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  1. In my opinion these SUV's are not worth the price Chevy is asking. You should also take a good look at the competition. If you can wait, then wait for the new expedition coming out somewhere around September this year.
  2. how did the 20" wheels work out for you. Did it reduce the vibrations? Any positive effect on braking and mpg's?
  3. Have an X5, lease is finishing in about 2 months. had good experience with a 04 suburban in the past (till 2014) and used to love that truck so thought to get tahoe this time.
  4. So got my truck back on day before thanksgiving. 2 rims and 4 more tires have been replaced (overall 6 tires have been replaced). On the ride home at speeds upto 70mph there was no vibration, however at speeds above 78mph there's definitely some vibration that can still be felt. Its not as bad as before but its not eliminated completely. Yesterday, i changed the rims and wheels with a buddy of mine who owns a recent silverado (LT) and has 18" wheels just to see if it's a problem with tires/wheels. I did not feel any vibrations at upto 80mph and ride was smooth. At the same time, my buddy's silverado also did not have any vibrations with the 22's on. So i think this is the combination of magnetic ride shocks and 22" tires which produce the vibrations in the LTZ's. I have also been talking to Chevy however they are unwilling to help until the dealer is trying and fixing the problem (I was asking for a replacement/buyback) Overall experience to buy a $70k+ suv has been very poor (from dealership as well as manufacturer) and I do expect the experience to be much better at this price. With this experience in mind, most likely, I will not look at a chevy ever again
  5. Hey guys just bought a 2016 Chevy Tahoe LTZ on November 10 and it has been shaking and vibrating at speed above 67mph. I noticed a lot of vibration driving on the way home the first day,so took it back the very next day. The dealer did balancing and gave it back to me but it still vibrated so took it back the next day again. This time dealer kept it for 2 days and replaced 2 tires which could not be balanced and then gave it to me. The truck still had the vibration so I took it back immediately and asked them to look at it. The mechanic acknowledged that vibration is present and said that it is normal and all of them do this. So I test drove an indentical suv and that did not vibrate. So the dealer kept it another few days and are now changing all the tires again. At this point I think there is something wrong with the suv as it has been in the shop for more days than I have driven it. It has only 500 miles and all are due to service advisors's test rides to check for shake. Dealer has been courteous so far but I don't think they have a clue about what is wrong with it. Any pointers what could be the problem? I am seeing lot of other posts with similar problems on the forums but no resolution so far. Reached out to GM but no replies so far. Very concerned and frustrated with this purchase.

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