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    2017 GMC Sierra 2500 SLT Z71 Crew Cab 6.0L
  1. I had a ready lift level kit installed on my Sierra 2500 and it came with the shock extensions. I had purchased a new in package Zone Off Road 2" front shock ext. before I had it leveled by my local shop. So now I have a new in pack shock ext. if anyone is interested. I paid $20.00 for the front shock ext. I'm selling the new in pack Zone Off road for $20.00 Free shipping in the lower 48 Seems like I don't have enough post to place this ad in the market place, so I posted in here If anyone is interest, please PM me. Will ship USPS priority mail Paypal is fine Thanks
  2. Column shifter for me all the way in a pickup truck, on a sport car a console shifter is fine!!
  3. Thanks for the reply Big Whiskey. I went with these, found the Zone Offroad on Ebay Free Shipping https://www.ebay.com/itm/2011-2018-Chevrolet-Silverado-GMC-2500-3500-Zone-2-Front-Shock-Extensions-C5202/191783780416?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  4. I have to wait until the spring to lift it. Northeast is in the cold and snowy season right now. Third snowfall this season already....it's going to be a long winter up north!!!
  5. SierraHD17, Thanks for the reply, Did your ride change much after doing this modification? Also do you remember how many turns on the key bolts? Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, I need a little help on deciding the best front shock extensions for my truck. I'm planning to level the front end by turning the bars up around 8 turns and want to add the shock ext. Now I see they have shock ext for the top of the shocks, and they also have shock ext for the bottom of the shock. Which one, top or bottom should I go with? I appreciate all feedback, Thanks, John
  7. Here the update of my previous 2016 Sierra DC that wouldn't start up on cold days. GM finally bought it back, and now I have a new 2017 GMC Sierra Crew Cab. Thanks GM for standing behind your warranty.
  8. The dealer had my truck in the service department for over a month. They found a bad cable under the driver side floor board that was bad. Being the dealer couldn't get the truck fixed under 30 days, I filed a BBB lemon law buyback. GM agreed to buy back my truck, so now I'm driving my original truck until all the paperwork gets done. Should be around a month until I get my new 2017 crew cab. Thanks guys, it's all looking good so far that GM is backing there warranty and complying with my state lemon law buyback.
  9. MyFavTruck The problem that I have with my truck is that it doesn't start when it's cold outside. When the temps are warmer it starts up fine. GM is dragging their feet on trying to fix it, or just buying it back and putting me in a new truck. Now it's been over 30 days sitting at the dealer, I have no choice but going the legal route to get out of this lemon truck.
  10. My truck has been at the dealer since Feb. 14th and they can't fix it. Truck has 2,300 miles on it, and it will not start. After replacing different electrical parts and it seems that GM does not want to fix my truck or buy it back. I bought a new truck and this has been a pain with nothing getting done.
  11. Well after putting about 20 miles on my truck after the dealer service department said it was fix. This morning it did not start, had to be towed again backed to the dealer. This is very frustrating to have a new truck with 2,300 miles that do not work. The service manager told me to contact GM and to request a buy back. This truck has made me miss work the days it didn't start and I'm losing money.
  12. I picked up my truck today from the dealer, and they said it started up early this morning when it was 28 degrees outside. They said it was Internal cold start failure in the Trans Control Module. The TCM was replaced, so now I hope I don't have any more problems starting up when its cold outside. I'm glad they found the problem, because I was starting think my truck was only a Fair Weather Truck. I had no idea that a electrical part inside the transmission would keep the truck from starting up. You learn something new everyday about these new computer control vehicles. Thanks for all the replies guys.
  13. I got a call from the dealer a half hour ago. The new part is installed, but they want to keep the truck overnight to see if she starts up tomorrow morning when its cold outside. I hope this is the right part to get my truck like a new GMC truck suppose to work. I'm going to push for a extended warranty just to protect myself in the future, because at 2,300 miles on the vehicle I don't suppose to have problems like this. Thanks guys for responding, I will report back with the name of the replacement part when I get the service invoice.
  14. Cowpie with all the electronics in these new vehicles, sometimes it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack when a something electrical fails. I'm glad to hear that your caddy didn't give you anymore problems. The dealer found out my Sierra won't start when it's cold out, when the temps are above 40 degrees it starts up fine. The starter does not even try to crank it over, only the dash lights and radio come on. Friday I stop at the dealer and they had the truck up in the air on the lift. The mechanic was installing a electrical part which they said connects to the transmission. He said this electrical part was not getting any power through it when the temperature was cold out. Now he did tell me the part name but I forgot, I will post the name when I get the truck back. The name should be on the service invoice. I did see the part he was replacing and its about 12 to 14 inches long, and around 6 inches wide. It looked like a big electrical device as I could see the circuit boards on all 4 sides of it. Now I have work on a lot of cars and trucks in my 61 years, but I never saw a electrical car part like this. I'm hoping the dealer gives me a call today or tomorrow to tell me my truck is fixed. I will keep everyone updated when I hear from the dealership. Lol on ghost machine, I'm thinking I have a fair weather machine. Only starts up when its warm outside!!!

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