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  1. Great looking forward to working with them. As far as trading it in I would love to,but then I would be taking a loss. All I want is what I paid for the most long lasting most dependable truck on the road. 50k for a truck/trucks with major issues in the first year and 12k miles is total unacceptable. I think we all agree on that. Z28 next time I am in FL I would love to run that yellow camaro my SS is in Ocala.
  2. Have had similar issues. GM customer service is terrible. It takes a long time to get anything done
  3. Well Z28,2 things let anyone else who is looking for a truck to be aware of this and to have someone from GM who is not a 19 year old girl with zero Experience in the car industry to get a hold of me to have a reasonable conversation with.
  4. Got my brand new 2015 Silverado LTZ in Feb of 15 with 100 miles. 800 miles later had it towed to the dealership and had my transmission replaced. 1000 miles later more transmission issues. 500 later drivetrain noise. 2-3 weeks later and a lot of crying in my part GM repurchased the vehicle. This ended up costing me over 500 dollars out of pocket and started my loan payments all over. I got approximately 5 thousand miles out of this truck before it left me stranded with a dead battery. Jumped the vehicle and thought maybe I left something on. Later that night I noticed the interior lights dimmed but wouldn't go out. This was what was causing my dead battery. Dealership down loaded new software which fixes the issue. Then my brakes started squeaking. Had the truck 2-3 times before they replaced rear brakes and rotors pads. Which fixed issue. Just took my truck in with a vibration in the dash and with a chirping noise. Took them 4 days to fix the vibration. They gave the truck back and advised they have to replace the whole exhaust system but had to order the parts I purchased a new truck so I don't have to take it to the dealership every month for repair but end up there anyways. My truck now has 12k and need an exhaust system and my rattle/vibaration is starting up again. VERY UnHAPPY with GM

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