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  1. Wrong generation of bed IMO. I think the 99+ bed would have looked better? Looks funky with the new style bumper also, but if it was narrowed and tucked to fit it might look good? Step bed with a step bumper... It’s crazy how much money they spend on custom US vehicles over there!
  2. Was pokin around on the Airaid site and found this. Never notice it before on their site. https://www.airaid.com/search/vehicle.aspx I’m guessing they’ll need a 019 or three when they come out? Also be a deal if somebody on here has a 017+Colorado 2.5L or a 015+Z06.
  3. The Airaid site has a build your own section might check in there to see if they offer the collar separate. Thay also have a “chat” feature could ask them about it.
  4. If you do vinyl you can do paint protection film ie. 3M, Xpel, etc over the vinyl same as paint to eliminate chips. A fair amount of guys with painted fronts do this anyway something to consider either way you go.
  5. Who cares about “average joe will” like the OP said his truck had 70k racked up on it in a years time. There are thousands of these “oh soooooo new” trucks out there with 150k+ on them you know like from “average joe does”. Trucks with HIGH MILEAGE since it might be hard to believe people who use their trucks for a living like average joes not just cruising around the countryside on Sundays... Taken from Dealers page. I bet this truck only has like 50k on it and they rolled the odometer ahead 200k to get more money out of it... 2014 Chevy Silverado LT Z71 1500 Crew Cab Short Bed 4x4 Auto V8 $17,900 Exira, IA 2014 Chev 1500 Crew Cab Short Bed LT Z71 Black Leather Power Seats New Wheels and Tires Southern Rust Free Truck 5.3 V8 high miles but nice truck, 240k truck is still in dallas, should be back here Friday, 3-17 will have more info and better pics when it arrives call 712 304 2812 if interested
  6. I haven’t tried it yet but I have a HotLogic personal mini oven I use at work for leftovers ie. hot plate in a cooler. Now I’m going to have to try it in the truck because of this tread. THANKS GUYS... Here’s the link if anybody’s interested. I highly recommend it over a microwave (heats evenly) a 6 cup Pyrex container fits in it perfectly btw. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EC7XJ00/ref=asc_df_B00EC7XJ005403419/?tag=hyprod-20&creative=395033&creativeASIN=B00EC7XJ00&linkCode=df0&hvadid=167155690034&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=2823177163112416172&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1028087&hvtargid=pla-305919862029
  7. I don’t know anybody with it but have you looked at the Weathertech bed liner mat? Might be a nice compromise for what you want? No problems cleaning up my Line-X. I spray it out with a power washer or at the car wash when needed or at least monthly, I consider it routine maintenance. I have a old thick rubber mat (out of a squarebody) in the back of my 2500HD that’s at least 20 years old and has held up well. No liner in that truck but has a tonneau cover. Once a year I take it out and power wash it and the bed. I only put 5-10k a year on that truck and can’t believe how much stuff ends up under the mat. It has cause a couple of rub marks in the paint & also stained the bed floor (white truck) but can’t see that when it’s in there anyway. Worse thing about the mat is trying to man handle it by myself when removing/replacing it out/in the bed.
  8. Better just name it “My truck doesn’t have jack sh!t for miles on it and I’m going to rant about all the problems I’ve had with it / My truck doesn’t have jack sh!t miles on it and it’s still perfect because it doesn’t have jack shi!t for miles on it yet” thread because once again that’s what it’s turning into...
  9. What’s annoying is there ain’t one truck in that thread with over 100k on it. Not sure what people think high mileage is but 30k don’t count...
  10. There’s a dealer here in Iowa that hauls TX trucks up here, I see on his Facebook page he’s got a 15 coming in with 240k on it. It looks like a 70k mile truck in the pics whoever had it took care of it. If he posts the vin on his site I’ll post it maybe somebody could look up the maintenance records on it.
  11. Isn’t his trade in a Toyota Rav 4 not a GM? Or did I read this wrong? When I financed my 15 GM offered 1,500 to finance though Ally. My credit union has hella rates for autos but I knew I was paying the 15 off early. I paid it off in 21 months figured it out I paid 700 to Ally would have paid 350ish to the CU so still ended up ahead a couple of bucks. I’ve read somewhere that you only have to hold a loan though GM for so many months (I think it was 10-15?) then can refi somewhere else without penalty. Might be worth inquiring about? Getting well over 10 off a LT is a great deal IMO. Good luck!
  12. Is 21,5 the trade-in value, private seller, or retail? Might be worth selling it yourself if 21,5 is trade in. Yodas sell fast private party especially one owner low milers. Every time my mom gets a new Honda I sell her old one, last one was a Civic she bought new had 60k on it. Local ass wipe Honda dealer offered 5,5. Dealer she bought from offered 6,5. Book private was 9,2 I sold it for 9,0 week after posted on CL I picked up the check direct from buyers bank when they finalized their loan. 2500 bucks is 2500 bucks I figure I had 3 hours of my time invested and 10 bucks in gas to sell it.
  13. Jim Falk Motors in Clinton MO. they claim to have the “best” pricing in the nation. what ever that is im Falk Motors - Home of Driveplicity added 33 new photos. March 1 at 12:42pm · SAVE OVER $14K OFF MSRP ON NEW SILVERADOS! SHOP ONLINE A NEW & BETTER WAY!! View RIDICULOUSLY DETAILED photos, get the BEST PRICE IN THE NATION, plus SAME DAY DELIVERY! Shop New Silverado 1500s(40): http://bit.ly/2h9coem Shop New Diesels(46): http://bit.ly/2gJya7x Shop Midnight Edtn (5): http://bit.ly/2j14ANM Shop Real Tree Edtn (1): http://bit.ly/2u0dcZD Shop Redline Edtn(1): http://bit.ly/2CECZyN CALL OR TEXT BEN IN SALES (Available Until 9PM Daily): 660-722-0285 Our new trucks are PRICED LOWEST IN THE NATION plus NEVER PAY A DOC FEE (saving you $199-800 off the top)!! Simply the best deal and the EASIEST BUYING PROCESS you will ever experience at www.jimfalk.com. Experience what THOUSANDS MORE have claimed to be THEIR EASIEST & MOST ENJOYABLE CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE! Click the following link to view TESTIMONIALS ON OUR INTEGRITY & PROCESS: http://www.jimfalk.com/testimonials/

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