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  1. Did they plug the sensor back in? It sounds dumb but same thing happened to me and I took a peek and found the wire unplugged going from the hub to the frame.
  2. changing out tbi on 350

    Intake manifold, carb (obviously), fuel pressure regulator, throttle setup for a carb linkage. You would probably be able to get a stand alone controller for the transmission if its a 4L60e. You will probably need a different distribute and ignition system to get it to be stand alone and not running off of the computer. The trans could always be swapped to something that wasnt electrically controlled. TH-700 or a TH-400. Why are you looking to get away from the TBI?
  3. My grandparents live along a state road here in VT. Their neighbors had a mailbox that seemed to attract the plow blades of the larger trucks (full size dumps running sanders and wing blades). They replaced it with a 3/4" plate box on top of a 10" I beam sunk in about 4 feet. Once the ground freezes here that post wasn't getting bent. One afternoon, a plow hit it during a storm and it bent the wing blade right in half, Ill see if I can find the picture.
  4. Grinding noise.

    Sounds like a transfer case issue. Especially if you cant get it into 4WD
  5. New Member, 1st GM Truck

    That truck looks great, welcome
  6. Ive read that flushing the fluid out of a 4L60e can damage it. Others say just to drop the pan and change the filter and refill the trans. What are the pros and cons of each? What would you reccomend for fluid for a 1998 4L60e with 185k?
  7. 300,000 miles

    Is it a 350? Its really not bad to get 300k out of any engine. With the right maintenance they do tend to last.
  8. Something definitely sounds fishy about that mechanic, I would take it to someone you can trust or preform a compression check yourself. You can get the kits online or maybe at your local parts store.
  9. 1992 GMC SIERRA C1500

    Check the lug pattern and tire size
  10. Solid axle swap

    Its not going to be easy but its not the most complicated. You have to split it up into different sections. Starting with the axle, a dana 44 came on the 80s 3/4 ton truck but if you wanted some more weight capacity I would try and find a dana 60. Those might have came on the 80's 1 ton trucks and they also came on some fords. Suspension wise you have to know what kind of lift height you want to run because you probably wont be able to keep stock height. I've seen swaps that only add about 4-5" using reversed arch leave springs. These came on the 80's gm 4wd trucks. My advice would be to find a good parts truck and work from there. Steering is another issue whether you want to go with a remote hydraulic system or try and match something that came stock on the 80's trucks. Coil springs are a different suspension option, they would be more expensive because of a the tracbar setup but they probably would ride better. Some of these trucks came with lockers in the rear or limited slips. It depends on your RPO codes in the glove box.
  11. 1988 k1500 rpm

    That makes me a little hesitant to pull a car hauler loaded to about 6500lbs. Does that truck have the max tow package?
  12. 1988 k1500 rpm

    What kinda weight are you pulling behind it?
  13. Pop off a valve cover and take a peek, wouldn't be too hard to see if something was super wrong/abnormal when the engine was running.
  14. I had coolant spitting out from behind the alternator, almost around the water pump. Took off the lower intake manifold and it was a no brainer that the gasket was just wrecked. The truck ran alright but obviously wouldn't be driven, enough coolant was coming out to empty the whole system in about a minute or two. I still count myself lucky that none of it made it into a cylinder or into the crankcase.

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