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  1. They know exactally whats going on, but the dance must go on. I have a service manager calling me a liar with expletives on text about my recent oil return line leak, then a retraction 10 min later... great customer service .
  2. yeah, scratch that, doesnt work, back to trying to figure out hownto get these front usb's to charge
  3. Ohh , ok, so correct me if I'm wrong, the only way thus far to get power to whatever extra bank of USB's that the new console has is to run that Delco Micro USB cable from the jack behind the monitor in the dash, dowm to the new usb's?
  4. ok, so you moved the usb plugs that we're in the jumpseat to the front of the new console with the old harness plug right? so where does the audio out jack go?
  5. Anyone know why there are literlaly 200 Tahoe/Suburban center consoles on Ebay, but not 1 Siverado or Sierra??? How can that be? (Im aware the Tahoes and burbs don't fit the trucks)
  6. The fatality thing doesnt make sense, I mean my 07 was recalled, one time for wiper heaters... anyone die from wiper heaters? My service writer is a great dude. He told me when I called, this was the fourth or fifth truck to come in for this problem. Then, when I came to pick it up, the head mechanic was standing there. First thing he says is, "Your the first one I've seen". Service writer looks at him with a queer face, and says, "Noo, we've done a few". Mechanic pauses, and looks puzzled,"Ohh, yeah, maybe, yeah, well your lucky, it was free". Haha
  7. Dude, did they tell you it was because of your lift?? Thats chicken poop, did you go to war with them?
  8. XU and Retired.. My part # is 84224694, sorry I didnt see it before on the invioce. Hopefully this is the new box, I have put my leveling kit, install on the back burner till I see if this box fixes the issue, so far so good, 2400miles.
  9. New box here , with 350 miles on it so far. I've also towed twice. No adverse conditions as of yet.
  10. Have you contacted your states Bureau of Automotive Repair? I wonder if they could help in these instances?
  11. Yeah, I brought in the bulletin numbers and the service guy told me that its better if they don't include them on the work order as it makes it look the owner is fishing for problems.
  12. Heading to dealer, service man says they've seen two of these before, they just replace steering box Heading to dealer, service man says they've seen two of these before, they just replace steering box
  13. Man, I have 2600 miles on mine and the box is leaking and 3inches of play and drifting on the highway. Noticed this problem when I was going to get a leveling kit put on. Now you guys make me think I should go have it taken off before I send it in to get work on it. As I know Chevy will try to blame the leveling kit. Is a 200$ removal of the kit worth the piece of mind??

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