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  1. So I have a 2.5" front and 3" rear kit from Motofab I'm wanting to install but all the quotes I've gotten are $500 and one $425 with alignment which all seems high for a simple install. I say I could do it myself, being a 23 year old, and I'm a farmer so I know my way with a wrench but being I have such a new truck scares me a bit on working on something like this. Also since my schedule is usually so busy I can't really find time dropping off my truck for a full day and the only day I have free is some Saturdays and Sundays. So I thought I'd try to get a tally of how many of you have done it yourself
  2. Wondering if anyone has an edge evolution gas CTS2 tuner or a k&n cold air intake for sale? Wanting to add these to my truck
  3. Which tune are you going with? I want to tune mine
  4. Found a refurbished edge programmer on ebay, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Refurbished-Edge-Products-85450-CTS2-Gas-Evolution-Programmer/262690774170?epid=671847178&hash=item3d29971c9a:g:1XQAAOSwo4pYD4tL&vxp=mtr, from a good seller whos sold 140 it looks like. But i was wondering if this is good idea or buy? really dont want to buy a new one at $600
  5. I'm running Lasfit LED lights, 9005 size, now the dust cap was a bit difficult to put on but it did go on and the Lasfit plugged right into the factory plug
  6. these are the exact rimes i have and the exact tires i want to put on them
  7. I'm sure this has been asked and there's probably threads on this already, so feel free to link them I couldn't find many. But I was wondering if you guys have pictures of your leveled trucks with the stock wheels. I'm going to install my level soon and don't really want to get tires right away since mine have so much tread left, they have like 5,000 miles on them. Thanks
  8. So I got a quote today for a shop to install my motofab level today and they said it'll be $500 with the alignment and for the set of Duratrac it'll be $1974.80 with mounting, balanced, and installed. Is this fair pricing?
  9. I have a 2014 chevy, I bought the motofab 2.5 inch front and 3 inch block for my truck. I wanted to know if I could fit 295/60r20 on my stock rims with no rubbing if I don't do trimming. If I can't I'll just do 285/60r20. The pic as my profile pic is my truck and those are the rims too.
  10. You make a very good point as well, didn't really think about all the time, labor, and hassle of everything
  11. I have 2014 LT so I would need the mirrors, your custom plug and play harness, and the mirror switch so wouldn't that be a lot of money than say $150 for the glass
  12. Is it possible to add the DL3 mirror inside a DL8 and have the turn signals working? I really want turn signals but don't care about the power folding and it's more money to switch out my DL8 with the DL3

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