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  1. what ever you do don't go with a Nissan, had a rental on last week 2018 with 640 miles thing had more rattles than a baby rattler, and the trim was terrible, thing wouldn't pull a greasy string out of a cats a**
  2. you can do it like others say get it as far forward as possible, side note back in the late 90's i had a 3/4 ton with the old detroit diesel. we lived on a farm and i wanted to put 'Chad gravel in the hallway of the horse barn, wet to the gravel yard and loaded up to my surprise when i got to the scale i had 6400lb of gravel in the bed (long bed) well it got it home but it actually warped 3 of the 4 wheels those steel chevy rims aint cheap
  3. i call BS as well, who is going to buy back the truck you paid 40,000 + for or are still making payments on. something like that i truly believe would cause an armed revolution
  4. i'm with you, live in lovely E. Tennessee i pay $29.00 per year for Tags
  5. i was told the boots go up and that's the way i mounted them, the truck handles and rides much better than with the Ranchos
  6. It stayed the same in the rear they say they are for trucks with stock to 1" lift
  7. put a set of 5100 on my truck (rear) to replace the Rancho's wow what a difference
  8. i wish my truck DIDN'T have the auto up drivers side window
  9. installed my new running boards,actually kinda like them only reason I got them is so my wife could get in the truck easier
  10. i tow a 4500 lb travel trailer with my 1500 Z71, tongue weight is right at 500 lb, it didn't tow very well with the ranchos got rid of them for 5100 tows much better now. The thing i don't understand is why some folks want to tow right at or over the max tow weight. I am at about half of the truck's towing capacity and it feels great. if i were to get a larger travel trailer i would up to a 2500. I think (correct me if i am wrong) that towing at max weight or more is not healthy for the truck.
  11. i have AVS on mine and yes sometimes not always the auto up is a pain, really don't know why is is intermittent and not all the time
  12. what kind of running boards are those and can we get a good picture of them
  13. i hate to hear that mine is a 2014, 5.3 with 48000 interesting, will it run? mine is completely dead and requires a rollback to get it to the dealer i was hoping someone from GM would chime in on this as it seems that the problem in not uncommon. ( i know from other threads they are reading and commenting the tech that went through mine checked all three items and i have had it back about 3 weeks and it hasn't happened again, still i wonder when the next time i will be calling for a tow

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