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  1. You make a very good point as well, didn't really think about all the time, labor, and hassle of everything
  2. I have 2014 LT so I would need the mirrors, your custom plug and play harness, and the mirror switch so wouldn't that be a lot of money than say $150 for the glass
  3. Is it possible to add the DL3 mirror inside a DL8 and have the turn signals working? I really want turn signals but don't care about the power folding and it's more money to switch out my DL8 with the DL3
  4. So I want to add a motofab 2.5 level kit on the front of my truck but I'm not sure if I should just get the 2.5" spacer that goes on the strut or the 2" block and 0.5" strut spacer. Not sure if one is better for the truck somehow
  5. So I'm thinking about leveling and lift my truck, the thing is I want some rake to it and was wondering if I would have rake with the 3" motofab on front and 3" ready lift block in back would give me rake or am I better of going with a 2.5" in front. Also would like the truck to be like the height of the 2500s.
  6. How are guys making their side windows look like one? Is there a vinyl kit out there to buy?
  7. OR is it a smarter choice to get a 2005 or something around $15k diesel duramax?
  8. So I bought a 2014 Chevy 1500 crew cab LT Z71 about 6 months ago and now I kind of need to trade it in for a duramax because of my new job and Ill be pulling things (Im a farmer). Id like to get a 2011-2014 duramax but I wouldnt mind an older one. I got the 1500 for $30,500 and after taxes and interest I think it came out to be $35,000, I put down $10,000 and so now Im paying $497 a month (I actually round it to $500 on the checks) for 66 months. Question is I want to trade it in to the dealership I bought it at, me and my family have been dealing with them for years and they are great, although how much would I lose here? Im thinking about waiting for next summer to actually trade it in so I can make more payments on it. Truck now has 32,000 on it. Also not sure if I should include what the max price Id like to pay for a 2011-2014 duramax, but I will and Im looking at spending max $40,000. Now Im fine with an older duramax or the 2011-14 but cheaper.
  9. THANK YOU! please do, im really wanting to get syppo!
  10. Any other brands or sites that are good that you know of?
  11. Id like to stick with the oem look at least, personally not a fan of the smoked led tow mirrors. also not a fan of A1 autos look of the clearance lights, was maybe thinking about syppo. I seem to be picky
  12. I have a 2014 Chevy 1500 LT Z71 crew cab with the standard mirrors now. Trying to decide between aftermarket tow mirrors on ebay or go with OEM ones. Wondering if any of you guys have experience with this or some opinions and/or link to a thread maybe about this already. Thanks!
  13. I have a 2014 crew cab and cant decide what tint to do all around, so I thought Id ask for pics what you guys did, thanks
  14. Tried to google pics but don't see many. I have factory 20" rims on and want to see what Chevy trucks look like with rough countrys 2.5 level lift

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