in salt for the past 20 years. My brake lines however have been redone two times in the front and once in the rear. Intake manifold gaskets are not as big of a deal as some people make. You'll know if it goes and its relatively easy to fix if you have a weekend to do it.
  14. Paint Opinions?

    Well I was also looking for opinions.. I would be doing it myself. Not sure about the paint brand yet.

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