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  1. don't like them IMHO power running boards should not be seen that is why i like my AMP research boards, and the AMP's have some flex as well
  2. that looks really good, i like clean simple lines
  3. lucky for me the wife grew up on a farm and was driving a dully when she was 10 hell she can park the truck better than me
  4. how do you stage that, i know take all the wheel weights off ???
  5. i am not a sue happy person but if it was me i would be talking to a lawyer, not designed to go over 65 BS
  6. a diesel also adds a lot of weight to the nose of the truck
  7. my bet you wont be able to touch one for less than $55,000.00 and that would probably be work truck trim
  8. just read that GM will be offering a 3.0 diesel in the 19 1500 series guess they needed to keep up with dodge and ford
  9. traded my 2014 silverado for a 17 sierra , first GMC, I have had 7 chevys over the past 20 years, i love this truck, the fit and finish seems to be better than the chevys, the ride is great. just seems like it is built better than the chevy's i have had in the past, i'm sold if and when I buy another truck it will be a GMC
  10. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    what happened to this thread i could not find it anywhere did a search, no luck just seemed to be gone
  11. I will look and see, out of town on business will check and take a picture when I get home

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